Released on 12nd July 2008 in the UK.

Coldplay has always been my faveeee band..since in form 1 at secondary school..all the previous album has been great.mmg sentiasa ada style lagu Coldplay yg biase tu.dreamy+high feeling bile dgr.lirik sume bez n bermakna.ada byk la lagu2 fave aku since dulu.from this latest album,i’ve just heard 2 of the tracks..that are Violet Hill n Viva La Vida.

TRack listing:

  1. “Life in Technicolor” (Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin/Hopkins) – 2:29
  2. “Cemeteries of London” – 3:21
  3. “Lost!” – 3:55
  4. “42” – 3:57
  5. “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love” – 6:51
    • “Lovers in Japan” – 3:56
    • “Reign of Love” – 2:55
  6. “Yes” – 7:06
    • “Yes” – 4:04
    • “Chinese Sleep Chant” – 3:02 (hidden song)
  7. Viva la Vida” – 4:01
  8. Violet Hill” – 3:42
  9. “Strawberry Swing” – 4:09
  10. “Death and All His Friends” – 6:18
    • “Death and All His Friends” – 3:32
    • “The Escapist” (Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin/Hopkins) – 2:46 (hidden song)

Bonus tracks:

  1. “Lost?” – 3:39 (Japan and iTunes bonus track)
  2. “Lovers in Japan (Acoustic Version)” – 3:54 (iTunes pre-order only)

Need some money la to buy the CD..tak tahu la kt Msia dah senang jumpa ke x.blm ada masa nk tgk lg

Song:Violet Hill


Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow

Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below

When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And the fog
Became God

Priests clutched onto bibles
And went out to fit their rifles
And the cross was held aloft

Bury me in honor
When I’m dead and hit the ground
A love back home unfolds

If you love me
Won’t you let me know?

I don’t want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship
With snow, far below

So if you love me
Why’d you let me go?

I took my love down to violet hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent still

So if you love me
Won’t you let me know?

If you love me,
Won’t you let me know?..


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