I want a change in government
Yee Siew Meng | Sep 24, 08 4:11pm
The night Teresa Kok was arrested, I was with some friends having teh tarik. One friend commented: “What’s happening to Malaysia?” Another friend replied; “The same thing that’s been happening the last 20 years.” What an apt reply, I thought.

The difference is that the ‘new’ rakyat now have a renewed sense of power and hope. By ‘new’ rakyat I mean the younger generation of Malaysians born a few years before 1969 and after, who are not scarred by the May 13 riots and have no first hand recollection of how bad it was.

These are the ones, aged 45 and below, who stood up on March 8 to make a difference. On March 9, many of their elders were afraid to leave their homes for fear of race riots- but to the relief of all, nothing happened.

Tengku Razaleigh yesterday expressed concern that the situation in the country was “dangerous, where the rule of law was uncertain and the constitution was not being upheld”.

The truth is, Malaysians have in the last 20 years, been facing a dangerous situation with the constitution being amended at the whims and fancies of someone I can only describe as a despot. Dr Mahathir’s sad description of the Parliament is that it is a “mere rubberstamp”.

As a result of the BN government’s control of Parliament, our constitution in its 51 years of history has been amended 42 times with a total of 650 amendments, with more than one amendment at each time.

The United States of America in its 200 year history has amended the constitution a mere 27 times. Tell me when was the constitution never under any threat?

The BN’s continued use of ISA shows a disregard for the rule of law. Since 1957, the BN government has detained 3,200 Malaysians under the ISA. The favourite victims of the ISA are opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua and many other activists who can hardly be considered threats to national security. Unless ‘national security’ is a code name for Barisan Nasional.

There are currently a total of 120 detainees who are languishing under the ISA.

The BN’s constant reminder of May 13 and the use of racial segregation to justify the existence of race based parties like Umno, MCA and MIC are a stumbling block to a truly united Malaysia. BN’s formula worked on the notion that only a Malay can look after the interest of a Malay and similarly a Chinese for the Chinese, etc.

As such, each political party within BN worked in opposite directions, fighting for the rights of their individual race. This rarely worked towards the good of Malaysia as a whole.

So after reading Tengku Razaleigh’s desperate plea as a result of his observation of a nation under crisis, I must say that what we see today is a result of a callous generation of Malaysians who allowed Umno and BN to rule for 51 years without challenge and accountability.

The last 20 years were especially hard, as Dr Mahathir never let anyone stand in the way of his plans and ambitions. Tengku Razaleigh will agree with me, himself being a victim of injustice many times before.

In conclusion, ethics and morality aside, 51 years is too long and after 20 years of abusing the constitution and the various institutions of government that provide checks and balance, I for one cannot wait to see a change in government.

I cannot i agree more with this letter from Yee Siew Meng to Malaysiakini.com


What a great country Malaysia can be actually…………………


At UiTM S.Alam..?

1st university that i ‘visit’.just went to UiTM(Universiti Institut Teknologi MARA) main campus at Shah Alam on friday.my main point coming there is that to meet my friends from matriculation n spend a buka puasa with them.not 2 mention other friends there.but i manage to keep it as a secret because i know i won’t be able to meet all of them at that short period of time…

UiTM S.Alam is a huge place,piece of land.sadly its kinda ‘padang jarak padang tekukur’ because lack of trees/greens around the place.compared to UKM Bangi,it’s so hot being there.hahaha.From UKM KL,i took the Chow Kit monorel to KL Sentral which costs me rm2.50.at KL Sentral,i waited like forever for the U80 rapid-KL bus to come.Duhhh.Penat!!selain dari U80,blh jugak naik T529.tp bukan dr KL Sentral la.there i noticed a guy from Forensic Science of my U.well i know he didn’t know me.but i known him since the orientation day..i was seated behind him.haha.i’m really a great observer.i never talked to him but i remebered his face.OK back to the story.after like 40mins,the bus came.n i was lucky to get a seat.Urghh!i don’t want to stand in that bus…i hate to be looked at…..the journey from KL Sentral to Seksyen 2 was sooo long….i slept a little.Sedar2 dah masuk Shah Alam.rase pelik sbb ak jarang sgt pegi this part of Selangor.Then i saw the big Tesco,n the Carlsberg factory,the stadiums n the MPSA tower.Shah Alam is quiet nice…So now I know i’m already at Shah Alam Bandar Anggerik.wonder why did they get the ‘Anggerik’ name for the town?huhu.

at Seksyen 2,i just stepped out from the bus because everyone was stepping out.because i didn’t know where the hell Seksyen 2 bus stop was.so i stood there calling my friends at UiTM.Diorg suruh naik bas T603 sbb tu bas yg masuk dalam kampus.tak pasti la kalau tu je yg masuk.rasanye ada lagi kot.lagipun bukan dalam UiTM tu je ade student.sekeliling UiTM tu byk lagi institut/kampus.upon entering the main gate of UiTM,1st thing that i saw is the modern Bangunan Canseleri,with all those air terjun bertingkat-tingkat.well i don’t quiet remember the name after that.beautiful.this kind of thing is not seen in UKM.not that i complain.hahaha.i never knew that UiTM is modern looking and new…maybe those in the front only.some of the buildings are rather old.i should be out from the bus at the 2nd stop in front of the dataran where they held the Bazar Ramadhan.but then i didn;t know,so i went out at the next stop.Sad.because that means that i must walk back to the 2nd stop at the hot evening,n fasting.eventually i arrived n take a rest at my friend’s room at Kolej Melati,4th floor.She’s a rather close friend of mine during matriculation.That day i bought a murtabak.Sedap!I’m actually on this survey that i conducted by myself and for myself,about which Murtabak is the best in KL.The Greenwood’s Murtabak is not to be beaten yet.hihi.

Only at night that we actually went out from the room at Kolej Delima (1) to accompany my friend to her hostel room at Melati.Only then i see the ‘main camp atmosphere’ that i would like to experience because of my small,unvariety campus,eventhough it lies in the heart of KL.i like to see people with all kinds of style,attitude,fashion sense,faces from a variety of courses.unlike my campus,UiTM main camp is a place with almost all kinds of courses available.when i say this,the ‘Kursus Seni Kasut’ must come to my mind.i mean,what??seni kasut?they teach you that?i must remind myself that it is a main campus.These things exist.Even the people at the hostel varies.the diploma sport science students are rather…err boy-like.not that i say they are all pengkid.God knows.the Music students always with their guitar,viola,violin cases.the Arts were carrying the big board to draw.the Tourism/Hotel Management students with their cooking attire.and the Medicals?they don;t look like one.well at least my friends weren’t…at night,UiTM is a place bathed with lights.especially the ‘Twin Tower’.(my bro n sis,x-students of UiTM called it like that).we took pictures here and there.mostly at the 11th floor of the Fakulti Kejuruteraan Awam n Fakulti Perubatan wing.it overlooks the opposite tower,where we can see the VC’s room on the uppermost level.not sure if the VC really there,though.nice to be standing there with the light gust of wind.The half curved shape of the tower is beautiful.

Poor quality pics with my K320i.erk.many pics are taken using my friend’s phone.we walked around,capturing pictures by the road…sampai org2 yang naik kete lalu kt tepi tu suruh balik.hahahah well,malam masih muda.baru 11 pm.it’s in a campus,people.kalau kat kampus UKM tu barulah kata dah malam.haha we passed many buildings which i can;t remember particularly because of the night.

then we lepak kat kafe Delima,drinking teh susu late at night.some guys from PALAPES still with their boots and sports attire.wonder if they had taken their bath for the day.urgh.then we play with the ice that we bought just then n throwing it at each other.this thing i have been loving to do since school days…felt like at that time too.going around,doing things like that.forgot that i’m a university student right now.Miss The Good Old Days!later that night,we talked a lot,resisting to sleep.even eating.that’s how i get this body of mine…eating before sleep.got no one else to blame but myself.hahahaha bangun subuh esok pagi lps tu tido blk sampai 9am.then rushing to went back to my college.and what a long bus journey that will be.only when the T603 bus just arrived at the main gate heading out from UiTM,i looked back and saw that old SAAS Tower that my friend had told me about.like she said,it is really the one thing we can see from a far,outside UiTM.It’s where the accounting n some other faculties were situated(i’m not sure).Somehow,i felt a little weird walking around the UiTM campus without seeing any chinese and indians.all are malays,just whether they r girls/boys and whether the girls are wearing tudung or not.Felt weird at that.Because i’m used to seeing many chinese/indians students at my place.another big difference from my campus.

I’m not sure if this is the beginning of my Tour to universities around the country.i like doing it.i like to see what’s there n what’s here,how’s the people n how’s the place looks like.New?old?modern?variety of people?the most grand building?big/small?and what about the facilities?i’d like to know.so i’m actually saying this with another university in mind…emmm maybe UM or UTP…maybe UTP looks nicer…UM is old.but nevertheless i still want to see them.p/s:sorry unable to take the VC’s pics.his face is e v e r y w h e r e,with his moustache.uh-oh.

I Have A Wish…

err that title is kinda untrue.how come people can have only ‘A’ wish???of course people can have many wishes…especially people like me..hahaha I’ll make a wishlist.i may change it in any way I want.after all its MY wishlist right?But right now,at this moment, i have only 1 wish.a real wish that i thought about quite long.i think its my 1st wish that comes hard…not in a blink.

I want…

1. …a REAL change in the country.a REAL change in the goverment,the REAL people to lead us,so that they can secure a REAL future for generations to come.

Description:i really believes in this thing.The ‘kerajaan baru’ thing.i bet you know.i bet everyone knows!siapa yg tak tahu tu mmg buta pengetahuan am laa..tahap kronik tu.kalau tahu pn,mengelak.kalau dulu mase sekolah@matrik,diam2 je.yelah,ilmu pun x byk.kesedaran pun xde la sgt.bila dah masuk alam mahasiswi ni,mane blh buat bodoh isu mcm ni?ak pling pantang student U especially,yg masih buta tuli pasal keadaan sekeliling.sibuk sgt dgn study atau gaya hidup hedonisme.suka hati nak prefer ape,tapi have yourself a stand laa..don’t just walk around in this world and care only about yourself.Don’t walk around doing anything you want n tak pakai kepala otak,jatuhkan maruah diri sendiri,and still,yet still,with your head held up high.Seriously,you look funny,you know?Going around with that face,that sick confidence,OMG.pls help them.

2.I want to be with each person that I love.enough said.

3.I wish that i will be someone in this world.i want 2 make changes,make a move on the things that ever came into my mind.Hard to do,seriously.Not everyone have the heart to follow his/her heart.and indeed,i have a great respect to anyone who dare to follow their dream/s.These people are brave.I wish i can be like them.

Happy Family Time!

Last saturday (30th august) me n my family went to Taman Tasik Perdana Kl.during my whole life i juz went to this place for about 3 times only.haha.never had a time to go to this part of the city.actually i had nothing to say.Just want to mention how beautiful this place is.And all my family members said so.My favourite time is always when i’m with my family.

I miss them..!although my campus is near..HAHAHAHH!!!i’m not a spoilt brat ok!its just that at this period in my life my family is my utmost priority.In any decision that i have made/will make..sad if anyone in this world who didn’t love their own family.Here are some pics that i captured with my own sony K320i phone.errr VGA camera only.(my real camera Kodak Easy-share has ‘drowned’ in a pool of mud at Sg Chilling last year..T_T)

Ramadhan Tiba Lagi…

I’m sorry that i’m unable to say this days earlier..as we all know,this is the 5th day in the Ramadhan month already.Urghhh really need a laptop laa..someone pls buy me one!!jpa lama lg nak masuk duit.haiiyaa.life as a student mmg agak mengeringkan poket la haha..I hope this Ramadhan will bring me more depths as a muslim,as a daughter,as a student bla bla bla.I hope i can be more mature,ready to prove myself.All Muslims worldwide,hope you all have a nice Ramadhan!!even in poor countries or those still in war,God pls give them something to eat during sahur and iftar..pls give them happiness and protect them from all the evil of the world.

well yesterday i juz heard a ceramah at a surau here,a ceramah entitled Palestin-Masihkah Kau Ingat? by Prof Madya Dr Hadfizi(sorry if it spelled wrong).I think my parents know this penceramah.His name is quiet familiar…all i want to say is that it is a very GREAT ceramah..he knows it all about Palestine.of course.becoz he is the pengarah for PACE Malaysia.Good thing that i went to the surau.hihi