rakan baru

not the actual ‘rakan baru’ la.but a long time friend.a friend i have known since secondary school.its only now that we actually become close.i mean,at school it was somewhat hypocritic friendship(was the word hypocritic even existed???i dont know).i was trying 2 be friends with her becoz my best friend were befriending her.s-t-u-p-i-d.funny too.fikiran masa sekolah bkn betol sgt pn!

but just recently i realized how nice she is.and what a nice friendship we could have.n now i regretted a bit.back in school,i know she is nice but there’s just no chemistry between us.she’s too nice actually.i regret the fact that we only become close now.we should be like this from school.we can talk for hours n sometimes talk about things that i normally didn’t talk with anyone.i regard that as deeply meaningful conversation.and i always said that meaningful conversations are necessary/crucial in a relationship.either friendship or in love.because meaningful conversations are meaningful.and i’ve always remembered any meaningful conversations that i’ve ever had with any random people.these conversations might not come from people that we know.sometimes its the random people that we’ve met in our lives.

have u had had this kind of conversation?remember that girl/guy that u chatted with.he/she may be important in your life right now or later..


unnamed yet..15:07pm,12th July 2008

In this same world

In this same place

I’ve known you

Before you ever know yourself

I live this same life

That i’ve had when I met you

This same word that i’ve been living on

For all my life

Thi same story that i try to forget

Until now..

I acted surprised

But I actually just realized

There’s nothing about you

That i can ever erase

There’s not a single space

I’ve ever given to someone else

Under this same sky

But in my different style

Long time since before

I just wanted you to know

That I still remembers

…And always stays so

Coldplay new 2008 album:Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends


Released on 12nd July 2008 in the UK.

Coldplay has always been my faveeee band..since in form 1 at secondary school..all the previous album has been great.mmg sentiasa ada style lagu Coldplay yg biase tu.dreamy+high feeling bile dgr.lirik sume bez n bermakna.ada byk la lagu2 fave aku since dulu.from this latest album,i’ve just heard 2 of the tracks..that are Violet Hill n Viva La Vida.

TRack listing:

  1. “Life in Technicolor” (Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin/Hopkins) – 2:29
  2. “Cemeteries of London” – 3:21
  3. “Lost!” – 3:55
  4. “42” – 3:57
  5. “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love” – 6:51
    • “Lovers in Japan” – 3:56
    • “Reign of Love” – 2:55
  6. “Yes” – 7:06
    • “Yes” – 4:04
    • “Chinese Sleep Chant” – 3:02 (hidden song)
  7. Viva la Vida” – 4:01
  8. Violet Hill” – 3:42
  9. “Strawberry Swing” – 4:09
  10. “Death and All His Friends” – 6:18
    • “Death and All His Friends” – 3:32
    • “The Escapist” (Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin/Hopkins) – 2:46 (hidden song)

Bonus tracks:

  1. “Lost?” – 3:39 (Japan and iTunes bonus track)
  2. “Lovers in Japan (Acoustic Version)” – 3:54 (iTunes pre-order only)

Need some money la to buy the CD..tak tahu la kt Msia dah senang jumpa ke x.blm ada masa nk tgk lg

Song:Violet Hill


Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below

When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And the fog
Became God

Priests clutched onto bibles
And went out to fit their rifles
And the cross was held aloft

Bury me in honor
When I’m dead and hit the ground
A love back home unfolds

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

I don’t want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship
With snow, far below

So if you love me
Why’d you let me go?

I took my love down to violet hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent still

So if you love me
Won’t you let me know?

If you love me,
Won’t you let me know?..

New Life in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Orientation Week 08/09(30th June-6th July)

29th June

Arrived in UKM Bangi.the management got the whole registration process smooth.biasanya kn waktu pendaftran,mesti crowded.tp hr tu tak sesak pn.sbb registration diasing2kn ikut fakulti/bidang.because i take Pharmacy Degree,i registered at Dewan Gemilang.We went out from home a bit late.when we arrived,i met my friend’s twin..haha i thought she is the other twin that is a friend of mine from MRSM,but then i realised her spectacles are different.there were red-rimmed(she’s very cute n nice).the reg process takes on a lot more time than i expected.so my family went to Masjid to perform Zuhur prayer.by the time i finished,they were not there.and at the same time,other students were already going to Kolej Keris Mas with their luggages.on 4.45pm i must regroup with the students at KKM.I went panic!i don’t want to be late on my first day..!luckily a friend of my mother lend me her phone so i can call my father to come back faster.i got so frustrated i bet my sister n my mother didn’t kow what to say to me to calm me down.hahaha..its just that every registration day(since MRSM until UKM),there were always problems!!tak tau la kenapa.tak penah semuanye berjln lancar..buat cuak je.and on the same day,my long-time-no-see brother at UK went back to Msia in 4 years.so the day was packed.my family are rushing to go to KLIA.tension sgt!geram kenapa setiap kali reg mesti semua org nk cpt je..i understand but tak blh elak dr geram..huhu i refuse to say goodbye to my family because i’m very mad at that time.so i went inside the bus n close the curtains,blocking my view to my family’s car just beside the bus.aku ni mmg hebat kalau bab2 protes!hahahah!

Di Kolej Keris Mas(KKM) pulak,i am the only one who came without any family members.warrgh!that makes my first day more upsetting.it always like that.thank God i met my close friend since MRSM there at KKM..at last my day were getting better…

30th June

My roomate is a Kelantanese.She’s very fair n nice girl.orientation week has just started.the PC(pemudah cara.mcm fasilitator la) were getting to show themselves to us..and i noticed some of the male PC are cute!can’t help it.mata mmg melilau je.hahahaha the problem was that those PCs are chinese..but there were cute chinese tau!kadang2 yg terlalu cine tk cute sgt.tp yg ada kt KKM tu,yg comel2 la.heheh.nothing much were done on this day.one thing i remember was that i didn’t have any chickens to eat with the N.Ayam..sbb turun lambat.makanan dah habis.sedih gile!makanan is so important to me.”when the food’s good,tha day’s good!”

1st July

i was very thrilled when entering DECTAR(Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak).the place is huge and grand.hahah!and the students were like,everywhere.so many people like me.1st year student.but they were from other colleges(there are 12 colleges at UKM if i’m not mistaken)

  • Kolej Tun Syed Nasir(my college.college for Medical Science students.i love KTSN!!!)
  • Kolej Keris Mas(my temporary residence at Bangi)
  • Kolej Aminuddin Baki
  • Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob
  • Kolej Pendeta Za’aba(engineering students.everyone hates this college hOhO)
  • Kolej Ungku Omar
  • Kolej Dato’ Onn
  • Kolej Tun Hussein Onn
  • Kolej Rahim Kajai
  • Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi
  • Kolej Tun Dr Ismail(nursing students only)
  • Kolej Idris Al-Marbawi(for postgraduate students doing PhD,Masters etc)

Pics in DECTAR(using my poor K320i phone)

A view from my place in DECTAR
A view from my place in DECTAR
another one
another one

we were hearing some things about UKM.there were many talks and speeches from countless professors and deans and management board,Pusat Perkembangan Pelajar,etc i dont remember.but yet,no MPPs(Majlis Perwakilan pelajar).the MPPs will give their talk on thursday.when we got back,we were yelled at by the PCs.they were telling us to walk 2 by 2.we were told to always walk in line,at the side of the road.i felt like a kid.hahaha.because i am good at crossing roads..i don’t hold other people hands to cross the roads.only when others were holding mine.so it’s very weird to be told how to cross the road.huhuhu.we went to a meeting with the Dean of our Faculty.there were lecturers too.FYI,the Faculty Of Pharmacy has just been formed on 1st June 2008.it’s just gotten its own faculty rather than be just a division under Faculty of Allied Sciences.the Dean is my father’s long time friend during their study years at Cairo.Uh-Oh. :-s the deputy dean is a pleasant looking and soft spoken woman.we also registered ourselves as students of Bachelors Degree Of Pharmacy on this day.

2nd July

this is the sports day.my LDK and 2 of my friends were chosen to watch and cheer for the football squad of our college.the place was soooo far..penat sgt jln.tak sampai2..dah la hr tgh panas..perghh saba je la.

Pics that i’ve taken during walking to the padang from Dataran Gemilang.

Nice trees!
Nice trees!
jauh gile..
jauh gile..

dekat padang tu,mcm2 color jersi yg ada.KTSN warna kuning/merah.KPZ hitam + merah,KKM oren,KAB kuning + biru,KUO ungu,KRK merah putih,KTDI oren flourescent,KDO kuning 100%,KTHO hitam merah jugak tp lain sikit dr KPZ,KIY hitam + putih..lastly KBH warne hijau..hijau PETRONAS.hahahah the colour of their jersey so much the same like the official green colour of petronas petrol station..hahahahaaa the day is hot.we watch the football squads playing.and as for me,i spotted a guy from KAB.a jersey no 8 football player.he’s kind of cute..but he’s small and i can say he has a small frame for a guy at my age.a little short.hihi.but who cares?he’s nice-looking.n a good player.sad for him because of his small frame,he gets knocked down this one time in front of us.ada player lain yg lg besa jatuhkn die smpi tergolek..kesian.tp die rilek je.tk tau la die pening kepale ke x..kalau jatuh mcm tu,mesti pening.huhu.KTSN’s players were OK la.boleh tahan jugak.hebat la.tp KKM lg hebat.care diorg main pn nampak beza dr grup lain..nampak berpengalaman.tp tu lah.kalau dah hebat tu,mesti la players die belagak gile.bajet hensem.peh.we were sent out from the match because we lost to KRK.but the KRK was the actual LOSER.sbb diorg jarang sgt bwk bola smpi kawasan gol diorg.player ktorg je la yg wat byk kali cubaan masuk gol tp x termasuk.match tu draw 0-0.during penalty baru la kebetulan diorg dpt golkan.kalau nk consider keseluruhan permainan,mmg obviously KTSN lg hebat. :-p we went back in honor.hahaha don’t worry lah..we always support U player2 KTSN!!

then we watched netball game between our college and other colleges.our team was WOW!they girls were very talented..they’re very good at playing netball.but in the final,we met KPZ..the KPZ team was better than us in some ways.esp,the Center,a chinese girl.she’s so damn great player!!but still,team ktorg je yg bg cabaran sket.coz team lain sume mmg tk leh nak wat pape kt team KPZ sbb diorg terlalu hebat utk team diorg.nasib baik la walaupn kalah,ktrog bg tentangan.tkde la kalah senang je an.although their points were many…hahahah and i must say that i HATE them.hate KPZ with all my heart..hOhohOho ketua kolej tu poyo sgt!!geram gile tgk care diorg kenakan n kutuk kolej lain…bising pulak tu.kolej lain tk mcm tu pn.kebudak-budakan.

walking back to KKM hostel..

merah warna KTSN
merah warna KTSN

some of the uncompleted KKM buildings in the KKM compound.i’ve seen these during walking back to KKM from Sports Day.

kerugian duit betol..
kerugian duit betol..

that was the day i’ve seen the jersey no. 8 from KAB..hihi :-p

3rd July

this was the longest day in orientation week.we were at the DECTAR all day long.we don’t even bathed!i felt so uncomfortable…but we have to wait until night to go back to the hostel.there are so many speeches(again) by MMPs,Unit Kenderaan,Pengetua2 Kolej etc…kelaka jugak la…pengetua2 ni mcm2 jenis.ada yg pakai uniform polis la..uniform askar..uniform JPA..kahkahkahkah ade sorg tu,pki bj tentera,sekali pensyarah Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan khusus dlm bidang Syariah.hahahh!klaka2.i was seated near the guys from KIY.then i realised many of them were chinese..but the girls have malays more than non bumiputera.our college has many non bumi.yelah kan.bidang perubatan,farmasi,dental n FSKB sume tu.no wonder la ramai non bumi.budak melayu ramai kt KPZ kot.sbb engineering.and other college yg tempatkn student2 sains sosial…yg econ n law bercampur aduk la.semua mcm setara je.tp kt KTSN ni obvious la jugak..huuuu.mlm tu ada Majlis kesyukuran kt masjid UKM.there i’ve seen again the no. 8 boy of KAB.hheehhehe…

4th July

nothing memorable sgt.the day our college’s students will go to our actual college at UKM kampus KL located at Jln Temerloh near Chow Kit.cume ade senamrobik dgn naib canselor UKM kt padang.bez jugak.mcm2 gaya la.salsa,zapin,moden,india,aerobik,70s etc…tp PC2 and some of the guys from KKM bising gile.diorg wat tarian sndiri kt blakang.mcm tarian yg org asli punye tu.they were thumping their foot in a circle.so it;s like aborigines’ dance right?hahaha.then we got our morning food.i realised the students always sit with their fellow race.malays with malays,chinese with chinese,indians with indians.even sabahan with the sabahan.but indians still minority so it’s not so obvious.i think the real bridge between us is the language..because i can see that those people with the ability to speak with more than 1 language managed to be more open to other races.

when seated in DECTAR,every college was very prominent with their colour because everyone wore the sports attire..and there was a joint venture between KKM and KIY.i don;t know why n when they started an agreement,…?hahahha funny…because both of the colleges put on a big ‘booooo’ to KPZ..but they never want to involved us.ktorg ramai je lbh tp bkn jenis yg bising2(maybe because we are more matured.ahaks!)tk semestinya la.bising je.tp bkn dlm DECTAR sbb tpt tu mmg cam tk elok nk bising2.Kolej lain smp kene tegor ngan emcee..buat malu je.the seniors of other colleges bid goodbye to our college because we wil never be seen again at UKM kampus Bangi lagi.except ada program ke apa.wuwuuu sedih jugak.coz Bangi tu bez.mcm2 manusia,mcm2 kos,mcm2 ragam..lg happening la.tp KTSN should be proud because we have our own campus..in the heart of KL.


i want to write about 5th and 6th July too,but i have no time.i have to go back to campus in a matter of minutes.my father will drive me to the campus(only 20 min from home if no traffic jams)..today at 2pm our faculty have the mentor-mentee programme,so i have to be there b4 2pm.huhu goodbye to my free-b4-university life!!