Sorry blog,haven’t been posting.But I’m writing avidly!!I’m grateful to that.

You know how I have thought about interested in a guy like this and like that?
In the end,it all came down crushed and destroyed.
Do I really want THAT kind of person????
I’ve said I would like techy,a gamer,such and such…but then again…

Look at a real person like that…
Now that makes me think back.
See,you just can’t make a set list of a person you would like to find..
It’s not possible to make it in harmony with reality.
What we think (meeeee) is often overstylized, imagining stuff that won’t be as half as real.

I know I need to be more in the world.You know,the one that all the people of the world is living in..
And not floating in this endless galaxies of my mind.

To think about it,it is ironic that the rule that I live by is realism.
Probably I’m a two faced (more than two,actually) liar living in denial.

Or I just don’t know what I really wanted yet.



Sea of blinking lights

How it catch my eyes

From far away

Sea of blinking lights

Are you calling me?

Because I can’t hear

We don’t understand each other

Without you, I’m falling down

Thousand years back I am

Still here.

songs for you.yes,you!

 1. When You Are Near – Carolina Liar

 2. Hamburg Song – Keane

 3. The One – Shakira

 4. Look After You – The Fray

 5. The Way – Clay Aiken

 6. Crumbs – Disagree

 7. A Message – Coldplay

 8. Perfect – Michelle Featherstone

 9. This Love – Craig Armstrong feat Elizabeth Fraser

 10. Untouchable – Taylor Swift

 11. Higher Than The Stars – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

 12. Far More – The Honorary Title

 13. Flume – Bon Iver

 14. Dear – Mad Soul Child

 15. The Only Exception – Paramore

 16. Lovesong – The Cure

 17. On Fire – Switchfoot

 18. Glass – Julian Casablancas

 19. My Immortal – Evanescence

 20. Transatlanticism – Death Cab For Cutie

the island life


Speeding across the emerald green waters off the coast of Langkawi, people like me who lives in the city (in stone forest=hutan batu) cannot deny the heartwarming beauty of living a simple life. Vast blue sky is your roof and lapping waters are your lullaby. I think in some point of our lives, we yearn for such beauty and simplicity. When life turns too hard to deal with, the thought of being free seems inviting. What’s more endless and mysterious than the open sea? You can get so much from the people who lives there. Aside from the fact that they tend to have burn-proof skin (lol) and are occasionally have strong build, they are living a very different kind of life. And differences are always inspiring, makes you reflects back on your own life.

I always think about what kind of crash pod I’ll be in once I’m with too much money I don’t know where to spend it to. And I’m thinking of a house by the sea. In The Sims I tend to build those.HAHAHA.So,yeah.If I had that kind of money.