RYAN ADAMS – Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift (cover)

Such a magnificent cover. The entire Ryan Adam’s rip off of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is far more listen-able that I can’t describe it. Added to that I LOVE checking out covers of famous radio hits, moreover if a male-female cover…most of it will bring the song to new horizons.

I was born in the year 1989. I think it was a pretty good year to be born at lol at the crossover of the new 90s era going to the revolutionary 2000’s…the last of the 80’s, inarguably the best fucking era ever. I’m going to be 26 exactly 30 days from today.  So I think, does anyone ever stops wanting more at life? Is 26 old? To want to find your soulmate out in this world and beyond…wanting to illuminate the galaxies in your mind into a form that other people could see…figuring out your complexities and juxtapositions…build memories with people that you love…enrich yourself with all cultures of the world and sights that befalls your eyes…

I mean when would people stop wanting more?
I think I have this disease of loving the world too much, this attachment to live so many lives on this world, increasingly afraid of losing the track of time. So how do people like me balances it?
How do I live in a one final destination scheme of things while all these other lives in my mind wanting its presence to be realized?
It’s almost a point where I wish to transform into a greater dust than earth, that is able to transcend time and places….so that I could be all and experience all.
It’s rocket science.