I’m sorry that i’m unable to say this days earlier..as we all know,this is the 5th day in the Ramadhan month already.Urghhh really need a laptop laa..someone pls buy me one!!jpa lama lg nak masuk duit.haiiyaa.life as a student mmg agak mengeringkan poket la haha..I hope this Ramadhan will bring me more depths as a muslim,as a daughter,as a student bla bla bla.I hope i can be more mature,ready to prove myself.All Muslims worldwide,hope you all have a nice Ramadhan!!even in poor countries or those still in war,God pls give them something to eat during sahur and iftar..pls give them happiness and protect them from all the evil of the world.

well yesterday i juz heard a ceramah at a surau here,a ceramah entitled Palestin-Masihkah Kau Ingat? by Prof Madya Dr Hadfizi(sorry if it spelled wrong).I think my parents know this penceramah.His name is quiet familiar…all i want to say is that it is a very GREAT ceramah..he knows it all about Palestine.of course.becoz he is the pengarah for PACE Malaysia.Good thing that i went to the surau.hihi


2 thoughts on “Ramadhan Tiba Lagi…

  1. wah..dr hafidzi went to ur place ka..??
    bagus2..sapela agknye yg ajak die ek..huhu.kat surau ktsn tuuh.
    btw,jpa is on the way 4 sure..juz give all the required borang n duit jatuh dari langit.harhar
    u shud by me one laptop wif the money..hmm..:p

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