On ……………. solo travel (fill in the blanks)

My job doesn’t define so this question comes naturally, after spending memorable 6 days in Lombok, Indonesia with another friend.

We are female, and we are Muslims.

A total un-standard definition of a traveller especially solo.

And not out there for reasons such as studying, living overseas, work trips etc but TRAVELLING.

It’s hard to find sources on this, whether someone has done it or is it entirely doable or not. Just a general picture. Even that is not in the webs…I don’t know maybe I’m lazy because it’s midnight and I’m tired but from my tiny experience travelling as a hijab-wearing female at a non-hijab wearing country is attention-grabbing to say the least.

Have to say I hate being looked at because of that thing on my head and the way I dress sometimes. I’m sure someone else in this world has the same experience or at least the same pet peeves! Generally being an under exposed female it’s always uncomfortable when you could feel people’s eyes follows you. I’m aware of the fact that some countries (in fact a handful) has NEVER ever seen/very few times in their lives that they have seen something like women cover their hair in a certain way. Or I don’t know maybe general world population perception is that females in this religion are unlikely to venture alone?? I try to understand that but it still bothers me a little when unnecessary reaction was given to me. Maybe the introverted me who is complaining. I’ve read some inspiring stories on female solo traveller and it makes me itch for the real adventure. But none is specific to a Muslim female traveller.