Ok..about this movie that I saw on 11th October 2008 at GSC Times Square,KL.

Directed by DJ Caruso and starring the Shia LaBeouf(whom i like very much) as the Shaw twins,Michelle Monaghan as Rachel Holloman,the unfortunate mother of Sam Holloman.Michael Chiklis of The Shield and Rosario Dawson of Alexander are in it too.Some time had passed since the date when i watched Eagle Eye,n i’ve always thinking about writing about it,because it is such a great movie to me,but then i didn’t have the time n the right mood…Hehe

To me,the main attraction of the film is that Shia LaBeouf will be the lead guy.So why any second thoughts??I must say i had a really gut wrenching time watching it.Seriously it kills me seeing the first part of the movie when all the car chasing and speeding in a crowded roads(usual thing in a Hollywood movies but this one is kind of different),explosion everywhere…cars being knocked down,thrown up in the air,umm whatever they did revolve around cars and explosions.I was like,dropping my mouth down.And one thing,i like the scene in the car before all the chasing begins,where the two lead actors are introduced to each other.Shia enters the car and tell Michelle to drive the car,without telling anything to her.Then Michelle got crazy and says things like,”Where is my son?!If you hurt my son,I swear to God I’ll kill you” but Shia really didn’t know a thing about her or her son,as he was just got away from a high security FBI interrogation room.And the FBI are looking for him.He shouts at her “I don’t ****ing know about you or your son!!Just drive the car!” And until at one point that Shia said something like “I got phone calls telling me what to do” then Michelle was like “Did she called you too??” Just that they realized that they were getting phone calls from an unknown woman.Then both of them were silent. Haha i like that part!Because we can see how such encounter can makes us shouting to people like crazy because we really didn’t know a thing about what he/she is asking.

The middle part is slowed down,revealing bit by bit about the mastermind behind all the calls telling them to do crazy things.When the Iraqi man who makes the crystal bomb necklace met them at the field,he gave them the necklace and were like “I will never do this.Do you think I did it because i’m an Iraqi?I am a legal American!” The Iraqi man backed off saying he don’t want to be a part of it. Just then The Mystery Caller tells Shia to kill him. He hesitated,but knowing how bad things can get if he disobey the caller,he went forward.But the Iraqi man runs away.Then the bad thing happen.Suddenly the pencawang elektrik(AHAHAH well i don’t know that in English.Anyone?) fell down and the Iraqi man got electrocuted,dead on the spot. It’s scary how the movie shows that The Mystery Caller can do ANYTHING to make you obey.And in a blink of an eye,just like that.At first i was thinking whether Eagle Eye is a thriller or a horror movie…Haha

They sure look nice even in a scene like that...

Reaching the end of the movie,the real mastermind slowly unfolds,letting us understand who and why all of it happen,like why Jerry Shaw(Shia) is chosen for the task,and what is the connection of it to his dead twin brother,Ethan Damon Shaw(also Shia,but smarter looking).And also why Rachel(Michelle) and her son’s purpose in the plot.

The ending is unexpected.Well,i know that Shia will save the day but never thought of how he will do it,because from what i see,it is impossible to win against a super-intelligent culprit.To me,its rather emotional,considering the fact the consequences he will face if he do it like that.But still he did.And that he become his father’s hero after his genius-n-perfect twin brother who is a complete utter opposite of him.

Eagle Eye is really enjoyable(n funny with witty dialogues),gut wrenching action scenes,combined with some emotions,all in one.I put it in the group of Rambo,Saving Private Ryan(this in one hell of the greatest wartime movie i’ve ever seen),Predator(classic,but still acceptable),and Transformers.(Up until now)A group of action packed movies,with great lead actors,and can be watched over and over again.A new member to my all-time favourite action movies collection.

Just pictures of Shia LaBeouf(don’t know why i need to place this,but i think it’s just for me.Haha)

I completely disagreed with the statement


4 thoughts on “Eagle Eye

  1. okaayyyy..aku dah tahu siapa shiaaa..aku mahu jugaaaaaaaaaaaa…..nnt aku nk tgk eagle eye gak aaa..bile ade mase..anyway jgn tgk bangkok dangerous..klu kau ade keinginan tu…baik padam kan aje…sgt bosan…tropic thunder is recommemnded..bgs tgk time2 nk exam ni.bleh release tension..

    anyway, take care ye men…maybe aku xdpt nk utus kabar/jenguk blog/reply email dlm mase terdekat ni..aku sgt bz..

    i misssssssssssss youuu…….

    hear me roarr!!

  2. kuat gila ko roaarrrr!!!hahha Bangkok Dangerous x bez???yeke?i thought it’s nice.Yela,pembunuh upahan jatuh hati kat org tempatan.Sounds romantic.Hehe!Xpe la x sempat pon nak tgk..exam week starts tomorrow..
    take care gak!

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