Right now:Loving The Radio Dept

First heard abt them from Marie Antoinette OST.it sounds very much vintage n dreamy-like.sometimes it reminds me of Sigur Ros or even Coldplay (maybe i love Coldplay too much).It’s post punk,some kind of electro=punk also.n they always sang with a deep voice.i don’t know why but it’s working.it delivers the sound of its own.My favourites are:

-Pulling Our Weight

-I Don’t Like It Like This

-The Worse Taste in Music


recent holiday

askum..br2 ni pg holiday ke Ilham Resort kt PD,n9.the hotel is kinda nice..but the most important thing is that the sea was like WOW!cntik n jernih.xde aa smpi tahap kt Tioman ke ape,tp kt PD lawa cmtu,agak tekejut la.hahhaha my other 2 sisters x join..n also the usual,2 of my older brothers.dlm blk hotel ade dapur memasak.but kt tepi tu ade papan tulis ‘THANK U 4 NOT COOKING’ how weird!


a lot of days has gone by since the last time.well internet connection at my house always hav problems.=-=..a lot had happen during this period of time as well.on 20th May, i’ve gone to the MARA scholarship interview at bngunan MARA..mule2 cuak..haha!skali ble pg,it’s kinda RUBBISH.sbb diorg x taja farmasi pon!ak plak look forward utk amek farmasi.mase tu time introduce diri.one of the candidates said that she wants to study pharmacy.then the invigilator looks quite stunned n said ‘kami tak taja kos tu.mmg awal2 ckp dah tk berminat la..awak tak tau ke?’ kitorg lg la tekejut..saba je la..but i go through the interview tu jgk la nevertheless.but 1 thing yg menarik hr tu,was that i accidently met this guy that i have a *minor* crush kt KMJ dulu..die mmg bez n x heran la ramai bdk pompuan minat kt die..huhu die tego ak dulu lak tu!ferrggghh.tekejot seyhh.org sehensem tu tego ak.da la yg ak agak minat.haha.during the whole interview,die ckp ngan ak je.the rest of the girls mesti jeles..that’s a nice feeling.^_^ thank God behind MARA 2,ade Sogo…dpt jugak melegakan shooping craving that i recently had(duitnye tarak pon)nasib baik mama ade bg 50.beli suar jeans 1..i have this thing about jeans.i never think jeans suits me u know.my big hips(eeuuuw)just can;t help it.but i’m better than some of my friends la.i’m working on it still.lagipun reunion AA anjak ke 7 Jun.Siot betol!pergghh.*nervous*


obviously this is my 1st post..my previous blog is at livejournal.com but i think here is better.so…what 2 say?i don’t know.i’m sleepy n a bit tired n i’m full!very full becoz my family n i juz have a nice ‘western’ dinner together 2 celebrate Mother’ Day n my baba’s birthday(the dates are the same)well…i better add more widgets to my blog..gonna think abt it tomorrow..