Go where?well, for tomorrow,it will be at T1BE, UKM KL campus situated at Jalan Pahang.What for??Haiiyyaa I’m having final exam..1st semester final exam,to be exact.

Senget sket..
Senget sket..

I’ve experienced it all.My 3 pre-exam trauma;those headaches,those late nights,those back-aches.Huh.It’s very different than all the exams that I had ever taken all my life.Some facts(can I call it,like,trivia?hehe) about this exam..

-1st time in my life that I experienced all 3 pre-exam trauma.Usually,I never done the late nights.So,what’s that mean?More nervous?heh

-This is the 1st final exam that I will take in my life as a university student..

-errr the least focused exam.I mean,I wasn’t really focused on this coming exam.I did study,but,I’d done more studying during Matriculation/SPM/PMR/whatever.And,what’s this mean???Be prepared for unsatisfying result…

Haihh.Ya Allah,semoga esok semua berjalan lancar,amiin

Hasil peperiksaan,tanggung sendiri.Because I’m the one who lose focus.And I mean,I’m really losing it.My head is above the clouds all the time..


“…when the night is cloudy, there is still a light, that shines on me,
shine until tomorrow, let it be.

Let it be,let it be..”

-Let It Be : The Beatles-


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