Upcoming:Budak Kelantan

Tahu x pasal filem ni?In cinemas tomorrow,30th October 2008.

Been interested to watch this film since I saw the advertisement in the TV.Seriously,I must say that the trailer is good.It’s great actually!It’s different than the usual Malaysian movies.That’s is my first impression lah.The fighting scenes looks amazingly real compared to other Malaysian movies.Surely there’s something unique about the director,Wan Azli Wan Jusoh.Tapi ak rase poster tu tak menarik la.emmm a bit lame.that’s my opinion lah.I think it can be more…emm maybe dramatic,because it’s important to have a nice poster to introduce the cinema-goers about the film.And,the selection of the actors are rather different too.I know that Danny X-Factor is a famous Kelantanese.But Bienda?emmm don’t really like her.I mean,i hope she can pulled off her character in Budak Kelantan because she’s the lead girl,u know…and that guy who play Jaha in the movie is,unrecognizable.I never seen him before this.Maybe I did,just doesn’t remember.Mesti ada sebab baik kenapa die dipilih untuk watak tu.Maybe die pandai berlakon.I look forward to see him in the movie.

And I must admit that I have always had a thing about Kelantanese people…They are unique in a way,doesn’t they?At least to me lah…Tapi mmg confirm la ak x dpt tgk filem ni dalam masa terdekat ni.Kan nak exam.Aduiihhhh…..

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Eagle Eye

Ok..about this movie that I saw on 11th October 2008 at GSC Times Square,KL.

Directed by DJ Caruso and starring the Shia LaBeouf(whom i like very much) as the Shaw twins,Michelle Monaghan as Rachel Holloman,the unfortunate mother of Sam Holloman.Michael Chiklis of The Shield and Rosario Dawson of Alexander are in it too.Some time had passed since the date when i watched Eagle Eye,n i’ve always thinking about writing about it,because it is such a great movie to me,but then i didn’t have the time n the right mood…Hehe

To me,the main attraction of the film is that Shia LaBeouf will be the lead guy.So why any second thoughts??I must say i had a really gut wrenching time watching it.Seriously it kills me seeing the first part of the movie when all the car chasing and speeding in a crowded roads(usual thing in a Hollywood movies but this one is kind of different),explosion everywhere…cars being knocked down,thrown up in the air,umm whatever they did revolve around cars and explosions.I was like,dropping my mouth down.And one thing,i like the scene in the car before all the chasing begins,where the two lead actors are introduced to each other.Shia enters the car and tell Michelle to drive the car,without telling anything to her.Then Michelle got crazy and says things like,”Where is my son?!If you hurt my son,I swear to God I’ll kill you” but Shia really didn’t know a thing about her or her son,as he was just got away from a high security FBI interrogation room.And the FBI are looking for him.He shouts at her “I don’t ****ing know about you or your son!!Just drive the car!” And until at one point that Shia said something like “I got phone calls telling me what to do” then Michelle was like “Did she called you too??” Just that they realized that they were getting phone calls from an unknown woman.Then both of them were silent. Haha i like that part!Because we can see how such encounter can makes us shouting to people like crazy because we really didn’t know a thing about what he/she is asking.

The middle part is slowed down,revealing bit by bit about the mastermind behind all the calls telling them to do crazy things.When the Iraqi man who makes the crystal bomb necklace met them at the field,he gave them the necklace and were like “I will never do this.Do you think I did it because i’m an Iraqi?I am a legal American!” The Iraqi man backed off saying he don’t want to be a part of it. Just then The Mystery Caller tells Shia to kill him. He hesitated,but knowing how bad things can get if he disobey the caller,he went forward.But the Iraqi man runs away.Then the bad thing happen.Suddenly the pencawang elektrik(AHAHAH well i don’t know that in English.Anyone?) fell down and the Iraqi man got electrocuted,dead on the spot. It’s scary how the movie shows that The Mystery Caller can do ANYTHING to make you obey.And in a blink of an eye,just like that.At first i was thinking whether Eagle Eye is a thriller or a horror movie…Haha

They sure look nice even in a scene like that...

Reaching the end of the movie,the real mastermind slowly unfolds,letting us understand who and why all of it happen,like why Jerry Shaw(Shia) is chosen for the task,and what is the connection of it to his dead twin brother,Ethan Damon Shaw(also Shia,but smarter looking).And also why Rachel(Michelle) and her son’s purpose in the plot.

The ending is unexpected.Well,i know that Shia will save the day but never thought of how he will do it,because from what i see,it is impossible to win against a super-intelligent culprit.To me,its rather emotional,considering the fact the consequences he will face if he do it like that.But still he did.And that he become his father’s hero after his genius-n-perfect twin brother who is a complete utter opposite of him.

Eagle Eye is really enjoyable(n funny with witty dialogues),gut wrenching action scenes,combined with some emotions,all in one.I put it in the group of Rambo,Saving Private Ryan(this in one hell of the greatest wartime movie i’ve ever seen),Predator(classic,but still acceptable),and Transformers.(Up until now)A group of action packed movies,with great lead actors,and can be watched over and over again.A new member to my all-time favourite action movies collection.

Just pictures of Shia LaBeouf(don’t know why i need to place this,but i think it’s just for me.Haha)

I completely disagreed with the statement

Family Connection At Hospital Selayang

Just this past Thursday, our faculty arranged a visit to Hospital Selayang, for the Introduction To Pharmacy subject. Prof. said it is to expose us to the real nature of the works of a pharmacist in hospital. So, pagi2 lagi da bersiap. Nampak mcm nak pergi beraya pon ada gak.Sebab diorang komplot pakai baju pink.hahaha..mcm budak sekolah pulak..semua nak same je.

My chinese classmates pon pakai attire formal. Kalau time biasa,ramai diorang pakai t-shirt atau baby tee tapi hari tu semua cantik2 dgn kemeja masing2.Yang ruffled,ribboned,colour terang,colour gelap,striped,laced,tailored pants,…hmmm apa lagi?senang ckp semua smart and ready nak pergi kerja.(walaupun masa kerja nanti kena pakai white coat)The boys,mengejutkan.Tiba2 semua smart dgn kemeja,tie,belt,kasut hitam.haha lain nampak.Anyway,back to the topic,what i meant by “family connection” is that my brother,also a pharmacists,works in Hospital Selayang as the Procurement and Purchasing Pharmacist. Ak da inform die psl my visit tapi x reply pon.Sekali masa sampai kat Main Store Hospital Selayang,Mr Tan,pharmacist yang handle grup ktorang tu yang excited tanya,

“Oh…he is your brother?He’s from UiTM right??”

Mula ingatkan Mr Tan salah dengar, tapi betul la kalau kata dari UiTM tu.

Mr Tan yang pergi bagitau Prof pasal tu.My classmates semua tertanya2 apa yg jadik,tibe2 Mr Tan excited sgt ni kenape?hahah Barula my brother muncul kat dpn tu.Rupenye die tau pasal my visit,saje x reply SMS.Betul la kata Mr Tan,nak buat surprise.Dgn happy I wave my hands to my brother.A little proud actually.Rupenye die la yg akan jadi ‘tour guide’ utk Main Store tu.Wah…habis semua org ‘ter’kenal abg ak.Semua serbu je kata,

“Amboi syok la tu jumpe abang” atau “Tu abg kau ke??” atau “Abg kau pun pharmacist??Boleh bukak pharmacy sendiri ni” atau “Muke same la”(What???never anyone in the family said that…haha) atau “Betul ke tu abg kau?Padanla!Senyum sama.”(never anyone in the family said this too) atau “Sempoi gila abg kau!Lepas ni nak jadik pharmacist kat store lah”(HAHAHAHA enough said)

To maintain professionalism,abg ak x pernah attack ak bila die tanya soalan pasal ubat-ubat kat situ,atau pasal bidang kerja Procurement and Purchasing Pharmacist.Ak pun buat biasa je la,walaupun rasa nak ketawa je.Yelah,kite kenal orang ni kat rumah.Kelaka bile jumpe kat tempat kerja.Mana boleh buat perangai sama kat rumah kan?Tak professional la.Haha.Adik-beradik,adik-beradik.Kerja,kerja.

Tapi kalau boleh ak tak nak la kerja kat tempat yang sama dgn mana-mana family members.Awkward.Segan pun ada gak.Yelah,takut nanti attitude kat tempat kerja kena berubah sikit utk sesuaikan dgn keadaan kat situ.Biasa la kalau ada perubahan kecik.These small differences n changes, only family members can tell n differentiate.Contohnya, mungkin masa awal2 kerja nanti ak diam je,tak byk cakap,sebab rasa baru sangat n kena dgr ckp pharmacists yang senior atau hospital staff yg lain yg lebih senior samada dari segi umur atau pangkat.Padahal kalau kat rumah,i’m loud.If my sisters nampak,mesti kena kutuk.Sebab nampak macam lain sangat dari ak yg diorang kenal kat rumah.

Haiyyyaa what a miserable life i will had when i start working…seeing the Outpatient Pharmacists,wow scary.The work must be precise that needs a lot of attention dan ketelitian.Kalau salah,sakit pulak patients tu.Bahay kalau salah bagi ubat.Boleh kena saman.Ni baru Hospital Selayang.Belum tengok Hospital Kuala Lumpur lagi…must be crowded like crazy.Patients come to take their prescriptions and many more waiting behind.Aiyoh must be tired and my eyes will feel sore,looking at the prescriptions and the medicines..some are in small package so we must look really close to read.

Aarrgghhh seriously working world is scary.The only good things must be the salary(hahaha) and the fact that we are doing the job that we like(IF we like it lah)…

“This Love..Is A Strange Love..”

A brilliant song by Craig Armstrong (feat. Liz Fraser).The movie Cruel Intentions OST.


Love is a strange thing indeed.sesiapa yg tak pernah mengalaminya mmg x kan setuju dgn ayat ni.tapi mmg betul..ni la yg kita akn rase…

masa mula2 nak rasa,gelabah semacam.yela,pelik dgn diri sendiri.pelik dgn perubahan perasaan yg berlaku.bila tengah rasa,bahagia+sedih.bila dah terlepas,kecewa,mcm kat dunia ni dah xde org lain.ingatkan kita dah lupe,rupenye blm lupa lagi…semua kenangan yg pernah dilalui masih ada kat dlm ingatan.tambah2 pulak,rasa rugi sbb tak buat ape2 utk menyelamatkan keadaan…

pernah baca novel “Veronica Decides To Die” oleh novelis terkenal dari Brazil, Paulo Coelho?Kisah Zedka, penghuni Villette Asylum di Slovenia.Kisah dia dan Impossible Love.

It was so stupid.Plunging into depression and madness all because of a man whose current wherebaouts she didn’t even know,but with whom she had fallen hopelessly in love in her youth,since,like every normal young girl,Zedka had needed to experience the Impossible Love.

…Despite her determination to put up with everything in the name of love,the relationship didn’t work out.He never said anything directly,but one day,Zedka realised that she was no longer welcome and she returned to Slovenia.

(pg 49)

Zedka akhirnya berkahwin dgn lelaki lain yang mencintainya dan melahirkan beberapa org anak…Tapi satu petang,dia berjalan di depan patung skulptur Preseren,seorang tokoh penyair/karwayan Slovenia yg terkenal pada masa dahulu,dan terfikir tentang kisah cinta Preseren itu.Preseren x pernah dpt memiliki gadis yg dicintainya dlm diam,gadis upper middle-class masa zmn itu bernama Julia Primic.


…Even after death,Preseren gazes for all eternity on his Impossible Love.(Julia Primic)

And what if he had fought a little harder?

(pg 51)

And Zedka ask herself: did I fight hard enough?Should I have accepted my role as mistress,rather than wanting things to go as I expected them to?Did I fight for my first love with the same energy with which I fight for my people?

Zedka persuaded herself that she had,but the sadness would not go away.

What once had seemed to her a Paradise-the house near the river,the husband whom she loved,the children eating popcorn in front of the television-was gradually transformed into a hell.

(pg 52)

Strange love indeed.Why don’t she just ACCEPT the fact that her first love is indeed,Impossible to have?why can’t she just leave this all behind.bknnye xde org lain.tapi kenapa?kenapa mesti org tu,yg dah lama pergi masih x pergi lagi.why,why,why…love is so full of why’s.strange stuff.

Really,are First Love of ours meant to be like this?I dunno.Can people get their Impossible Love if they fought harder?and then everything can change?will we succeed?will your life will be better than now?

Reading this novel brings the same question to my head.The question Zedka asked herself…Strange question to ask yourself.Selepas itu,Zedka dimasukkan ke Villette Asylum krn depresi.Depresi x dpt menerima hakikat.

But despite her story,I can’t help but asked myself that question too.But came out with no answer.