Happiness / Upset


This is my first post for the month.So,you see,I don’t write much nowadays.Many posts were made drafts.But,whatever.

I’ll start this post with something that made me so happy recently.

June 12 – A BBQ dinner organized by my long time friend and newly married Sakinah and her classmate cum husband,Alleem.At their home in Putrajaya (yes,they have their own house!At the age of 20,and still studying.lol.)Houses at Putrajaya are all non-gated.Like at the overseas.That day we met with almost all of my closest friends since SMIAAG.These are the girlfriends whom most of them I’ve known for like 13 years.

So,I went out from home at 3.3opm (which is SO late) as no one can send me to the LRT station.When I arrived at KL Sentral,I took the KTM train.But you know what???The train was for limited stops only.It didn’t stop at KTM Serdang,where I was heading.I was like,I’ve to go out before it arrives at Kajang because I’ll miss the right station.So,I went out at KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan.As usual,there were so many people boarding the train.And I happen to place my handphone in my pants pocket.Bad idea.As I walk out at Bandar Tasik Selatan,I want to call up my friends informing them my wherebouts.They were all waiting for me,and I don’t even give them any calls since I went out from home.

But then I realized,my handphone was no longer there,inside my pockets.o.O!!I remained calm as I’m this short-term memory type.I always misplaced things.Even handphones,and money.BAD.But all my precious things survived before.But I guess,not this time.Because it was really lost.Really not there.

So…comes my Upset part.

I was dreadful for a moment.But continue to walk across and wait for Rapid KL T416 bus to go to Kolej Mohamad Rashid,UPM Serdang.

And that’s how it goes.My Sony Ericsson K770i contains so much personal things which is why I mourned!But,well.I called it zillions times,no one answered.Suddenly,’Sorry,this number is unreachable.’watdahel.Somebody STOLE it,maybe.

Sahabat2 ku
Sahabat2 ku
Aaaaa aku pun nak kawen gak kalau camni. =p
Aaaaa aku pun nak kawen gak kalau camni. =p

Taken from here.

June 11 – Undoubtedly,my worse day for the entire month.My exam results for final semester (1st year).It’s actually quite unexpected.

Because I don’t even have my laptop to blame it.And I did study.I did.I even went to LIBRARY to study (which I never did before.I went to the library to meet friends,do lab reports,or…Bahan Bacaan Ringan.=p)I got my first study group (which I loathed a LOT since matriculation.I just never into this study group thing before).

Well,I must make it up in the next semester.This is the first time I’m anxious for my results (since out from school).I know this is so very bad.As what I’d like to call it,this is my Dark Age.My Renaissance days has long gone.