err that title is kinda come people can have only ‘A’ wish???of course people can have many wishes…especially people like me..hahaha I’ll make a wishlist.i may change it in any way I want.after all its MY wishlist right?But right now,at this moment, i have only 1 wish.a real wish that i thought about quite long.i think its my 1st wish that comes hard…not in a blink.

I want…

1. …a REAL change in the country.a REAL change in the goverment,the REAL people to lead us,so that they can secure a REAL future for generations to come.

Description:i really believes in this thing.The ‘kerajaan baru’ thing.i bet you know.i bet everyone knows!siapa yg tak tahu tu mmg buta pengetahuan am laa..tahap kronik tu.kalau tahu pn,mengelak.kalau dulu mase sekolah@matrik,diam2 je.yelah,ilmu pun x byk.kesedaran pun xde la sgt.bila dah masuk alam mahasiswi ni,mane blh buat bodoh isu mcm ni?ak pling pantang student U especially,yg masih buta tuli pasal keadaan sekeliling.sibuk sgt dgn study atau gaya hidup hedonisme.suka hati nak prefer ape,tapi have yourself a stand laa..don’t just walk around in this world and care only about yourself.Don’t walk around doing anything you want n tak pakai kepala otak,jatuhkan maruah diri sendiri,and still,yet still,with your head held up high.Seriously,you look funny,you know?Going around with that face,that sick confidence,OMG.pls help them.

2.I want to be with each person that I love.enough said.

3.I wish that i will be someone in this world.i want 2 make changes,make a move on the things that ever came into my mind.Hard to do,seriously.Not everyone have the heart to follow his/her heart.and indeed,i have a great respect to anyone who dare to follow their dream/s.These people are brave.I wish i can be like them.


2 thoughts on “I Have A Wish…

  1. ohoho. interesting topic. tp btol aa. drg yg freakin ignorance nih mmg sgt selfish. ramai je member2 aku cm uh. rase politic in malaysia sgt teruk and xdpt diselamatkan, the only thing they know is to migrate. Migration does not solve problem, yes? even if u r aboard, there’s no other place like home. huhu..lg bengang klu keep on complaining, yet they didnt do anything to help. huuuuuuu..our country our responsibilities laa’s young generation like us who’ll shape the future govn, so amek tahu laa. terpanjang laa plak comment aku kan. haha.

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