This blog is getting dusty.

In reference to the title of this post, I just discovered the band M83 earlier last month (I’m so late!)  I’m never disappointed so far. Beautiful music. It makes a connection I’ve had before with ambient but they comes with lyrics sometimes, without choruses. The question I always have when I hear to these types of music how do the creative process works in making this music? I really seriously wanted to know. Since I’m brain freezed since 2006…maybe I need to get myself into a creative thinking/ thinking process workshop or something! As I’ve posted before here I feel like my brain was disconnected from what ever importance it had in my life. I made myself proud though this past few weeks I managed to push through and produce something with my hands.

Writing relieved me in ways nothing in this world can or ever could. The other day I was experiencing one of those points in life that makes your head talks erratically. And I was alone in the hotel room, in the company of M83’s music. I didn’t thought of typing it out in my iPod much less picking up a pen and write it out. I was pretty tired of the event I was there for and all I want is to catch some sleep. M83 – Wait (Kygo remix) was on replay thousandth times, looking up the desolate ceiling, smiling for the people that made the trip to this event worthwhile. The saxophone part is too beautiful to drown into, but I’m still not sleeping. My head just won’t shut up. When I was done with the event, the realization to get back to normal life starting to sink. Maybe I had met with an accident, a Godsend, because it makes me feel present, and pretty. I knew at the back of my head I began to feel sad. I need to take it out. That evening I still couldn’t rest my head. That’s when I picked up a pen and squeezed my talking head into its body and it leaked out onto a paper. I finished 2 pages in minutes, writing in the dark of dusk. That night I was able to slept earlier than half of the nights I’ve had these previous months.

For some, writing is a method of conveying information and thoughts, to make it available so that you can see and read it. For some of us, writing is the way to keep sane.