World is a Stage

Are we human?

Or are we dancers…

And I’m on my knees

Looking for the answer.

Are we human..

Or are we dancers?

The Killers.



I haven’t been writing…for weeks.

This is bad. For my mental health..or something.Sense of balance and connection to the world around me.

I’ve just finished my last paper for finals on Friday.Then next week is the thesis/research and VIVA week.Oh my God…when will you leave me alone BITCH!!I’m only doing all this because it’s my responsibility.Not out of intention and passion.This gets me in a bad mood now.I’ve been thinking of how to prepare myself on my research presentation.A part of me don’t care of how it will turn out.But as we’re all living this life like a fucking race,I would have to make it good.Give it my best shot.A shot at what?

Impressing people that I don’t even care and like.

It sucks when you have to please other people.

You see,I’m not lovable,not often agreeable,and in general; don’t like people so much.Moreover, I see little point in making your point in front of people who already judging you.Not just the research but the whole years you’ve been studying or worse if they know you in person.

I suck.I know that.I tell myself that in intentional jokes.But the thing is,I don’t feel bad about it.It’s a trait that follows me everywhere I got involved with a group of….wrong people.

But ¡qué vida más perra! ,I can take no other turns but to go forward.My plan?Nothing,just deal with it.