once upon a time

When I decided to Poladroid-ed my fave photos from Seoul trip 2 years ago…love this cool app! Meanwhile Im contemplating on getting 80’s Polaroid camera, currently bookmarking the finds on Etsy


IMG_3309-pola IMG_3349-pola IMG_3463-pola IMG_3553-pola IMG_3588-pola IMG_3806-pola IMG_3831-pola01 IMG_3838-pola IMG_4241-pola01 IMG_4272-pola01 IMG_4317-pola IMG_4564-pola IMG_4569-pola01 IMG_4620-pola IMG_4693-pola IMG_4836-pola


Is this Final?

Just attended our faculty’s dinner function tonight as final year students.

Will this be the final one?

It was nice by the way =) Proud of my juniors.haha



I just wrote my encounter with Harimau Muda at ISN on wednesday…………
and KL just go blackout suddenly..
there is no autosave apparently…..

I was being carried away with the thought =D but then blakcout.

OK I start again.

Our group went to ISN for our DDS (Drugs in Sports) subject..
and its our luckiest day..
The whole Harimau Muda Young Tigerzzz are training!!!!

Some 20 hot guys are looking at you…….


And here’s the best thing.
I didnt realize who they are until we were in the room that I did the peeking to look at them assuming no one will notice
I mean, we are already in the room.Why would anyone of them look back rightt?

But then,you know the youung star midfielder soon to be 18 years old Nazmi Faiz?

I can picture the scene like it was yesterday.
He was leaning to the net surrounding the indoor training grounds,hands on it, looking through his shoulders to us.
But can I say ME?Coz Im the only one of us that is looking back to them??=DDD

Geeeeeeeeeez this boy is FREAKING CHARMING…like Oh God!!The way he was looking,kind of relaxed,kind of himself….kind of HOT.

So I became uncontrollably excited…I was like,
‘Tadi tu ak nampak ak nampak!! Tu die ak nampak tadiiii!’
My friends are all asking what the heck is happening.

Lol it’s so funny that I reacted like that in front of my whole group…kind of embarrassing but FUCK Nazmi looked at meeee
FUUUUU everything else =p

And it was yesterday LOLOLOL but seriously, I find myself still thinking about that and him

I cant seem to forget the real shit that is I’m crushing over a famous person.
We all know in this case, there are no win win situation.
I will always be no one special,just one of the fans.Girl fans.
And…the other shit that is I’m 5 years older…
I was already counting when he’s still breast fed lolll
And I am getting fatter eating all the stuff grown ups eat while he’s eating greeens!

The other major shit is that I’m worlds apart from him (and the likes of him)
I’m not someone in the field of sports (no I’m not considering to further in doping control)
And am not from media people..
Obviously not pretty…nothing really eye catching
Just like every other girls you would see everyday.
And I would dream of any chance with someone like him?
It’s so unreal it’s absurd thinking.

But I like him =((

(fangirl post damn I’m sorry to myself)

the shawl culture

Sorry for the title, it could be misleading cause I’m not actually summarising or documenting the shawl wearing community in Malaysia but more to just echoing my idea here in the blogosphere…about the infinite possibilities from the eruption of Shawl/Pashmina styles that has proceeded to form a completely new and modern Muslimah look.

The usual combination is :

Shawl + Long sleeve cardigan + cincher/belt + long maxi skirt (or you can wear a long maxi dress that works as the skirt) The trick is to play with types of fabrics and cuttings. It will make you different that the usual style.

as how the Queens of Shawl Culture demonstrated it like a breeze…

Capture Yunalis Zarai (Lookbook.nu)

Capture Hana Tajima (Tumblr)

The Malaysian fashion world are blessed with these two fashionistas who are not afraid to be who they are – a hijab wearing Muslim woman AND highly fashionable. The pairings of the two are already established and together, they are like the new icons that every young woman wants to be.

The shawl culture that they have introduced are so super duper cool as it is associated with Music (Indie) and the fashion industry, together with the complete package…photography (not the usual stuff you see on standard magazines but in mags like GLAM, those high fashion thing), indie production houses, poetry, and the whole ‘artistic’ coolness. Now the Malaysian women who wears hijab has their own scene.

And then I thought to myself the enormous ability of this culture to be shot to wider fashion community. It makes my day when I see artistic projects, the ones which aren’t mainstream. Malaysian women are more open to high fashion and no, no more of those cakey makeups and too much eyeshadows! The way to go now is NUDE and natural. And creative fashion photography…take the notes from renowned world fashion photographers. (This effect has currently just seen in English mags.When will the Malay mags except GLAM improve their photos??)

Oh wow. There’s so many I wanted to talk about. But I have no time. gtg will update later


I should only include this link TudungPeopleKL. My friend introduced me to this page. Totally, this is a FABULOUS idea, I share the thought with a friend of mine (good friend) to do a sort of The Sartorialist thing in our country and focused on women with hijabs. That came after being addicted to Lookbook.nu and seeing the growing number of Malaysian girls really building this scene! That means there are something to shoot for. But sadly it can’t ever start until one of us get a decent camera………..

Until now, sit back and watch closely. This is a good time for the fashion people to draw their eyes towards these street hijabistas. They’re going to significantly define the newest thing in the fashion world.

scary semester :-[

In this 6th semester of being a pharmacy student at my university, this is the first time I feel really really close to the working world. To being graduated (kalau graduate!=P). To being..an adult! (So all this time I’m not already an adult???!!) Yeah I mean, really adult. You know, have your own income, taking care of your future. Financial independence. That’s exactly what me and my classmates are doing right now, securing our future…Because during university we’re still in a safe shell. You’ll never going to know what will happen when we broke away from that shell.

So today in class was a BIG blow to my head. We were just get to know which lecturers that we get for our thesis that spans from this semester until the next (end of this year). T_T It’s not a very happy news… But what the hell?

Terima je lah…haha My topic is very interesting, thank goodness. And about Industrial Training thingy…the new rule that all universities will have a 5 month break in the middle of the year (like many overseas unis) is a blessing as it will give more time to do the industrial training and everything else that we were supposed to do like our thesis and short semesters. This industrial training also brings me a headache as we all compete for a place in the industry than in hospitals. My lecturer said that being able to get a LI in industry (factories) will give us new experiences that we’ll most likely never get after we graduate. Well, not so fast as we have to do the 4 year compulsary government service as freshgraduates. But the problem is, factories don’t take as much students. Most of them just take around 1-4 students only. So there we have it, a fierce competition for everyone who wants that new experience!

What can I say…life as a student in this time is being able to propel forward to get the best things. It’s so different when in schools, matriculations etc. It’s good that I’ve heard about secondary schools now are trying to introduce a ‘university preparation’ theme to their syllabus and teaching style. Good. Me as the student from the last year of 80s era…didn’t know that during my time in school. We’re like a bunch of kids who excel in their studies in school/matric and thrown into the fast paced world of university life out of nowhere. Excellent students when they’re younger doesn’t guarantee an excellent life and a place in dean’s list students. I mean, I’ve gotten over this now but it still bugs me sometimes, why why why didn’t I adjust to it earlier.

Welcome 2011, though it’s already the 4th day. I don’t celebrate new year that much. It’s just a night with fireworks!……………

And also other important personal spiritual things. =D

Next time I want to write about ‘The Tourist’ movie that I just saw last Friday.

My World Cup History

(LOL at the title)

The last time I’ve ever able to watch World Cup Finals was back in 2002 which is 8 years ago that I fail to remember much from that cup.Before that I was too young to be interested.LOL But it was the most enjoyable as the players who triumph in the 1990s like Ronaldo,Zinedine Zidane,Raul Gonzalez,Luis Figo,Roberto Carlos,Fabio Cannavaro,Hakan Sukur and those other guys still play international football.That was the last time I’ve ever seen them play as I didn’t watch any of the matches from 2006 cup.I was psyched at anything football,especially World Cup at that time.Some months before that,my brother bought this special edition of Sports Illustrated that features all the teams that were qualified.That was the way I remember names and faces and all other ‘fun’ facts about top players.Being a girl,I tend to read more on the cute and handsome. =D  The most handsome for me at that time was Raul of Spain.I was heartbroken to know that he was already married and his wife is a beautiful Spanish model Mamen Sanz (HAHAHAH).I remembered the match schedule and how it was played as it was the first time I’ve ever known anything about football.2002 was also the year that super goalkeeper of the world,Iker Casillas of Spain made his debut.I still can recall his saves against Ireland.

2006 was when I’m in Form 5 in the final months before SPM.I didn’t watch any of it.Plus,no one ever switched on the TV in study room to watch World Cup.I watched one but lose interest because I don’t even know whose are qualifying and whose doesn’t.And it was no fun to watch games all by myself.All I know was something about Zizou named the best player despite being sent off for headbutting Materazzi of Italy.

When the 2010 World Cup started,I realized the national squads no longer includes the players whom I know and admire very much as a World Cup first-timer.I didn’t watch EPL nor other leagues.I just read them sometimes.I was sad to know that many of the teams from 2002 weren’t there anymore.It was like skipping the 4 year gap of from 2006 as I didn’t follow that cup.But in football,teams come and go..Players too.A promising career starts at young until they are eligible to enter the national team.Football career is a very short one,I think.When you’re on top it’s the best times.But then you’ll get older and more new and younger players seep through the team.It’s sad somehow. =/ But I think that’s why football is more associated with men than women.I mean,you can’t get too emotional and attached because it’s the nature of the game.Someone has to go and ‘replaced’ by another guy who maybe better,and someone has to lose.Coaches were replaced.All you can do is pick up what you’ve left and start a new one.Many teams who was a BIG loser before came back stronger later.Much as Spain who never wins World Cup,now earned one,after long years of qualifying and reaching quarter finals but fail to pass through.It’s either them or Netherlands.

I can only think of the determination to win and to make history that these footballers have in their minds.When you lose,you’ll have to wait for 4 excruciating years!I think that’s cruel for a footballer.That is a long time although they will have other leagues and cups to play.

Spain remains as the team that I’ll always support and cheer for.Then came teams like Germany which I occasionally support but when the two clashed,I want Spain to win.Glad to be able to coincidently watch World Cup at the time when Casillas debuted.Glad to watch Germany’s youngest team ever debuted in World Cup.Watch Mueller and Ozil in the next World Cup!I was crazy for Turkey in 2002 because they had so much grace and good about them.And S.Korea?Oh no.Unexplainable dislike.HAHAHA.

For me football is different to female viewers.Unlike male viewers,there are just some things that they can’t see or want to see in a football match.It’s hard for me to explain.But let me just say that there’s more to the eye and mind of a female football fan. XD

Today is the first day of new semester in every public universities,coincides with the final day of World Cup.Cheer on Spain! It’s time to move on.

Gile Photoshop Tuts


Berminat sangat dengan Adobe Photoshop dan hasil2 die. Malangnye, memang sangat susah nak faham awal2. Tapi minat ak tak pernah padam. Macam tak caye je bile tengok hasil2 digital artist yang pakar guna Photoshop. Aduuh memang cantik! Ak pun decide ak mesti cube jugak belajar Photoshop sendiri sebab kalau reti, memang banyak sangat function die.

Satu lagi sebab, ak bertugas untuk grafik beberapa program course ak. Nak tak nak kene jugak reti. Kadang2 ak rasa orang assign ak untuk benda2 ni sebab diorang tau ak boleh melukis. Tapi kawan-kawan, boleh melukis pakai tangan dengan melukis pakai komputer tu lain..! Ape yang ak faham, digital drawing skills came like, second to Photoshop skills. Sebab tak semestinya kene pakar melukis baru boleh hasilkan benda menarik dari Photoshop.

Journey kegilaan ak dekat Photoshop ni lame dah. Walaupun ak tak qualified sebagai Photoshop Junkie yang tiap2 hari buat Photoshop.Lame try gune tapi tak reti-reti. Rupenye, ak tak faham langsung function ‘Layer’ padahal tu laaa perkara paling asas pada pendapat ak. Muahahaha. Mase tu memang geram gile apehal la tak jadik2 ni??!! Tak tau la berape kali ak buat balik. Baru lah faham. Genius betul developers Photoshop! Sejak tu ak scouring the web untuk free Photoshop tutorials.

Paling suke psd.tutsplus !

Macam2 boleh cube buat dekat sini. Tuts ikut kategori tahap kesusahan. Dari sini jugak boleh sambung terus ke website artis2 digital yang contribute kepada website tu. I like Abduzeedo (spelling???) in particular.

Tutorial9 pun best jugak. Tambah berus, ak suke QBrushes. Stock photos Blue Vertigo. psdho pun menarik.

gummers copy Ooops. Percubaan buat Plastic Jelly Style gune Paper Texture dari BittBox (Mac 2010). Hasil seorang N0ob. =D

p/s: Kalau bosan, try tengok PhotoshopDisasters !

Short posts from now.


Ak dah terfikir lame nak buat pembaharuan dekat blog ak ni. Ak rase nak buat post pendek. Kalau boleh 1 phrase. Tapi konsisten. 1 phrase every day (kalau boleh la!). Because most of the time I really just want to say what I felt at that particular day (macam Twitter la pulok). It takes my time to write a long one because I’m not a spur-of-the-moment blogger. I do it, but it’s too spontaneous and *honest* to be put in a blog, so i’ts only for my personal read. If I’m going to published it, I should be using a pseudonym. lol.  I think I’ll have this a go. Although from time to time I’ll write a long one.

Until the next post.



I apologize (to myself LOL) for not continuing my previous post.Sorry..apparently I’ve to search my notes to look for these quotes because most of the time I randomly write it together in my notes.So…

This post was named ‘Haiit!’, largely influenced by my mood and thinking these past hours.I just can’t contain myself.Even right now I’m smiling and smiling.Not really a word or exclamation that I use in real life.I don’t use ‘Haiit’ (is this really important??!).And,if anyone does notice,I don’t usually put more exclamation mark than 1 to end my sentences.

Again,largely influenced by Happy-Happy mood just now.

I just finished the thing that I haaaateeeee + benci + menyampah + caci + maki around 1.30pm today.My classmates and close friends here also felt the same.I mean,Helloooooo???We’re going to have the final exam in 2 weeks (tomorrow is the start of study week),plus all the presentations and lab reports that was submitted this week;we’ve been working day and night!!Seriously,I haven’t even reach 6 hours of sleep everyday this week.And now,what?Simulasi HM (Khidmat Masyarakat)?? For 3 days?? Compulsory?? OH MY GOD.

Dreadful.I can’t stop from *cursing* this Simulasi thing from the day it’s confirmed to be on Friday (16th Oct). And the next dreadful + sad is that my oldest sister is going to have her (2nd big) day on 17th Oct. My home is like, 15mins from here. I can’t go because of this thing.Again,OH MY GOD for the hundredth time.

My first impression of this Simulasi is just that – Total Spoiler!!!!!Although I know that may change in the next minute    ( tend to change thoughts and impression about something easily).Depends on the situation. Most of the time, a small bunch of good/close friends can make the day change from super-bad to super-nice.

I don’t want to tell all of the stuff that happens in these 3 days,I’ll just summarise.Hehe.

All in all,these 3 days changed from super-bad to super-nice primarily by my 2 KGs (only my friends understands this abbreviation. Heheheheheh) I’m soooooo happyyyyyy~~~~

*switch to Mother Tongue*

Ak seronok.Hepi.Bez.



Dalam hati je la tapi.hahaha.Mampus kalau tunjuk kat luar.Dari luar cool + diam2 je.Kahkahkah.Ak terasa poyo.Dah lama ak x terasa poyo.Bukan la.Tapi ak selalu mencuba untuk menjadi diri sendiri (ni pun AMAT poyo). Tapi kali ni memang fail.Banyak jugak la sebab hepi ni.Lebih dari 1.hahahah.Tapi yeah.Terima kasih berjuta kepada mereka yang menyebabkan simulasi HM ni dari menyampah kepada seronok  + kenangan baik.

TERIMA KASIH BERJUTAAAAA KEPADA ANDA!! walopon ak tau ko/korang takkan baca mende ni punye.tapi ak still harap ko/korang terbace

(walaupun 3 hari ni jugak hari yang menyedihkan ak.sebab lain.tapi tak perlu cerita kat cni)


subject to change_comp(edited)

Google Image Result for http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/covers/9780596516833_lrg.jpg

Will post again next time.

This Crazy Semester…


As usual,a late post.I’ve intended to post weeks before but well,PROCRASTINATION.My greatest enemy.

Now at my new home(which is a condominium.Not to boast,but it’s a condo;While all of my classmates are living in the college’s hostel.)I live here with my housemate cum ex-roomate cum classmate (wrong English I guess).I’ve posted before,about me frustrated to know that me and my ex-roomate were going to live here instead with all our friends (who live in the college’s hostel right now).But,it’s not bad.It’s actually better.Better than good.It’s great!Although I thought it’s kind of tercampak to check in the home at the 22nd floor.(24th is the most but occupied houses stops at 22nd).Only 5-6 houses are occupied in this floor.We’re even excited to see the lights on at the next house’s windows.lol.

The downside is, it’s so difficult to get a wireless connection.Networks like WirelessKL, P1HotZone, KLHopOnHopOff (you know,the tourist double-decker bus).But to get those connections from the 22nd floor?I try not to put my hopes too high. =/ .My friends at 9th floor get a constant connection while we get the opposite.But anyway,I’ve many future plans for the house.(Not too much.Just to buy a cooker,carpet,mats and bring the 14inch TV from my family’s home.I’ll try not to buy some sofas. =p)If the money allows.

In this semester,the subjects taken are 8 in total including the electives.


Patologi Asas

Teknologi Farmaseutikal

Farmakologi Am dan Autonomik

Kimia Medisinal

Amalan Farmasi II


Khidmat Masyarakat

A lot of 8.I honestly don’t know how I’m going in this course.Considering my past results,which was the biggest downfall,all my life.The lecturers had asked me why,but I don’t even know the answer.I don’t have anything to blame.I just thought it may cause by my style of answering the exam questions.You know how the university questions (and also it’s marking scheme) is a HELL lot of different from matriculations and schools??It just shocks me because I can do well in the 1st sem.From the first day,I know this will be one crazy semester.

Also with PMUKM Farmasi,the program yet to be done…phone calls,paper work,meetings.The works.

And this coming Hari Interaksi thing.Come on get it over with!!The flags and name tags.I’m so relieved that Exco Pemasaran has taken over the task on the gimik perasmian.The badges were done,now to wait for the shirts.Oh I’ve just learned that I’ll be joining under the Faculty’s Exco TTK (again!!) for this coming August UKM Convocation Day,to help designing the shirts.IDK.I hope more 1st year students will come to join.

Back to the study talks,this mid-semester exam should be my platform to prove to the faculty and to myself,that I can do this.This might be Allah’s test to me.Again,I’d say just throw away your previous results at matriculation,schools (LOL) and also your previous semesters.Don’t bother.You’ll be up,and you’ll be downed.The only thing mattered is how you will still be on this crazy ride to myself.

To the school/matriculation leavers, stop thinking you’re the best and complaining about scholarships bla bla bla.Life in university is nothing like those.It’s nothing.Only the freedom you’ll get and the JPA/PTPTN money.If you think you deserve it,ask your parents to pay lah.If you’re middle class then it’s a different story.

I’d say SPM is soooo nothing.In terms of what it proves.It’s just that you’ll feel good and your parents feel good.I just thought how dreamy these students were when they talk about their desired course in university.I mean,it’s good to have ambitions,but I wonder how much they know about this new life they’re heading.I’ve ambitions before too,but now I toned it down a bit.I think it’s healthier.It’s about berpijak di bumi nyata.

Because during pre-uni,you’ll have so many options thrown to you.There are jobs that you may never heard of,new prospects and numerous fields of your chosen job.And other interesting courses,which I called ‘Alternatives’.If you can have one that follows your heart,great.You’re one of the few people in the world then.It’s true right?I’ve always following my heart as far as I can,but there are things in life that you’ll have to put your head over your heart.Which is pretty much why I chose this course.Other things,I can do it throughout my life.It doesn’t have to be a carieer.Because it’s what your heart says,it shouldn’t be something that you do to earn money.

My head says,go for the one that holds a stable future,growing and important carieer,which can serve the people.And satisfies this side of me that always love science.Also as a way to do what my parents would like the best for me to do.

Well,that’s about it.I’m going off-topic. =)