Yoga ban and SIS?


On the Yoga ban…I’m sure all of the people in our country have heard of this.I decided to write because I can’t stop thinking about it.Oh my…I’ve  a hard time to write this,because it’s a sensitive issue.

Well,I’ll go straight to my point.

What I’m trying to say here is that,why’s all the fuss on this Yoga ban?Why’s all the drama?It’s a Fatwa,that is that.I’m okay with the fact that many non-muslims are disagreeing/voicing out about the matter,but what gets me is that,why Sisters In Islam(SIS)??The whole bunch of professional women in SIS know is only and only to critic their own religion.

In polygamy,in dress code/aurat thing,now yoga?Do they know that all these problems,Islam really have the answer?Do they know that some of their statements that were published in the local newspapers were really just shallow remarks to Islam?

One example,

I don’t place any other example,go find it in their homepage/newspapers.All they know is to look down on religion.It’s insulting.Really damn insulting.The fact that they’re a famous NGOs is not good too.Saying statements with that status,what the other religion will think of Islam?That Islam is a controlling religion,’forcing’ their follower to edict this and that,discriminate women,and that religion(in general) is outdated??It was like all muslims(esp women) are agreeing with them.I really don’t get it.When it comes to Islam says this and that,SIS automatically ticked off-Everything isn’t good,everything is wrong/prone to wrong doings,everything is belittling women,everything needs reconsideration when Islam calls upon something.Why is that attitude,really?Do they really standing up for muslim women,or just stand up for the professional,forever-right,better-than-everyone members/followers?There are times,many times actually,that SIS is doing a great job at fighting for human right like their surveys,campaigns to highlight women problems to the public,many efforts regarding the Family Law,domestic abuse etc.All for the sake of women.It’s great.

But their way of saying/viewing religious issues really funny.It makes me think of their professional status.In,25197,24706281-12377,00.html,

…in fact all it means literally is just an opinion.

Just an opinion,you say?The thing that are made by highest council of muslims,whose members are religious people,thinkers,professionals,and has gone under extensive researches,spent time and energy to do,and by history and Islam were already implemented long before and proven to be good for muslims,deduced from Quran and hadiths,and then suddenly it’s just an opinion?What a pile of bollocks,SIS.Being a professional in their respective fields doesn’t mean they can look down on their own religion in any way.

I hope they can focus their attention on bigger and more pressing issues, such as money politics and corruption. Isn’t that more serious?

Yes,I agree.Money politics in our country is always the viral plague affecting the Malaysian government.Government really sucks by letting this gone off without justice to the wrong doers.It’s true that these suckers in government never really gotten into trouble while practicing money politics and many injustice to people just because of their status and their money.Right,I get it.But when suddenly the Fatwa comes out next time (about any issues) ,I’m sure these kind of people will never shut up.They’ll still say National Fatwa Council should look to other issues,and then when Fatwa comes out at yet another issue that the public mentioned before,the people still yell back at Fatwa to stop interfering with their lives,and to look at another ‘big’ issues.And it happen again,and again,and again.This is really about the matter that the people hate any critics,any guide on how to live their lives.In Islam,everything is already guided,you just have to follow it faithfully and then there shouldn’t be any problem,except ujian dan dugaan Tuhan.And do these people know that Aqidah is the utmost important thing to address before anything else by the Fatwa?Maybe it’s not important to them about what Fatwa grounds on.Don’t let your political belief to stand between you and your religion.Because religion is always more important than anything else.Life will be a big wreck if you live without religion(for the believers) more than you live without political parties.

And to live without guidance from any religious body in the country?What kind of muslim will you be,when no one can touch you,no one to make rules?We can’t just banned out critics/guidance/advice that are meant for us.There might be something right in it,not because the people who said it are famous/important people of the country,but because they’re the voice of the religion.Same like when our mother nag at us on our bad behaviour.It’s frustrating to hear they nag,but hey,it’s for our good.And what the religion says,applies.Without no questions,of course.So,it’s kind of ‘forcing’ to some people.But then again,it IS for your good,people!Try and think about it.Islam will never be any kind of force to people who really embraces the good reason on why Allah tells you to do.Anything is not a restriction when you adhere to it dengan rela hati.

About the polygamy issue.I live in polygamous family,and believe me when I say it’s NEVER easy,for anyone of us in the family.But it still nowhere near to blame Islam for allowing men to practice polygamy.When a muslim husband abused his wives in any way(physically/emotionally),punish the husband.Why punish the religion??I really can’t accept this.And SIS always talks their grounds to be on basic human right,but to some extent which they usually breach,it seems that they care more about power,control,status,free-thinking,independence of the women(like them).What they are saying,shows their proud stand that Islam is unfair to women,and that Islamic Syariah Law is inadequate to address muslim women issues.

And the problem is,with SIS,any improvement still can’t measure up to their demands.Sometimes they’re right,but I’m annoyed by the way it is said,and voiced out to the public to hear.Very shallow.And what’s next on their list?Agreeing to women being Imam to men in prayers?Islam always protecting women,never uderestimating us.I never felt like an attacked prey or favourite target living as a muslim woman.May Allah instill this in me for the rest of my life.SIS says that the Yoga ban will not cancelled their Yoga classes and that they had no problems continuing it.Hah.There they are,not affected by anything Fatwa has to say,or literally what the religion has to say.Not even a word to consider,or to think of any good in the Fatwa.Even Yoga teacher Datin Siti Suheila Merican agreed that yoga practice should not involve worshipping and chanting.At least,she IS thinking.

I don’t know much about Yoga to post anything agree or against it,but I do know that it’s proven great for human health.And I even considered to practice some Yoga before for health purposes.The basic moves is okay to practice,it’s just the advance one that is considered by National Fatwa Council to be some kind of threat to muslim’s faith.

About the Sultans questioning the procedure of implementing Yoga ban as a state law.Some are saying congratulations to the Royals for speaking out about this.But I had a good laugh.Since when the Royals are doing anything for the public?Some of them,yes.But one can’t deny the fact that the Royals are just symbols.I’m not saying that Malaysia should abolish the power of the Royals,no that’s not what I mean.It’s just appears comical to me that some people applauding the Royals,and attacking the National Fatwa Council of insulting the sistem beraja,insulting Malays in general.Since when the people are interested in backing up the Royals?When in situations like someone from other country saying sistem beraja is rubbish,then that is understandable,and very logical.But in Fatwa implementation?Must be someone who thinks shallow on religious matters.It is required by the law,right,it’s true.But the way they were saying it was like the Fatwa is so not good and forceful,that it intently abide the rules in it’s urge to control every act of muslim lives.

What the muslim Yoga practitioners must do now,is to think about it,spare some thought,and not just throw away what the Islam important guys have to say.Think neutrally and don’t be clouded by any unnecessary thoughts.And if it really is Haram,then find altenatives.Like what Perlis Mufti spoke out against the yoga decision and said Muslims could follow a non-religious version of the popular exercise.I agree on this.I think to consider allowing muslims to practice the simpler moves is good.But who am I to know?Let’s gave that part to the concerning bodies,as they should be the experts.And there’s a letter(25th Nov 2008) in The Star suggesting Pilates as alternative too.So,all will end well,hopefully.

I think i can accept the fact that some non-muslims were disagreeing.Those who vociferous,hatred,speaking out with great emotions often from within the muslim community,further showing to the world that they just take themselves too seriously to care.It’s not that SIS is so bad.I just hope that the leader will toned down the way she voiced out religious issues,and to think wisely before speaking out.Because religious issues are not the same as economic or weather issues where science and logic always the best to apply.This is the only thing that we’ve to accept something not made by human,something outside our ability to think on how it is made.It’s not a matter to be questioned.But do remember that it’s open for discussion.You just have to channel it right.Not by indicating that religion always preying on women.Or it’s followers.Because it’s really not,when you look deep into it.

And National Fatwa Council is not always good,either.But I do know and believe they’re the right people to touch this issue.Not the general public who have zero knowledge on Islam or Fatwa.Or maybe Yoga.I also agree that they should address political animals out there,but if they’re missing them,then it’s their responsibilty,not us.Our responsibility as muslims is to understand and learn more on Islam,before scrutinizing someone.

I’m a woman,but never in my life that I would like SIS to stand up for me.I disagree with some of their stands but still,this is not in any way belittling the good efforts done by SIS.SIS isn’t my sisters in Islam,yet.At least to me.

Islam always doing something for the good of it’s believers.I guess the word says it all.If you believe,you shall not fret.

Impak Maksima The Musical

Ak pegi Teater Impak Maksima(IM) yg 19hb Nov punya.

Tiket ku...

At first,I don’t really excited to see it.Well,mainly because of there’ll be no Awal Ashari(he have to be the emcee for Sehati Berdansa ASTRO) which is my only reason to watch it.Hahaha But then my friends *beg* me to go with them,and considering my college is so near Istana Budaya,and the anticipation to see modern theater with cars drifting in the somewhat traditionaI setting of Istana Budaya(the name says it all),I decided to go.


Zarina AF-Ika

Zed Zaidi-Ray


Adeep Fabulous Cats-Rahman

Rosli-Kembang(a supporting character which gets so many attention because of his hair ‘kembang’ look)

and some other actors

And it’s also my first time seeing a theater play.I mean,I’m not a keen theater goer.I’m a cinemas goer.But I like art very much!But I never had the time to see/experience some art since my SPM.So,I started to walked to Balai Seni Lukis Negara(BSLN) for my first time(so sad!) during our free day.

Then,it’s time to explore the beautiful Istana Budaya…I don’t have many nice pictures though,because yet,I still haven’t buy myself a new camera/camera phone.Right now is still VGA.Duhh.

I paid RM25 using my student card,but got seated at the RM50 place.Haha that’s very lucky because the 3rd floor was locked as they weren’t many audiences yesterday,so they brought the people at the 3rd floor down to 2nd and so were the 2nd floor to 1st floor.I get a rather nice view of the majestic stage.

First thing about IM is that,the Panggung Sari is a very very very great stage!!!!As a first-time theatre goer,I find it so big,wide,hi-tech(because it can elevates up/down,moves right/left).It also has layers of moveable stage,and trust me,it can elevates so high up to the ceiling of the stage.The lighting was just-wow!Very nice indeed.It gives the feeling and great ambience where needed.A scene with great lighting was when the scene when Ika and DK were singing by the grand piano…the lights are combinations of purple,many shades of it,and also with the ballroom light effect.Romantic,I guess!

The opening of the theater was a very good sequence of dancers and hip hop music.There was this female dancer with mini pleated skirt,dancing alone at the center of the stage,with very errr rather club-like kind of dance,and a perfect one for IM,really.The storyline is rather o-k-a-y.It’s simple,and hilarious at times.It’s very laughable.With the eclectic characters,like Kembang(hahah),the boss-Salman Al-Farisi,Macha-Along Zandy,it’s kinda good to laugh.Dina’s character is funny because she plays a snooty chubby gedik girlfriend of Amran(Adeep of FC).She’s great at making manja voices,which make the audiences laughs a lot.And there was the scene when DK(Zulhuzaimy) takes a call from Ika(Zarina AF) which he have a huge crush with.DK is a famous Drift King so of course he has the tough personality to show to his gang members.But he soften his voice when he knows the girl on the phone is Ika.Poyo la kirenye…Hahaha Kelaka jugak masa tu.Satu dewan ketawa.

And Ray(Zed Zaidi) is ok.I’m not really sure because his character came when the story nearing the end.I must say Adeep’s voice was soooo nice and great!!!!I never know that.I mean,FC always rapping.But when he sang solo and live,his singing is very nice,from upbeat songs to malay folks songs.I think he’s very talented.Dynaz was………vain-ly s.e.x.y.Enough said.Her towering height combined with that revealing ballroom dresses.Like what we see in magazines and TVs.But her singing is not very good.I wonder if it was her voice at the first scene of the theater??If it was her,it’s kinda shocking because that was very nice.Dina?Great singing as always.The dance moves was very creative indeed,but it’s obvious on some scenes that they can dance better because the synchronization is very loose sometimes.

And the car drifts?Gaaaahhhhh I’m astounded,never seen any car drifts in my life,you know!Heck,I don’t even know where to find car drifting community.Carefully done by their professional drifter(not sure if he’s a chinese/malay).Skillfull yet scary.

Here comes the poster signing session!

Zed Zaidi-Zulhuzaimy-Adib-Zarina AFZed Zaidi-Zulhuzaimy

busy signing...The Funny yet mysterious Rosli@Kembang(center)

I have many more pictures of them.But there’s a problem with the uploader.Zulhuzaimy is indeed,handsome in person.We were all ga-ga…My mother would not like seeing me like that.Hahaha It’s embarrassing,with the guys there ‘watch’ us all gawking at him.The guys can’t seem to brush off their sheepish smiles.I AM embarrassed at that time.I’ve close up pics of him but it’s pixelated.So I decided not to put it here.My personal collection,that is!But hey,Zulhuzaimy is handsome.And nice to the fans too.He takes all the attention from the other actors there,you know.

Nothing I can do about that *grins*

And here is my two very lucky friends.Still jealous of them until this second. XD

Pergh.Nice one

He's handsome,isn't he?Hehe
He's great looking,isn't he?Hehe

DK's sig,with others

Ray's sig(Zed Zaidi)

All I can say is,I’ve a great time.But not the greatest.Seeing the actors in person is much more close to my memory.From 8.43pm-10.45pm(approx) sitting in the Panggung Sari,endeavored by the gorgeous lighting and sound system,and the world class stage too,especially.Have been reached half of IMTM,I think it’s becoming somewhat boring,on honest thoughts.But it’s an enormous effort of Ahmad Idham to experiment this kind of theater play.Malaysian entertainment scene has so much to show in the coming future.IMTM has a good message to youngsters too.

A verse from the theme song of IMTM,(from my hearing,maybe it’s inaccurate.sorry)

“…boneka hidup kita di dunia,

dikawal oleh rafia,mafia,media

ibarat kosanostra bermaharajalela,

punya polisia tetapi tidak bernyawa.

Terpulang kepada si penonton…ni komen/penceritaan dari mata seorang penonton yang baru pertama kali pergi teater.Looking forward to see another play,in any part of the world.IMTM gives me good impression.Although it doesn’t give me the ‘Maximum Impact’,it’s really enjoyable with some unforgettable dialogues/scenes.Most importantly,with good main point to share with the audiences,which is more attractive to younger generations.

Favourite Playlist?

Hehe tibe2 rase nak cite jugak pasal Playlist favourite ak kat laptop ni..hmm kalau camtu memang playlist huruf “I”.Semua lagu mula dari huruf “I” adalah kebanyakannye lagu-lagu yang ak suka dgr.kebetulan..

I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness

I Bruise Easily – Natasha Beddingfield

I Don’t Like It Like This – The Radio Dept.

I Lost You – Katharine McPhee

I Miss You – Blink 182

I Wasn’t Prepared – Eisley

I Wish I Cared – A-Ha

I Wish The Best For You – Emerson Hart

If You Want Me – Marketa Irglova (Once OST)

I’ll Be Waiting – Lenny Kravitz

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Imagine – John Lennon

In Love With A Girl – Gavin DeGraw

In My Place – Coldplay

In This Life – Chantal Kreviazuk

Incomplete – Backstreet Boys

Inconsolable – Backstreet Boys

Insomnia – The Veronicas

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

Is It You – Cassie

It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down

It’s Over – Jesse McCartney

Itu Kamu – Estranged

I considered myself as a multi-taste music lover.It’s very much according to what the song means to me.I still on my way to improve my music library.Unfortunately,here in college they block the P2P connection..

Keane – Perfect Symmetry

A breathe of change from the usual Keane music.



Lots of you have been asking in the comments when Perfect Symmetry will be released in your country. So, we asked for a list of all the confirmed release dates and here they are…

Argentina – 23/10/08
Australia  – 11/10/08
Austria – 10/10/08
Belgium – 10/10/08
Brazil – 28/10/08
Canada – 14/10/08
Chile – 14/10/08
China – 2/01/09
Colombia – 14/10/08
Czech Republic – 13/10/08
Denmark – 13/10/08
Finland – 15/10/08
France – 17/11/08
Germany – 10/10/08
Greece – 13/10/08
Hong Kong – 13/10/08
Hungary – 13/10/08
India – 13/10/08
Indonesia – 20/10/08
Ireland – 10/10/08
Italy – 10/10/08
Korea – 21/10/08
Malaysia – 13/10/08
Netherlands – 10/10/08
New Zealand – 13/10/08
Norway – 13/10/08
Philippines – 13/10/08
Portugal – 13/10/08
Romania – 15/10/08
Russia – 13/10/08
Singapore – 13/10/08
South Africa – 17/10/08
Spain – 14/10/08
Sweden – 15/10/08
Switzerland – 10/10/08
Taiwan – 31/10/08
Thailand – 16/10/08
UK – 13/10/08
USA – 14/10/08

Wow!!!They include our country!Gaaahhhhh

Anyway,damn frustrated because I didn’t know about this until last week,I casually flipped open Galaxie magazine on the newstand by the road at Seveneleven in front of UKM KL.Danggg.

So,what now?(Planning on going to TowerRecords next week looking for this with some money in my wallet.Well I’m still in exam duhh.5 more papers to go!!!)

I don’t know about Keane fans here in Malaysia.In Indonesia,the scene is more crazy with this band.But anyway,I don’t need any fanbase to keep me glued to this awesome British band.This is my FAVE British band after Coldplay..

Cover art:


“Looking through the gaps in the pattern you can see glimpses of sculptures of us specially made by the brilliant Korean artist Osang Gwon.”(Tim)

Track listing:

  1. Spiralling” (Rice-Oxley/Chaplin/Hughes/Quin) – 4:19
  2. The Lovers Are Losing” – 5:04
  3. “Better Than This” – 4:04
  4. “You Haven’t Told Me Anything” – 3:47
  5. “Perfect Symmetry” – 5:12
  6. “You Don’t See Me” – 4:03
  7. “Again and Again” – 3:50
  8. “Playing Along” – 5:35
  9. “Pretend That You’re Alone” – 3:47
  10. “Black Burning Heart” – 5:23
  11. “Love Is the End” – 5:40

Bonus tracks:

  1. “My Shadow” – 4:47 (Japan and iTunes UK pre-order bonus track)
  2. “Time to Go” – 3:50 (iTunes pre-order only)

Interesting quote on Perfect Symmetry:

“I keep having this strange fantasy that maybe Barack Obama will pick up on the album and it will help change the world, that somehow subtly it’s going to reach the most powerful man on the planet and help. That he gets what it’s saying and it inspired him to make people change,” he said.(Drummer Richard Hughes)

Tracks to watch for:

-The Lovers Are Losing

-Again and Again

-You Haven’t Told Me Anything

He wins!

US presidential election is like the presidential election of each and everyone in the world..So I need to know this.Hehe

In MSN Malaysia,they had conducted a survey on 8,000 Malaysian voters,if we can vote,which one will we choose?Obama or McCain?

Democrat Barack Obama won, by 85 percent.

Republican John McCain pulled in a mere 9 percent with four other candidates gathering only 6 percent collectively.

He is,at least,expected to win the election by the people outside of the US.

Read some more on what Malaysians have to say about the win

Get set,Go!

Go where?well, for tomorrow,it will be at T1BE, UKM KL campus situated at Jalan Pahang.What for??Haiiyyaa I’m having final exam..1st semester final exam,to be exact.

Senget sket..
Senget sket..

I’ve experienced it all.My 3 pre-exam trauma;those headaches,those late nights,those back-aches.Huh.It’s very different than all the exams that I had ever taken all my life.Some facts(can I call it,like,trivia?hehe) about this exam..

-1st time in my life that I experienced all 3 pre-exam trauma.Usually,I never done the late nights.So,what’s that mean?More nervous?heh

-This is the 1st final exam that I will take in my life as a university student..

-errr the least focused exam.I mean,I wasn’t really focused on this coming exam.I did study,but,I’d done more studying during Matriculation/SPM/PMR/whatever.And,what’s this mean???Be prepared for unsatisfying result…

Haihh.Ya Allah,semoga esok semua berjalan lancar,amiin

Hasil peperiksaan,tanggung sendiri.Because I’m the one who lose focus.And I mean,I’m really losing it.My head is above the clouds all the time..


“…when the night is cloudy, there is still a light, that shines on me,
shine until tomorrow, let it be.

Let it be,let it be..”

-Let It Be : The Beatles-