IT (2017)

Hello blog!! I’ve missed you! Today I’m on a roll every few months lol I’m gonna post about the movie that buzzed the entertainment world IT. I bet everyone knows it was based from the same-named Stephen King’s novel and is also a remake of IT as a TV series 27 years ago. I haven’t watched it nor read the book.




IT takes you in an endless roller coaster ride into a horror house that relentlessly punish you for being scared. And when it ended you marvelled at how you stayed gripped on your seats for 2 hours. Yes, the runtime is 2 hrs 15 mins! IT isn’t a ghost, isn’t a maniacal human cannibalising children, but an entity, an evilest force that glorifies your worst fears. IT manifests in any form, anytime of the day, at absolutely anywhere. Stephen King is already a legend in horror writing but really, the idea that make us scared of those little unassuming drainage holes, is genius. You’d think at worst a lonely homeless guy would show up but nah, there’s a full grown adult circus Clown named Pennywise offering balloons to children greeting them to get inside. Fucking hell!

IT can’t coexist with us humans but in Derry, a weird ass town where people kept on missing without a trace but the townfolks still held carnivals like nobody’s business, IT’s hideout is all over its sewerage underneath. Bill is a high schooler who mere existence consisted of the disappearance of Georgie, his little brother and his band of outcast friends. Together they faced the day to day harassment by the ‘cooler’ kids and getting through hormonal teenage years, talking about girls. And dicks. It was summertime and the sunny days are to be rejoiced. With the addition of new members into their ‘Losers’ club, the two boys Bill and Ben attention are fixated to the only girl in their group, Beverly. She’s a pretty girl from a troubled family and finds solace in the boys’ company. Bill decided to spend their summer by searching for Georgie in the sewers. While life are progressing and adolescent love is happening, we get to know more about each character, IT terrorized them one by one in otherworldly encounters. Their friends agreed to join Bill rather reluctantly and their friendship were put to a great test. Beverly took a life changing decision to escape her father’s torment but become IT’s victim. The friends lose their balance and they fight through to rescue Beverly and Georgie until the true IT deathly circus was discovered and they found out Georgie’s fate. That was the storyline in short. The degenerate bullies seemed insignificant to me as far as the story goes. It’s like they can ditch them in the first half and it’ll leave no loopholes.

Many life events happened along the way and this is when it gets a little derailed from the tension. The whole 2 hours gives you a sense of depth to the characters and their relationships. You cared for them and wished you can join them in stopping IT’s threat forever. But for people wanting to watch a movie with a horrifying clown as the antagonist, would be disappointed to watch more of a coming of age movie than a horror classic. I think the director tried too hard at making it a nostalgic replay of the 90s for the 27 years later audiences (if they really hold this promise of making it every 27 years in real time). It felt a little all over the place with the plot cutting in and out of scary scenes to a classic New Kids on the Block’s track. I mean if you wanna see how directors make this kind of shift successfully you can watch Marie Antoinette or any Sofia Coppola’s movies. Heck it’s so cool when it’s done right. Idk. I’m not a film major in any way but I feared that the fluid intersections of two different poles in IT is the reason it can’t be enjoyed to the fullest as a horror movie. As a coming of age? Defo YES. IT has that 90s vibe to it in the way its horror was delivered but it needn’t be for it to work. As a homage to the 1990 version maybe? However the director did Mama (2013) and I liked that movie. It’s interesting to wait for his next movies for sure. The unstoppable repeated nightmares you get from 90s horror movies when you were a kid isn’t a factor that exist in this movie. But it’ll make you terrified at the same time laugh at their witty conversations and revelled at how beautiful growing up was.

The teens cast are acting their real age. It’s amazing that they don’t have as many experiences before IT (except Finn Woflhard who already has Stranger Things to his resume). There are so many promising young actors these days, provided that they continued to act. A few were doomed into the normal life and it’s a loss to the entertainment world. Remember The Little Princess? Liesel Matthews who played the lead didn’t continue acting. Some fight through their careers with the now full world of young, talented and good looking actors. Like Matthew Beard who appears a few times in the limelight and then disappears, only focusing in theatres. I’m keeping my eyes out for them because I LOVE following child actors and watching their careers bloom.

Luckily for us Bill Skarsgard is a 27 year old award winning actor with the family name and looks to match that it’s OK to completely drown in his beautiful strong jaw, brooding eyebrows and 6 foot utter fabulousness *wink*wink*

I mean honey you can’t say no to this 

IT is a sensation today because of the acting and successful reimagining of the scariest form of an urban legend thinkable. Worst than your boogeyman and campfire stories ever. Movie goers shouldn’t miss this one though I’d say differently for full blown horror fan. This adult clown will look for you in your dreams and while you’re awake as well. IT is still down there, dormant in the sewers and will come back 27 years later. Watch out!

My rating : 3.5/5

Highly unsuitable for child audiences. Unless you wanna give them nightmares lol

Best scene : The friends having a splash in the quarry.

Best jumpscare : When Beverly gets abducted.