Maldives – cont.

Part II – I was blown away.

17/2 (Friday)

Morning seeped in through the curtains that I held with my hands. The sea looks calm today, lapping in the sun high up. I guess I missed watching the sunrise…and I forgot that Maldives timezone is 3 hours early. So it was actually 10am already. Another day not at work yay!! My friends were still asleep to my surprise. After we all washed up for breakfast, we were greeted by the hotel staff at the dining area cum reception (it was small) They had some tables out on the sand where we sat last night trying to finish our fried rice. We had Roshi, a popular Maldivian breakfast in which they teamed up unleavened bread with a type of dry chutney, a common Indian condiments in my country, but here they served it dry. Coconut flakes, raw shallots thinly cut, and cooked Tuna. At first I was a lil disappointed as it’s looks too healthy LOL nothing runny (read: oily) or spicy. I quickly changed my mind tho. I find it packed with fresh flavors, it felt very Maldivian. You’d totally eat that by the beach and it’ll feel so right if you get me =D In no time I kept coming back for more of Roshi until I was full. My friends, as always, astounded by the amount of Roshi that I ate. As if they haven’t seen something like that happened lool At the end of our breakfast I was like yeah I’m gonna make it when I’m back!


‘Roshi’ – my first step to eat healthier food

Our guide helped took few pictures of us before we hopped on the boat with an open deck. The ride took around 30mins as the boat treaded the strong waves (yes it was still windy as hell) and once it loses power. The boat swayed around for a while until they managed to repair it. I think the other tourists weren’t worried at all…we on the other hand still traumatised by last night’s trip…anyway the sea was unlike any other I’ve seen. The small atolls are numerous, you could see layers upon layers of brilliant shades of blue.


It was too amazing not to take lots of pictures to bring home. Sometimes I wish I could have a private boat just to steer the driver to bring me to interesting photo locations and get really close to where I wanted to be. Then I was startled by the boat halting in the middle of the ocean. Is this….is this the snorkelling point?


Gulp! Seeing the rough waves and the color of the waters you can guess its depth? Well when I was in Perhentian they did had snorkelling point far from the beach and it was really dark and deep but you could still swim to the beach. Here the reef is located somewhere in the open sea with shallow areas surfacing near it. You can’t walk on it tho πŸ˜‚ it’s not a sandbank. So we watched the westerners jumped into the water one by one, amazed. Of course these people are almost always good swimmers. Idk it’s very uncommon to see western tourists who didn’t just get off the boat the first chance they got lol the guide told us to get into the water one at a time. It’s too obvious that we couldn’t be set to swim free unlike the others (we are losers) but heck I don’t want to risk being carried too far from the boat! We only get like half an hour going off around 10 feet away from the boat (the farthest that I got haha) felt disappointed but more like laughing to myself!! Need more water confidence practice in the pool I guess. So amazed by one Italian family on our boat that freely jumped in with their young kids unstrapped with any safety equipments. What the hell man? Later when we got to the sparkling turqoise waters where the dolphins were at, they again jumped while their kids reluctant to join, but they ended up jumped too. The guide gave in to them because actually they didn’t permit anyone to swim because of the rough sea. Everyone watched them following the dolphins with awe. I mean no one, on both boats laden with tourists were in the water. They were legit the craziest I’ve ever saw in any of my island trips. Must be awesome tho.

Crazy how pretty the color of the sea and the dolphins were sooo cute

The third place that we went to was the best one. Sandbank in the middle of the ocean. It literally a piece of white sand stretched and formed a little bay where it’s shallow and makes for one sparkling bright blue since the sand is glistening beneath it. It was quite a view. I began to regret badly the fact that I didn’t bring sunnies and any head cover. Fuck the sun is glaring hot and there was just sand – you don’t have any shady areas. To get off the boat you will need to be fast because it rocked in the strong waves and faltering towards the deeper sea. You will have to walk with your valuable belongings kept dry. It was funny for one of my friend nearly missed her Iphone into the waves and had to be helped by the guides. It was another loser moment being ‘escorted’ to the beach in mere distance. We were lucky because there were not much tourists around, and spent around 3 hours(?) taking photos, swimming, and having lunch. The sandbank two sides facing away are interesting, one was rough and the other was so calm you can go far by foot.


I didn’t edit anything. It’s that beautiful!

Being baked for 3 hours was enough Vitamin D for me as I was burnt already. Treading the waves back to our boat, we started the long return journey. I dreaded being in a boat too long but in Ko Samui it was insanely longer I tell you πŸ˜‚ It was around 5pm when we reached Maafushi. I was in constant planning of what to fill up our days and nights in Maldives (I was the leader of our trip). That night we ate spicy fish curry (soo tasty) and talked about our loser moments and making stupid jokes, literally busting the calm nature of the island. I feel embarrassed by how quiet the Maldivian people were, 5 of them could have the table next to you and you won’t hear a fucking thing. And in Maldives the Muslim majority people would have their shops closed every prayer times. No bars, no beach party, no nothing. At night it’s practically dead. People spent quality time talking through candlelight dinner by the beach or walking hand in hand through the paved sand. You can’t really do anything other than these. We were like what the hell a group of single girls doing in Maldives?? Even the music played at restaurants and food places at night were soft. It really brought a slow and romantic air throughout the barely 1 km length island. A little discussion on Maldives and its people followed with our guide…if you’ve ever googled something on Maldives other than its beaches, you’ll find lots of interesting facts. Hint: politics. It’s quite turbulent for such a far fetched islands. Read for yourself! Second day done!


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