Little write up on Interracial/Interfaith relationship

This is quite a jump from my usual posts ( I don’t even post so much anyway lool) but it has been something I wanted to read and research on, and had done it quite extensively this recent week.

What exactly is the situation in this modern world?
Of course it’d be my dream to be able to talk and ask an actual person from a different race/culture/country about this and what they really think but since I don’t have a social life both real life and online, I can only scour the net as my endless resource lol
I’m using interracial and interfaith interchangeably (lool too much ‘inter’ words) because a person can be Muslim and not be classically identify as Muslims (eg Arabs. There are actually a lot of Arabs that are of other religions). Also a person may not wear hijab but is a Muslim. People would say that Islam isn’t a race (it isn’t but it’s too often to find people over the net judging a certain race to have it as their religion) and would exclude people of a rather different race (eg white Muslims who wear hijab) from the subject. So yeah if I use interracial only it wouldn’t be accurate to what I’m trying to write.

I recounted the stares I get when we were on that vacation in Samui where foreigners (westerners) kept on looking like they haven’t seen one and it’s uncomfortable. It was weird. I mean it’s not like there are no Muslims who frequented Thailand. It borders with a Muslim country and even have regions that has many Muslims.
It’s the first time that I was ever been in that kind of attention. I have never been to a western country to compare though. The farthest I’ve been overseas is Korea, where people look too, but is understandable since their country is homogeneous.
Unlike in the west. Lots of cultures in one place (at least in the city) and chances are they have seen one before.

So I am quite recently very interested in the subject of interracial relationship mainly because I’m one of those that has an open mind on interracial relationship (and finds them really inspiring), has a mild preference to date someone outside of my race if given the chance (not out of spite though) I would’ve explain better partially why (because I don’t think that I’ve figured it out 100%) in later post maybe but,
I would probably do it but to think of the many many barriers that exist in the realms of making and sustaining a relationship.

Specifically of a westerners view of a girl who wears a hijab (since it’s my situation). I’ve already understood the situation in my country, sort of. Main barrier is we have a law that dictates no marriages between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. People have done it but they’d eventually migrate somewhere else where their union won’t be disturbed.

I really wanna know what do they think of us when they see us? And the question: are we repulsive or attractive?

From what I gathered over random blogs, articles, message boards and forums including Reddit, this is it:

1) More often than not, they are attracted, but due to the no-go situation that presents itself they won’t pursue it. Some say prolly try it if the girl is reallyyy attractive and he can’t stop thinking about her but most say they would never ever tread that direction.

– that situation means when a girl in hijab is presumed to be very religious apart from their non hijabi counterparts. It’s easy to tell which is off limits and which aren’t – if they’re wearing a hijab. I’m saying this from the guys’ perspective that won’t mind dating a Muslim girl at all but she must not wear the hijab.
– the different culture and religion would be too much of a baggage to overcome in a long term relationship
– they mentioned about difficult family backgrounds where the family have a big say over her life decisions and it’s something off putting
– also it is assumed that the religion itself isn’t something they could’ve get along with because of the nature of it (words used eg backwards, cult, stoned age, oppressed etc) so a girl following this way of life must have qualities/personalities that they don’t want in a girlfriend
– too much incompatibilities in other specific areas
– thinking right off the bat that a hijabi girl won’t consider them as potential partners as they would’ve prefered someone from their own religion (and is religious) so why start in the first place?
– these people seemed to think that they’re actually being polite and respectful by not approaching her
– they view hijab as a huge barrier in forming a relationship. They would’ve like to, but wouldn’t because of that thing on her head (ikr lol)

2) In the middle ground, they are not attracted to nor repulsed. It’s just not their type and doesn’t flick anything on their minds.

– same like before these people doesn’t think that there’d be any possible chances anyway but they in the first place isn’t open to it. Might as well score a girl with similar attributes than foreign ones.

3) A group of them are definitely repulsed by it and by no means are open nor attracted.

– personal preferences to see hair and more physical features to be attracted to a girl no matter the religion.
– they simply dislike people who are religious regardless of religion
– they dislike the Muslim faith in the first place
– they disagree with the idea of hijab. Some say it’s a disadvantage to a woman’s beauty. Why would you hide your hair?

4) The weird ones. These guys could be trying to approach her simply because she is off limits by his standards. They have a certain picture of hijabi girls and would do it out of personal reasons that aren’t so…pure. It’d be just for fun because they knew it’ll not materialize.

Worthy of mentions:

– one out of 650+ messages has a good understanding of what is hijab and why muslim women wear it and is not repulsed by it for the correct reason. It is very rare to find this type of person.

– one guy said that he was always having these attractions for girls in hijab but never ever told anyone in real life because he knew he’d scare them. lmao

– a few did say that it just purely because they have different beliefs. Not a negative, not a positive. Just a fact that couldn’t be thrown away.

– one admitted to trying out his luck with a hijabi girl simply for fun because he knew the girl doesn’t even consider him anyway.

– one had an actual relationship (it didn’t work out I assumed) with a hijabi girl from a different country and he had only good memories out of it. He said the experience was the same like every other he had with girls of his own country and race. His words were interesting : ‘It is attractive to the open mind.’

– about 5 shared how they would’ve hit it off if the girl actually made an effort to flirt/show clearly that she does considered him as a potential partner and they’d definitely go with it. Crazy isn’t it?

– a few suggested that hijabi girl should take the hijab off if she wants some male attraction and sending the right signals for dating. holy crap!


I must point out that what I’ve collected as a conclusion would be incomplete and probably just a tear off a duct since I haven’t spoke to anyone of my subject interest in real life and was processed through my own mind while having no experience in interracial relationship whatsoever but,

I can see a pattern of men not seeing the hijab itself as a barrier per se but more because of the reason behind it. It signifies loudly that that girl is following a belief system religiously and is simply put off by what it means as per their own understanding. This is the case if the guy doesn’t mind the religion. For some people that dislike/hate Islam in the first place it’s more revolting to even consider them as attractive.

To rephrase, a girl who wears a hijab is generally off limits in a westerners’ dating pool. They can be attracted but won’t ever act on it for a multitude of reasons. But as in every other interracial relationships between other religions and cultures, one thing remains the same – it’s not for everyone.

* The author apologize beforehand if anything written offended a reader and welcome any comments/discussion/sharing about the topic. *


“anarchy in the uk”

The Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK

Selamat Berpuasa to myself and the blogging world^^ I haven’t yet posted anything this Holy month. Today I finally did, on the 3rd day of unrest in London, UK. It caught my eye (and my mind) when I’ve read newspaper articles from various sources – be it mainstream or independent. So sad that our TV is broke. I don’t watch any TV for a month now. In a way it’s good…but it will cause the breaking of news came late. I have to wait for newspaper uncle to throw one into our gate, or scouring the web for current updates. The internet at our house sucks…all these are inconvenient to get some decent updated news! However, I did found my strength tonight and the first thing I think of is BERSIH 2.0 just about a month ago, that happened in our country.

What a shame that our government has reacted too much (by too much I mean water cannons, arrests, smoke bomb thing and violence) to the Malaysian protesters! Look at how big the rift of differences between the two countries’ rioters. In London, their rioters mostly comprises of young people who are hooded and burn cars and buildings, looting shops and cursing police, hurling stones and stuff! So ****ing different. A man is shot dead and look how rioters responded in furore! Though I doubt it’s a reason for everything else that they did…They are so much more violent, uncontrolled, volatile and dangerous…now all the wise people of Malaysia who are still can’t see the bigger fault was at the government’s side, should think.

Though Londoners say that their police are too weak and should use force…well I would agree! What more can the noble protector of the

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people as the police force to curb these angry youngsters?? They’re not only hurting the police, but the innocent people too. Who’s going to pay for their burnt businesses? It seems a right decision. But what happens during BERSIH 2.0  is UNACCEPTABLE. I hope we will never forget that.

Apparently the young people who riots in London said that the reasons for their discontentment against the government are around these things : poor living, joblessness, until young people with seemingly no place in the community finds life in drugs, robberies, and many socially ill activities. Source This is really sad, for an outsider like me who never even step foot in London. Well, London is all glitz and glamour…among the fashion capitals of Europe and the World…little did I know about this town called Tottenham. Where the riot begins.

I marvel at my lack of travelling experiences (I didnt have a passport yet LOLOLOL) but what I can say now, is hoping that the UK government could find a way to calm the situation…even with some use of force. They deserve it. It’s like a time bomb. Whatever their unhappiness over their lives and then placing faults on the government’s shoulders has gone long unanswered…the timing is right when the man is shot dead by the police. Then it spreads like a virus. And the people who are organizing and committing these violence are already violent. It’s not like they’re from a decent society. They are from a disparate world, another face of the UK.

Now the world sees this ugly face…will this made the rioters satisfied when they know they are heard? I doubted it =(

I wish it will all receding soon. Will continue keeping tabs on the issue.

p/s: I think this comment is insightful :

9th August 2011 – 9:16

this has nothing to do with deprived areas, or race, this is years of successive governments failed multiculturalism experiment, making ghettos,years of gang rule on the streets coming to the fore, money thrown at diverse and outreach projects amounting to billions,feral youths who have found burglary, robbery, and drug dealing to be more profitable than work, going unimpeded about their business


True Calling

[[ Yellow should be the official colour of Malaysian solidarity ]]


I took so much time to finally start writing this post on Windows Live Writer. It has been so hard to crack up my mind to find suitable words to spell out my feelings and reactions about yesterday’s BERSIH 2.0 rally. There’s just so much that I want to talk about. After severe disappointment (albeit very expected) by the mainstream news bias coverage of the rally, I scour the internet to find and read latest news using my mother’s broadband (no streamyx!!!grrrr).

But the lies, WOW unbelievable.

If they say BERSIH 2.0 has scared off tourists and bring shame to the country, I’d say the government should be the ones ashamed by their unjust treatment and overreactions to the peaceful rally. Before 9th July, people can say stuff about the rally will never be a peaceful one, but look what happened! In the raw videos across YouTube, you can judge for yourself which side is peaceful. Tired to choose sides? Then you don’t have to, just use your innate humanity and compassion we’re all born with. The reality will speaks itself. For once in our lives, toss aside the racism and distrusts we all have within each races. Watch and learn something from 9th July 2011. Stupid racist people can say that only Malays mobilised an all-out participation, but heck, waves of thousands of Chinese rakyat came out from Bukit Bintang (mainly) and other waypoints. All the Malaysian people who believes in electoral reforms gather under BERSIH 2.0 and shouted ‘Bersih!’, ‘Hidup rakyat!’ among chanting ‘NegaraKu’ as opposed to mainstream media that shows ONLY the clip of people shouting ‘Reformasi!’. Though this could be regarded as severe paranoia in the government side, as we all know Anwar Ibrahim led movement back in (1999-2000?) used the word.

Been through all the big fat liars who go on TV for nights to come, my trust and belief that Malaysia can and will change is awoken once more. Some years before, I had the urge but it dissolved, then came PRU 2008. It came back, then clouded by too much rumours and scandals that colours our nation’s politics. I truly felt that I can never ever have, nor dreamed, of how my country should be.

Yesterday has been a punch in my face. A good punch so that I will never lose hope, that the people can really unite under one cause. I’m not an ungrateful Muslim Malaysian (as many close-minded pro gov people liked to accuse), and this is not an act of chaos. You see, the thing about this country is that we are showered with economic transformations, unlimited entertainment from world class entertainers, living in a strategically God given piece of land that is incredibly lucky to be safe from so many natural disasters that often struck our neighbouring countries….and so much wealth from our soils and beautiful natural tropical landscape attracting tourists all over the world…it seems perfect!

Typically, life is about getting comfortable. Unfortunately this way of life has taught us NOTHING but to be COWARDS, who stayed in the comfort zone for too long until we became numb and dumb. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing is unhealthy.

What happens when we started questioning ourselves,

what do we want from our country? What’s your vision of how your country should be?

Suddenly it struck me.

That we can be more than this. We should be more. What’s with those that Almighty God has given us, and the awareness of my capabilities, and most importantly MY RIGHTS that I can demand a better Malaysia, I couldn’t just sit and watch. To not care and to not feel anything is quite impossible. We’re so lucky to be here, yes correct. But is the current situation is enough? To evaluate the current situation, firstly one has to care about national politics. No point in being emotional without knowing the FACTS. And take every news on TV with a grain of salt. Our so called Democracy hasn’t released the mainstream media from the gov grip!

No government is perfect…that’s the whole point of the dissatisfaction. But events such as BERSIH 2.0 rally clearly showed that the rakyat has its powers. So what if it’s really backed by Opposition parties? So what if one day they rule the country and do the same damn thing of the current government? We the rakyat are aware of our rights, and to topple them is no big deal. The only thing we need is the awareness that we can. Once this is instilled, nobody can kill your spirit.

Look at mature countries like the US, to change parties in ruling government is so easy. Change is healthy!! No better example than Egypt. Look what happens to Mubarak regime? He ruled for f***ing 50 years or something. It’s crazy!

The difference between ‘grateful’ and ‘ungrateful’ Malaysian is that the ‘ungrateful’ know their powers and rights. Why can we ask for something we know we can and deserve to have?! How much is too much to ask? Apparently Malaysians (esp. Malays) cannot answer this, as we have grown to ACCEPT BUT NEVER ASK. Without being remorseful, I can say that is very stupid and impractical.

How many of us can say truthfully from our hearts “I love Malaysia”? I know I’m not. Not 100% truthful. And that’s incredibly shameful. Shameful as much as I’m ashamed of not being able to act, like on 9th July. A country and her countrymen, is a relationship of love and hate. As much as I love it, I hated it when it cause dissatisfaction, inequality, and hurt of being lied to. But any logical mind knows that a country does not runs on itself, it is run by our people who serves us rakyat as our government. In a way, we are their masters, because through a CLEAN electoral system they are chosen by us. We can make or break them, there’s no way they can be where they are now without the rakyat who votes them. It’s that simple. Through requests made through BERSIH, we can achieve freedom of press, and other vital features of a healthy election system – and politics.

Though I can totally understand why people object to the idea of a rally itself. I, for one is leaning to atypical way, more challenging and direct. I’m just tired of being a coward all my life…but it’s risky business, and it’s negative effects can be seen clearly. Malaysians are inherently gentle people, it’s hard not to flinch when a rally is proposed. But by knowing the real stories behind all the liars from the media,

what our country has gain on 9th July is far too precious and true to be defeated by the way it is conducted.

The media can throw in embellished accusations and twist the stories, but what really happens has happened. The 1Malaysia thing that the gov ‘chanted’ all the way has shown it’s colours through the rally. Saves the gov trouble to pay and invest millions in making 1Malaysia come true! It had never occurred to me that unconditional love to this country and it’s fellow countrymen no matter what differences that bridges us can be ignited in just one day and one event. Malaysia has got more Malaysians realized or started loving the country like never before. Sometimes we all have to learn in a harsh way…And that lesson would be vital for us to continue raising Malaysia’s standard as a true (bukan berlakon macam dalam iklan tuh) multi-racial gem. Any Malaysians that didn’t see it as priceless as it is, must be racist. I would like to know what else has caused them to reject the idea, however this seems to be the top reason.

I feel that I’m extremely lucky that this legendary day has happened now while I’m young. I have so many chances to ‘clean’ up my country’s government from liars and thieves and other rare species of people that benefits none but himself. There’s still a long way to go, but 9th July shining hope is a kickstart! Stuck in the backseat is no more. From now on, people’s voices will be heard. Every government that will rule the country should be prepared =]

Dear organisers of BERSIH 2.0 and my Malaysian people who act that day, Thank you for making it happen. You have no idea how many Malaysian hearts that you have touched.

“What is love and what is hate?

Why does it matter?

Is to love is just a waste?

How can it matter?”

The Flaming Lips : In The Morning of The Magicians

Don’t let your love to the country goes to waste, declare your love by start to care about national politics and exercise your rights in elections by voting. The way forward is through solidarity, unity, and the most crucial : People’s Power (Kuasa Rakyat) that no other better teacher than this 9th July (709) has taught me.


I decided to write about this after being constantly feasting on the topic from everyday news and newspapers…until it’s too much for me to keep quiet. I have to pen it down. I don’t think the issue is going to attract this much attention from literally everyone. When I first read about it, I thought, “Oh rally Bersih” but I can’t remember what year it did happen. During 2006-2008? Oh, that. They’re going to organise another one this 9th July. Oh, OK.

So…..what’s all this mess is about? People burning pictures, people wearing Bersih shirts being cuffed away, and the classic pissing each other off – in the NEWS.

From what I know, Bersih 2.0 aim is to demand a ‘cleaner’ elections and its processes. And from my limited knowledge spanning my young adult life, the action of voicing out and delivering your stand to the people fully responsible for our country (Government, that is) is not wrong.

SUHAKAM said that it is legal. You can’t tell them to stop by cuffing them, telling everyone using the news and official statements to hinder people from joining. We are a country new to such changes. I think it’s such a backwards method to handle it. It’s just a request, an enormous request, for Government and SPR to hear out…People who are against it argue about public safety, gangguan aktiviti harian, traffic woes, as well as millions ringgits estimate of losses. People who go for it have said that they want to continue the rally eventhough after meeting with SPR late last year. Not quite a successful meeting.

Before anyone going to stop Bersih, why doesn’t ANYONE answer WHY the 8 request from Bersih can’t be fulfilled? No wait. Does anyone care about the 8 request?? I mean, the people who are against it, do you even know what Bersih requested? I’m sorry, but I do want the same things.

Why can’t you (this is the most annoying) provide equal news and airing times for BOTH parties to woo the voters? Why can’t you provide a solution about Ghost Voters, etc?

Why can’t you handle the matter right? By using prime time news to tell everyone worthless news on Penang,Perak and Selangor?? And now,every newspapers and medias are provoking us on ‘Hidden agenda’ of communism? Now it’s a media fiasco, with every news pouring in. God knows the truth!

What I hate the most is the way the issue is handled. Please don’t treat us voters as stupid…I don’t want to go on my daily life and enjoy what this beautiful and God-blessed country has given me and just ignore the sheer unequality and immaturity of our politics. Stop the media-wh*ring!!

Give equal space,

that’s all we need right now.

And, do not ever associate Bersih with race. It has nothing to do with race. Though in the media, it is. So now that the fire is ignited, and is spreading fast. What now? Reap the seeds sown, then. Bersih has everything to do with being a voter who wants to vote in a healthy environment. We can have it, like other countries. Contohi pilihan raya Turki.

Now we all wouldn’t know how the rally would turn out to be, with all the threats and negative sentiments going around. Emotions are flaring, which is the biggest concern. And the UMNO led Patriots will also be there. It’s a mess. Thanks to the little ego game they’re playing. So, to everyone who will be out there on 9th July rally, whichever side you’re with, show the country how to do PEACEFUL rally so that it can be like,a guide. How To Rally Peacefully for

This post is for me to take out what I feel, that I agree with Bersih. But, to be agreeing with Bersih is said to be non-Malay. To be 1Malaysia, well, this is more of a dud to me. 1Malaysia is just a bunch of Malaysians who love the country to bits – as far as the country has given him food and money. They only know of one thing – to enjoy…but not to give. I know I’m not that and I don’t want to be like that.

To read the news now is scary, you wouldn’t know what’s right and wrong. Everyone is provoking your thoughts, which I take it as a maturing process. To be able to INDEPENDENTLY decide on what you believe in, is the proof that the country believes in it’s people. They let you grow.

In My Malaysian dream..

p/s : In the moments that I felt like an idiot from watching the news, I would have thrown away the TV, if only I didn’t need them to play XBox…

Embracing beauty?

(Writing in response to the V magazine‘s Size Issue from 2010)

I’m back on the blog!LOL. I’ve many posts under drafts…but this one had to be posted, in between my assignments. =D

Above is the picture of one of the models on preview of V magazine’s Size Issue. [FYI, V magazine is an international fashion/editorial magazine that are only available in our country via large bookstores (MPH,Borders,Kinokuniya etc) and usually arrives late one issue.]

I’m not a fashion enthusiast but I can say that I love to know about it a lot. All the processes involved in producing a fashion line, fashion magazines, models, photographers, casting director etc and also the art of fashion photographers and creative directors. So, as usual, I read this entry from my fave source,

The V Magazine’s Size Issue made a 10 pictures spread of very curvaceous and obviously overweight models. Plus sized models are usually size >12, or L (large) size based on standard US conversion, height 5”9 – 5”10! Like a tower. Only thicker. But I think these women are what we call ‘big build’.

Instead of commenting on the page, I want to write about what I feel about ‘fat’/large/overweight girls hating on thin models in my blog because I don’t like paraphrasing…

Many commentators are praising the editorials as well as completely threw it off. Basically in my opinion, the spread is very very interesting! A shift from the usual stick thin, portruding ribs and bones models, with a beautiful face. But I’m frustrated at emotional comments. Several overweight ‘fat’ girls comment on how they always hated that the fashion industry never looks at them, downgrading them by only showing spreads by thin models (size <4), and how it’s ‘refreshing’ to see a ‘change’ in  the mainstream modelling industry. They want thin and average women to shut up and ‘let the light be on them for this one time.’

I’ve gotta say you people are too volatile a person to comment. Maybe you should come back when you have calmed down a bit or think through. Yeah, the limelight has always shining on them, the thin women. But that’s no reason for you to go on a rampage against them.  And the ‘Me against the world‘ thingy? It’s either you’re insecure or your life sucks. I guess you might have some kind of degrading childhood…when your schoolmates always tease on you, and call you names, looking at you with disgusted faces. Those schoolmates are bad. But a person is ALWAYS worth more than that…more than names, more than beautiful faces and slim bodies. There are no reason to dwell on people wrongdoings. What the hell have thin and slim girls do to you? (except the b***h ones hehehe) Fashion is art. Models are not meant to represent us. They represent the ideas of the designer, the photographer, the creative director. Just don’t feel too small that beautiful girls with slim bodies exists in this world. They’re supposed to be unreal in the photos. And they’re NOT anorexic most of the time. They’re just that. Low metabolism maybe? I have many friends whose appetite’s as big as the world but she has always been a size 3. Other than that, they’re trying so hard to maintain their size.

And not allowed to eat rice OMG!! That will kill me.

Some people who totally dig the concept of the spread also disapprove of the fact that those models are overweight. I mean, come on! Those spare tyres, love handles, tummies. At least I can admit that I have it. ‘All of the above’. I hate these crybabies. We’re overweight, yes. Do I need to cry over it or hating thin girls for what they were born with? Then it goes on with the ‘Beauty came in all sizes and shapes’ talk. Duh.

If that really true, why do you keep on firing on those thin models? If beauty came in all sizes and shapes, aren’t those who are THIN with BONES, ASHAPE (if that word even exist =D) and FLAT are beautiful too?

OK I see…They’re featured on magazines…people like to say good things about them…they’re more likely to get men like them…looking at them…can wear horizontal stripes and look great…always can find their sizes in designer boutiques…Oh and they don’t have cellulite,orange peel whatnot! Etcetera.

We can’t have all of that (some,but not all). So…we’re jealous. Like lime green jealous. We started to hate ourselves, and questioning, why why why me…and then blaming other people so that we remain the one to be considered, to be the center of attention. I actually hate it when hating other people came from our own insecurities. That’s the point. This is ‘ol classic ‘playing victim’ trick. If anyone ever play this trick on me, I ain’t buying it.

As long as it’s not psychologically bothering you.

One of the most important things in life is, being healthy. You’re going to miss it the moment you have even a minor fever. Health is virtually important. You can see and feel it. Unlike being beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder right? Don’t start the ‘not all overweights are unhealthy’ argument again. Spare tyres, excess fat on the stomach are all signs of unhealthy living, increasing the risks for every kind of fatal/chronic diseases that starts on narrowing of blood vessels for example. Admit it. It’s a fact. I’m not saying every overweight can expect to die on their 25th birthday or something. Catch what I mean? Put your head over your heart for once. Slim women can have unseen risks. It’s more dangerous for them. (and don’t laugh at them on this!)

Let the mainstream fashion world goes on in whatever direction it will go. Next time, if the fashion people wants to do another spread like this, make sure the clothes suitable on fat girls. Style them natural, there’s no need to do high fashion spread all the time when using plus sized models. To me, what V magazine’s doing is slightly insulting. Those models are portrayed as desperados, trying to squeeze all that flesh into tight fitting attire, and styled over the top. It was like, they can’t look good on their own. (I like the pic with the jeans only)

The only difference between these models than real plus sized women outside is confidence. Look at how good they feel about themselves. Confidence is projected through the pictures. That is embracing your beauty. Know what I mean?

This is my rambling opinion. But the intelligent point is, try to be healthy no matter how heavy are you. Being helplessly overweight and round doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to break all the rules and over indulge in unhealthy food. And picking on your thin girlfriends and models. Trust me, they don’t like it as much as we think they do. So, stop hating! Start to love,firstly yourself and then others. I did that and it’s the real thing! No one can make you feel otherwise.

Team Asia Paling Kool

Blue Samurai is the coolest Asian football team ever! S.Korea is good too but I’ve *some* reasons to not like them very much. =D

Maybe next time. I’ll be waiting for them to win the World Cup one day. The match of Paraguay vs Japan was very disheartening as the Blue Samurai were sent home before making their first ever appearence in the quarter finals if I’m not mistaken. But the Japanese certainly should went home with pride. The ultimate Asian team is Japan.

WC2010 : ‘Tahniah’ Donovan!

Was an intense and pulsating match between the Americans and the Algerians yesterday. The Americans did many attempts for a goal but the Algerians keep defending and the poor ball were never too long in one side’s possession. Both sides REALLY playing all-out to win the match. Unlike the match between Argentina and Greece (yawn!).

Lagipun tau2 je la betapa gabra nye perlawanan yang gol pertama dibolosi dalam minit kecederaan. How frustrating! Donovan(USA) and Kadir(Algeria) are the Man.

Update 1 – Demo

Tergendala jap blog ni sebab takde internet.

Banyak post dlm fikiran tapi tak dpt la nak tulis semue.

Susulan post Gaza Flotilla, nak cerita post tentang demo bantahan di depan Kedutaan AS. Ni jugak merangkap demo pertama yg ak penah join seumur hidup ak.. =D

Habis update #1. =D

How To Get Away With Murder

Salam. As we all know the Freedom Flotilla tragedy has claimed the lives of 19 (20??) people on board the ships, of which I can’t clarify and can’t quite grab the actual facts because of the unclear and indirect nature of medias reporting the incident.

But proceeding to the post today, to get away with murder (or murderS, in this case) is easy, if we ‘learn’ the ways of the master –Zionism and its gangs.

  1. Make good friends with the Big Guys, who will always have your back in case anything ‘goes bad’ and saves you in time.
  2. Be a master story-spinner. This ALWAYS works. And be absolutely confident about telling people your version of story which of course, sided with you.
  3. Never apologizing to anyone. You don’t want to be seen vulnerable and giving in to people’s condemning eyes. Always held your head up.
  4. Suppress the voices of your victims. Not literally, that will leave traces. But by blocking their usage of any sort of communication will disable thoroughly any solid visual/audio evidence that might reveal your evil doings. This will also makes your victims feel hopeless and unsuccessful in telling people THEIR story.
  5. Meanwhile, make your own ‘evidence’ that will support your story, after doing every measure to block any other sources of medias that might tell otherwise.
  6. Lastly, play victim. ‘They started it!’ and you have every right to respond to their defensive actions because they might KILL you. You’re in danger of your life so you take their lives to remain alive.

And, repeat this set of steps everytime you murder someone else. But beware! You are getting more and more decent minded people of the world who learn to search for the truth rather than accepting everything from your propagandas.

The name Mavi Marmara and the Freedom Flotilla convoy will never be forgotten. The men and women deaths carved in history of people of the world trying to BRING DOWN THE WALL of Gaza and deliver the aid they needed to live normally like any other people in any part of the world.

Let us start again and never lose faith in what’s must be done! 31st May 2010 in remembrance.

Senjata Kita Doa

LifeLine4Gaza konvoi bantuan humanitarian ke Gaza yang disertai hampir 50 buah negara yang terdiri dari pelbagai latar belakang agama, bangsa, negara, pekerjaan dan NGO yang bersatu atas sebab yang sama.

Doakan keselamatan konvoi supaya perjalanan kapal dapat diteruskan ke Gaza walaupun setakat ni, dah terbukti keganasan rejim Zionis dgn serangan terhadap kesemua 7 buah kapal dan beberape peserta disahkan meninggal/syahid.

VivaGazaPalestin – Facebook

Ramai jugak peserta dari Malaysia yang wakil NGO atau perseorangan. Yang penting sekarang bukan mase nak politikkan isu. Tak payah nak kate mane wakil parti tu, mane wakil parti ni. Baik tanye diri sendiri macam mane nak bantu misi humanitarian ni. Tak payah nak kire niat orang yang naik kapal tu. Last2 kite yang bercakap ni, berani ke nak risk life untuk join misi berani mati macam ni kan? Kirimkan doa untuk semua yang terlibat.


Turkish NTV

Al Jazeera

*Press conference oleh Crisis Management Team (CMT) berkenaan serangan terbaru ini di Hotel DePalma, Shah Alam (seksyen 19)  1 jam lagi*