This Crazy Semester…


As usual,a late post.I’ve intended to post weeks before but well,PROCRASTINATION.My greatest enemy.

Now at my new home(which is a condominium.Not to boast,but it’s a condo;While all of my classmates are living in the college’s hostel.)I live here with my housemate cum ex-roomate cum classmate (wrong English I guess).I’ve posted before,about me frustrated to know that me and my ex-roomate were going to live here instead with all our friends (who live in the college’s hostel right now).But,it’s not bad.It’s actually better.Better than good.It’s great!Although I thought it’s kind of tercampak to check in the home at the 22nd floor.(24th is the most but occupied houses stops at 22nd).Only 5-6 houses are occupied in this floor.We’re even excited to see the lights on at the next house’s

The downside is, it’s so difficult to get a wireless connection.Networks like WirelessKL, P1HotZone, KLHopOnHopOff (you know,the tourist double-decker bus).But to get those connections from the 22nd floor?I try not to put my hopes too high. =/ .My friends at 9th floor get a constant connection while we get the opposite.But anyway,I’ve many future plans for the house.(Not too much.Just to buy a cooker,carpet,mats and bring the 14inch TV from my family’s home.I’ll try not to buy some sofas. =p)If the money allows.

In this semester,the subjects taken are 8 in total including the electives.


Patologi Asas

Teknologi Farmaseutikal

Farmakologi Am dan Autonomik

Kimia Medisinal

Amalan Farmasi II


Khidmat Masyarakat

A lot of 8.I honestly don’t know how I’m going in this course.Considering my past results,which was the biggest downfall,all my life.The lecturers had asked me why,but I don’t even know the answer.I don’t have anything to blame.I just thought it may cause by my style of answering the exam questions.You know how the university questions (and also it’s marking scheme) is a HELL lot of different from matriculations and schools??It just shocks me because I can do well in the 1st sem.From the first day,I know this will be one crazy semester.

Also with PMUKM Farmasi,the program yet to be done…phone calls,paper work,meetings.The works.

And this coming Hari Interaksi thing.Come on get it over with!!The flags and name tags.I’m so relieved that Exco Pemasaran has taken over the task on the gimik perasmian.The badges were done,now to wait for the shirts.Oh I’ve just learned that I’ll be joining under the Faculty’s Exco TTK (again!!) for this coming August UKM Convocation Day,to help designing the shirts.IDK.I hope more 1st year students will come to join.

Back to the study talks,this mid-semester exam should be my platform to prove to the faculty and to myself,that I can do this.This might be Allah’s test to me.Again,I’d say just throw away your previous results at matriculation,schools (LOL) and also your previous semesters.Don’t bother.You’ll be up,and you’ll be downed.The only thing mattered is how you will still be on this crazy ride to myself.

To the school/matriculation leavers, stop thinking you’re the best and complaining about scholarships bla bla bla.Life in university is nothing like those.It’s nothing.Only the freedom you’ll get and the JPA/PTPTN money.If you think you deserve it,ask your parents to pay lah.If you’re middle class then it’s a different story.

I’d say SPM is soooo nothing.In terms of what it proves.It’s just that you’ll feel good and your parents feel good.I just thought how dreamy these students were when they talk about their desired course in university.I mean,it’s good to have ambitions,but I wonder how much they know about this new life they’re heading.I’ve ambitions before too,but now I toned it down a bit.I think it’s healthier.It’s about berpijak di bumi nyata.

Because during pre-uni,you’ll have so many options thrown to you.There are jobs that you may never heard of,new prospects and numerous fields of your chosen job.And other interesting courses,which I called ‘Alternatives’.If you can have one that follows your heart,great.You’re one of the few people in the world then.It’s true right?I’ve always following my heart as far as I can,but there are things in life that you’ll have to put your head over your heart.Which is pretty much why I chose this course.Other things,I can do it throughout my life.It doesn’t have to be a carieer.Because it’s what your heart says,it shouldn’t be something that you do to earn money.

My head says,go for the one that holds a stable future,growing and important carieer,which can serve the people.And satisfies this side of me that always love science.Also as a way to do what my parents would like the best for me to do.

Well,that’s about it.I’m going off-topic. =)

Ahad Yang Terakhir

Ahad ni (5 Jul) kena balik kolej balik.











Adooii…Nak cuti lagi..Mule la sem baru.Tahun 2.Tapi ak tak excited pun.Tak rasa ape-ape perasaan yg berkait dgn happy.Semua tension je.

Bukan tension pasal kelas (yela ade la jugak) tapi fikir pasal tanggungjawab yg belambak. ‘-.-

Setiap kali mule semester baru,sejak sekolah asrama sampai la sekarang,mesti akan rase perasaan ni.Haihh…

Tak boleh main WoW selalu lagi dah.

Tak boleh main internet.

Tak boleh lepak-lepak sangat.Satu hari penuh dengan kelas.

Tak sangka Ahad ni yang terakhir!!!Cepat betul masa berlalu.Takpe,3 tahun lagi.Sabar!(3 tahun?Adoiiii!)

3 long and hard years…