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Without further ado,

Hush is a home invasion thriller set in a (typical) cute cottage that is practically see-through with lots of big windows, no electrical alarm or grills to protect the people inside from the creepy wilds outside. As in all home invasion flicks like When A Stranger Calls, I Spit on Your Grave, The Strangers and You’re Next, there are only two sides. The Owner and the Invader. The others didn’t matter. They’re just props 😎 That’s being said, the director tried different premise, the owner is a deaf and mute woman who is a published writer staying in the cottage in the middle of the woods, and the nearest neighbour is 5min walk distance. Of course, writers seemed to be the most suitable profession to alienate themselves and then gets chosen by the opportunist invader. The invaders can give them random silent phone calls, or cuts the power supply, or throw stuff at their windows and make weird creepy noises to scare them. However in this case, how do someone gets the attention of a deaf and mute person that they’re gonna be his next victim? It gets tense 10 minutes in and very interesting indeed. It’s terrifying to watch and to think if this stuff happens in real life. When you know that your’re actually being watched, and that person intentionally wants you to know what he had in mind for you.

Locked inside, Maddie (Kate Siegel) have to rely on her impeccable wits to survive for as long as she can. This cat and mouse game started early and you wonder what’s more in the 1 hour plus runtime to the ending where fans of thriller like this would know, it could be as merry as she survives miraculously or she could just chopped to death, with the outro refuse to shed an ounce of sympathy to the victims. It’d end in senseless killings and you’d hate it. In Hush we were anxiously watching and wishing that Maddie would succeed, even in the condition she was in – completely hopeless against a psychopathic invade. The action although minimal was done in a realistic way. It wasn’t too great nor bad, it was just standard. What the movie excels in this genre that a few could have achieved, is to get the viewers feels for Maddie in her battle to survive. You know there are those female protagonists that you half heartedly wish for her survival despite being explicitly lucky in all dumb decisions she made and you’d yell at the screen how the fuck she didn’t die. Or the other one whom you have no sympathy at all, since she’s too well equipped and does things too correct, and you hates it when in a horror-thriller somebody being too right, cause where’s the fun in it? And they usually end up killed first lol

Maddie is a very likeable character, with an even dose of incapacity to protect herself and strength to survive. It was played well without the use of dialogue. All the scenes used to further show us how desperate a situation she was in were enough and necessary. Nothing felt overdone in this movie unlike lots of in this genre (runtime too long, comical urban legends, unnecessary hottie characters, violence ;but of course we have another dedicated genre for that…slasher-horror )

Don’t watch it for another dumb heroine making it out alive, No it’s not hanging type of plot and No stupid jumpscares. It’s just you, Maddie and the Invader. It’s a movie made to give us something enjoyable to watch, not too dark that you spent days after contemplating it nor just another horror-thriller flick. It deserved to be watched and be put in a higher place than all the other generics that comes so often to be unworthy of mentions.

Rate : 4/5


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