My World Cup History

(LOL at the title)

The last time I’ve ever able to watch World Cup Finals was back in 2002 which is 8 years ago that I fail to remember much from that cup.Before that I was too young to be interested.LOL But it was the most enjoyable as the players who triumph in the 1990s like Ronaldo,Zinedine Zidane,Raul Gonzalez,Luis Figo,Roberto Carlos,Fabio Cannavaro,Hakan Sukur and those other guys still play international football.That was the last time I’ve ever seen them play as I didn’t watch any of the matches from 2006 cup.I was psyched at anything football,especially World Cup at that time.Some months before that,my brother bought this special edition of Sports Illustrated that features all the teams that were qualified.That was the way I remember names and faces and all other ‘fun’ facts about top players.Being a girl,I tend to read more on the cute and handsome. =D  The most handsome for me at that time was Raul of Spain.I was heartbroken to know that he was already married and his wife is a beautiful Spanish model Mamen Sanz (HAHAHAH).I remembered the match schedule and how it was played as it was the first time I’ve ever known anything about football.2002 was also the year that super goalkeeper of the world,Iker Casillas of Spain made his debut.I still can recall his saves against Ireland.

2006 was when I’m in Form 5 in the final months before SPM.I didn’t watch any of it.Plus,no one ever switched on the TV in study room to watch World Cup.I watched one but lose interest because I don’t even know whose are qualifying and whose doesn’t.And it was no fun to watch games all by myself.All I know was something about Zizou named the best player despite being sent off for headbutting Materazzi of Italy.

When the 2010 World Cup started,I realized the national squads no longer includes the players whom I know and admire very much as a World Cup first-timer.I didn’t watch EPL nor other leagues.I just read them sometimes.I was sad to know that many of the teams from 2002 weren’t there anymore.It was like skipping the 4 year gap of from 2006 as I didn’t follow that cup.But in football,teams come and go..Players too.A promising career starts at young until they are eligible to enter the national team.Football career is a very short one,I think.When you’re on top it’s the best times.But then you’ll get older and more new and younger players seep through the team.It’s sad somehow. =/ But I think that’s why football is more associated with men than women.I mean,you can’t get too emotional and attached because it’s the nature of the game.Someone has to go and ‘replaced’ by another guy who maybe better,and someone has to lose.Coaches were replaced.All you can do is pick up what you’ve left and start a new one.Many teams who was a BIG loser before came back stronger later.Much as Spain who never wins World Cup,now earned one,after long years of qualifying and reaching quarter finals but fail to pass through.It’s either them or Netherlands.

I can only think of the determination to win and to make history that these footballers have in their minds.When you lose,you’ll have to wait for 4 excruciating years!I think that’s cruel for a footballer.That is a long time although they will have other leagues and cups to play.

Spain remains as the team that I’ll always support and cheer for.Then came teams like Germany which I occasionally support but when the two clashed,I want Spain to win.Glad to be able to coincidently watch World Cup at the time when Casillas debuted.Glad to watch Germany’s youngest team ever debuted in World Cup.Watch Mueller and Ozil in the next World Cup!I was crazy for Turkey in 2002 because they had so much grace and good about them.And S.Korea?Oh no.Unexplainable dislike.HAHAHA.

For me football is different to female viewers.Unlike male viewers,there are just some things that they can’t see or want to see in a football match.It’s hard for me to explain.But let me just say that there’s more to the eye and mind of a female football fan. XD

Today is the first day of new semester in every public universities,coincides with the final day of World Cup.Cheer on Spain! It’s time to move on.