The Creative Life

That is just too beautiful.

I spent hours building my dream homes on The Sims 3. I first started back when The Sims 1, 2 dimensional and shit, when the gameplay bores me I switched to build mode and from there endless amount of ideas came out. I know it’s a simulation, a game but heckkk it satisfy the craving to get ideas out. I still do! When I was a kid I love to draw a lot. I actually never get bored of drawing, it’s just because I draw until I hate the outcome so I stop. Lol. Once I thought I’d be an interior designer when I grow up (a pretty weird choice back then if you know how I was brought up/where I came from) but as you know adulthood destroys the notion. I don’t draw anymore now, I can’t seem able to write, I don’t do stuff that I do when I’m inspired. Everyday I’m trying to inspire myself to something I could make something out of. But occasionally this falls out to the last point in day to day priorities. I’m here posting this to remind myself how much I need to get back in the game, whatever it was that I once did/able to do. It’s the least I could do to avoid the insanity of not being a full person when I continued to ignore the yearning I always felt all this time but never strong enough.

I never wanted something so much in my life nowadays and that is Sad.


Dropping by…


GOSH I missed blogging sometimes, like a lot. I missed actually pouring out my thoughts and opinions, a better release than just formulating all these thinking and debate with my own self in my head…lol

I’m still alive and well (if I actually have readers haha) and yes I think I’m still the same person. I often question myself; did I changed? When I was stuck by important decisions (which is everyday) I always ask how much of myself still remains? What are my virtues and are they still there in me.