Last night


Just the moment that I have the time and strength to write, the words just escapes me. After the day has gone, I strafe into the night. Tired, exhausted…lying down to get a rest

Then I heard a tick in my head, like something is switched on. Floodgates of thoughts and mindful things are unleashed. It starts to spin itself into sentences…I can’t stop it. I began to tell stories and make up backgrounds from something I’ve seen and felt, and something I haven’t like real emotions and awareness of life put it into frames of characters…as weak and strong as I am.let her walk the Earth, live.

Later in the morning I have no memories of the lives I’ve led

last night.


In the arms of the ocean

Im not in my right mind
Im losing in this race
Im in the wrong boat
In the wrong ocean
Where I dont want to row
When the storm is brewing
I dont want to go.
Im letting it drown me

I once afraid of the breaths Im taking
I dont want it making me alive
I dont know what for? Was I even worth it
I once afraid that Im living.