Last saturday (30th august) me n my family went to Taman Tasik Perdana Kl.during my whole life i juz went to this place for about 3 times only.haha.never had a time to go to this part of the city.actually i had nothing to say.Just want to mention how beautiful this place is.And all my family members said so.My favourite time is always when i’m with my family.

I miss them..!although my campus is near..HAHAHAHH!!!i’m not a spoilt brat ok!its just that at this period in my life my family is my utmost priority.In any decision that i have made/will make..sad if anyone in this world who didn’t love their own family.Here are some pics that i captured with my own sony K320i phone.errr VGA camera only.(my real camera Kodak Easy-share has ‘drowned’ in a pool of mud at Sg Chilling last year..T_T)


5 thoughts on “Happy Family Time!

  1. yup2 tasik perdana best.lg2 klu pergi pg2.sgt nyaman.
    xpe men.bukan spoilt brat.dah rumah dekat.blk je laaa selalu.nnt kte da kerja da kawen sume xleh blk selalu daa.hoho.
    sorry to hear bout ur camera.

  2. menn!!

    hoho,senyap2 jadi blogger eh..kalau tahu,dh lama dah ana lawat..pastu suka jd stalker blog org..


    salam ziarah tuan rumah..ana amik link ur blog to put into my list..ok

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