Ko Samui in September

Idk if I’m ready to write about my latest trip
I’m still gushing about it in my livingroom now
It was sooo full of funny moments and weird awkward stares and new experiences
It wasn’t so much tho
If we have a full 6 days it’ll be soo much better in terms of places and things that we could do
even after reading and searching through the internet for the so-called travelogs by people who have went there,
NO ONE mentioned about the long transportation between one point to another.
this fucks every plan you might be having lol
ok so I will tell you how my vacation went

Day 1 (25/9) Sunday
We all had a really hectic weekend to close off before jetting away to Thailand
It is the longest holiday Ive ever asked for from my boss so far (about 3 years working) lol
so I have the best feeling but also very lukewarm since work thoughts always catching up at the back of our minds
And I made a joke when my boss asked me to always turned on whatsapp for updates
I’m like K
And so are all my friendsĀ šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

We are all still very much invested in our respective work
Idk but Ive never went on holiday that I completely turned off from work lol

First day, nothing, just us tryna reach the island and checked in the hotel so that we could get a shower and rest
You can’t even explain how boring it is the ride from the airport, to the island
air-land-water-land. Took about 3-3.5 hours. From the planeĀ to trying to catch the bus (it was very well organized but still it can be hard due to one thing : bad english)
So a lot of funny miscommunications took place
Then when we get on the bus, a guy chatted with me and as usual I’m far than interested I mean I can’t sleep on the entire flight, sleepy and my eyes looks horrible and I feel less than attractive (that’s fucking why I avoid social interactions while on travels maybe I’d do differently if I’m confident or when the days my skin cooperates with me lol)
I found an excuse to not continue talking (it was just a few questions anyway lool)
still don’t have that on-vacation feeling, like your life is untied from anything that grounded you to wherever you’re currently based on,
it’ll affect how you go through the day.

When we reached the jetty it was already about 3 o clock in the evening, and it’s just hot and tiring but there is the big ferry waiting for us
It’s the first time ive ever board that kind of ferry (like the on in the game Euro Truck hahah)
It’s a big ass ferry. For a long ass journey. so it makes sense…
the outdoor seats isn’t comfortable to sleep but it’s nice with the sea breeze and the slow nature of it all…
Inside it’s loud with the sound of the Thai TV and people talking but it’s cool with aircon
an hour and a half feels like a day spent just sitting on the iron benches lol
we disembarked on Koh Samui’s Donsak jetty. There’s another 2-3 minutes walk through the bridge until you meet the drivers from Phantip Travel
waiting for you
since they can’t speak understandable English they spoke one words and we gotta catch em as they say it
then you just follow which vans that will go to your respective hotels

The van ride…it’s quite long to arrive to our place in Chaweng Beach. It’s further up the hill specifically
All the winding roads and the occasional traffic and the hike……it’ll take you 15-20mins from one beach to another major beach
This trip is meant as a getaway..not the gritty backpacking type (which I love) but I just came out of 6 months without a vacation so yeah I was literally begging for a nice comfy hotel up in the cliffs with smacking views…though I wasnt physically prepared for a vacation. Half of my mind can’t believe yesterday I’m scrambling through work and today I’m in Thailand
like how the fuck did I got here

The resort is really nice, has a 4 star feeling to it and everything is rustic and elegant
just a lil run down in some areas but the viewsssss
immediately can see myself one day living with this as my backyard lol

We ate stuff from my only friend that purchase the 15kg luggage – because she loves extra clothes and she brought us food yay
At around 8 pm we asked the front desk about taxi services and one guy pulled up in a white Nissan SUV (Nissan is massive in Koh Samui)
Taxis in Koh Samui are nice cars. I saw same situation in Surat Thani so idk if it’s a Thailand thing. Ive only been to Thailand twice.
Their police cars are sedans and I even caught one BMW. Damn
We googled for halal restaurants and found like three. Hmmm seems like the travelogs aren’t reliable. Maybe they went around looking on a motorbike? But if the ‘easy to find’ restaurants aren’t up on the internet we wouldn’t be able to find it.
We ate usual warung stuff like Tom Yam and Deep Fried Prawns etc it weren’t great tasting but nice enough
Not cheap…more on the pricey side. But hey it’s Koh Samui. Everything is above average prices here.
I went to the mart for a Fanta drink and find myself at a communication challenge with the cashier guy
My friend trying to ask the sim card price and he couldn’t understand the word ‘Money’
There was the price written on the cards though so check on it before you ask them in English cause it’ll save your time
It was funny trying to understand each other
And in Thailand you WILL get straws when buying drinks…I’ve observed this and it’s pretty funny cause you’ll end up with lots of unused straws when you’re about to throw the plastics away

My friends came from another convenience store cum mobile shop at the other side of the road with a story to tell.
The transactions went on with a sketchy looking guy…and a pistol on top of the table.
I laughed so bad to this because I can’t even imagine buying a freaking sim card from a guy with a pistol but really that was what happened…!
They have a shooting range in Koh Samui after all so maybe it’s legal idk but it’s funny as hell
The guy was nice and tried helping to write in Thai to help them get stuff from the other mart where the staff couldn’t understand English
Aaaanndd that was how the first day finished! Pretty much nothing right? Just that we get lots of ideas for our Thai English jokes and talk about how nice Thai people are