not the actual ‘rakan baru’ la.but a long time friend.a friend i have known since secondary school.its only now that we actually become close.i mean,at school it was somewhat hypocritic friendship(was the word hypocritic even existed???i dont know).i was trying 2 be friends with her becoz my best friend were befriending her.s-t-u-p-i-d.funny too.fikiran masa sekolah bkn betol sgt pn!

but just recently i realized how nice she is.and what a nice friendship we could have.n now i regretted a bit.back in school,i know she is nice but there’s just no chemistry between us.she’s too nice actually.i regret the fact that we only become close now.we should be like this from school.we can talk for hours n sometimes talk about things that i normally didn’t talk with anyone.i regard that as deeply meaningful conversation.and i always said that meaningful conversations are necessary/crucial in a relationship.either friendship or in love.because meaningful conversations are meaningful.and i’ve always remembered any meaningful conversations that i’ve ever had with any random people.these conversations might not come from people that we know.sometimes its the random people that we’ve met in our lives.

have u had had this kind of conversation?remember that girl/guy that u chatted with.he/she may be important in your life right now or later..


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