hello september

It’s already September and 1 week to go before new semester in university starts…I wasn’t writing much from the middle of Ramadhan until early Syawal. I haven’t been writing anything actually. It’s depressing me sometimes that I needed to get ‘in the zone’ or something if I were to write.

I spent Hari Raya one week holiday at my mother’s side of the family at Malacca and then travel for hours on the road to Kuala Kedah jetty to catch the ferry to Langkawi Island. I swear this vacation is the BEST in terms of activities…compared to the previous vacations here in Langkawi. We went island hopping, swimming in the pristine waters of Beras Basah Island. It never came to my mind that I will someday drop on some island and take a splash. Being on the speed boat, and it’s so shaky that me and my sister nearly thrown out into the emerald green sea! Sadly I have turned off my camera before that.

Other than going to Langkawi, this year’s raya celebration was also the BEST because all my siblings and their spouses and children were here on the 1st day of raya until the 4th. You know when we were all kids, we never have to spend raya separately. We will always be together. Whom will you follow other than your parents? Now that half of them are married with kids, they have two families to consider. 3 firsy days here, 3 other days there…and try to keep up with each other sides of families. Dealing with all the dreaded in-laws (if there were any =PP) and having to be the center of attention if newly married. All those stuff.

When I think about it I never wanted to be…like that. To take care of both families…I just want to be here with my family. Raya at Malacca as usual.

Come this week, I wanted to plan for an open house for friends. But then again what’s an open house if the guests are selected???LOL so it’s not really an open house. I dislike to open up my house to everyone like that (talk about stingy host!!!) lol no…I just don’t think that my house is suitable enough to receive guests. Though some important family gatherings and events were held at our house. But I still hate that the house is not even on Google Maps!!!! And that the road is narrow, and the neighbour in front of us is a bunch of teen kids who likes to loiter around the road and takes up space and occasionally makes our guests feel uneasy…lol.

Hmmmph. I want to do so many things but until I scrap off my procrastinator face, I won’t achieve anything. The library project in my house, cross stitching a picture of one stalk of flower (hasn’t been finished since June!!!!!), sorting out my dad’s office, sorting out stuff in the house, AND DRIVING CLASSES.