Fade – Jakwob ft Maiday

I want my sparkle back
Why does it always fade to black


5th May 2013

First time I’ve been called to exercise my duty as a member of a civilized society – vote for the future government. This thing called Politics which I’ve been in so many conflicting views in order to stay sane and have a little inclination that I’m at the right side. It’s natural to always be at the right side. But as everyone already knew; this statement can be misleading as people who doesn’t take any sides but themselves also claim that they knew, is that there is no such thing as ‘right’ in politics. And I’ve always been a left-wing kind of person. 

Stay tuned my dear blog for I planned to write about it. Just not now. Life in the working force steals so much of the person that I am…the one who wants to live out of the ordinary. Right now afternoon laziness with comfort food in front of the TV far more appealing to me than trying to write.

What an awful life.