Borderless Love

Referring to my fascination with reality TVs from previous posts, today I couldn’t believe I spent about 3 hours plus watching 90-Day Fiance reruns and cried at all of their weddings loool as much as I wanted to say that I’m not a romantic (maybe I was born that way) but I grew up to be a cynic; when I saw weddings where real people whose love for each other exceeds everyone’s expectations, it¬†brought tears to my eyes ūüė¶ I seldom cries in real life though, I find myself cry through other people’s lives, fictions and make believes. Truly a dreamer. So anyway, I only watched Season 2 (yea the one where Danielle and Mohamed were on lol) this show has a few important issues about love and marriage especially under unusual situations; different cultures¬†and races, religions, language barriers, age gap, different backgrounds, unwilling families and friends. One already knows that marriage as itself already involves a lot of emotional capacity, now add to that all the above factors. I honestly couldn’t believe these people made through it! All decided while in the process of knowing each other. I suppose the end result might be different if there were no cameras following them around. A lot of people who has a short history together, like couples who were matched by their families/mutual friends have these people expectations of them that they just had to go on with it. Here goes nothing. Of course they’d live as happy couples, having kids and all….I could see the truth in their marriages. But, as what these types of couples told me, a lot of the process happens after they were married. Working together as husband and wife is the cause of the pleasant marriage after the vows were said.

I have big respect for mixed couples who made it work. The cynic in me is so touched by their love stories, so unlike the norm. It’s only logical and totally fathomable that people say the foreign partner is in it for own benefit but, in normal situations people also marry for a¬†good future; having life companion, financial security, somebody to take care of/taking care of you.¬†Who would marry someone who has nothing to offer? Only in an abusing relationship this happens. He doesn’t even have any decency in character that would inspire you let alone the material things crucial to build a life together. I mean to marry a good man who is hard working than marry a wealthy criminal is naturally a positive choice. Anyway, in the show the foreign partner must vouch for the acceptance from new families in a foreign country who has no idea who you are and your culture is just so hard to imagine. They’re not even had lived in the country; they were as clueless as a tourist! It’s even grittier than Married at First Sight show. I’d want the drama in my love life lol it’s hardly practical but since I’m a dreamer, this sounds appealing to me. The road less taken. I want to be in a love that blows my mind and as I’ve been able to decipher from the past and future of my life, one that inspires me.