21 March

I’ve been getting into a lot of reality TV shows recently LOL

They’re awesome T_T

I just started watching 90 Days Fiance now loool it’s season 2 and only one episode but man I know I like these kinds of juicy gossip show. It’s similar to watching Married at First Sight. It’s a show on social experiment. I can’t distance myself from stuff like this. I also always seemed to like seeing interracial couple in the real world. All across the globe there are unrest stirred around race and religion issues, because people view it as this complex thing while these people see past that and are superior to any random stranger (and even importantly their families and friends) that yeah we’re different and all but we’re willing to take the stand to say we love each other and see how it goes. How people can move continents to be with each other is beyond me lol I’m aware that people do that sometimes but it’s still unimaginable until they put a camera to film them haha gonna enjoy so much of reality TV nowadays hmmmm