Tahu x pasal filem ni?In cinemas tomorrow,30th October 2008.

Been interested to watch this film since I saw the advertisement in the TV.Seriously,I must say that the trailer is good.It’s great actually!It’s different than the usual Malaysian movies.That’s is my first impression lah.The fighting scenes looks amazingly real compared to other Malaysian movies.Surely there’s something unique about the director,Wan Azli Wan Jusoh.Tapi ak rase poster tu tak menarik la.emmm a bit lame.that’s my opinion lah.I think it can be more…emm maybe dramatic,because it’s important to have a nice poster to introduce the cinema-goers about the film.And,the selection of the actors are rather different too.I know that Danny X-Factor is a famous Kelantanese.But Bienda?emmm don’t really like her.I mean,i hope she can pulled off her character in Budak Kelantan because she’s the lead girl,u know…and that guy who play Jaha in the movie is,unrecognizable.I never seen him before this.Maybe I did,just doesn’t remember.Mesti ada sebab baik kenapa die dipilih untuk watak tu.Maybe die pandai berlakon.I look forward to see him in the movie.

And I must admit that I have always had a thing about Kelantanese people…They are unique in a way,doesn’t they?At least to me lah…Tapi mmg confirm la ak x dpt tgk filem ni dalam masa terdekat ni.Kan nak exam.Aduiihhhh…..

~Support Local Film Industry!~


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