Going through some of my past favourite songs, I rejoiced how I discovered them. Great finds are almost all unplanned =) Not forgetting the amazing soundtracks on the TV shows I watched when I was a teen. First SIA song I listened to was ‘Breathe Me’, it was on a soundtrack. SIA wasn’t as famous as she is now. At least  at where I’m from. Found Lykke Li after listening through all kinds of bad remixes. And Yuna, I remembered listening to MET10 (Malaysian English Top 10) lying on the floor in my room. It was the way I spent my evenings. It was raw and not radio edited. She wasn’t famous. I recalled that and I feel proud to have been following her music earlier than the boom she gets after that. Since then it was a hidden dream to be able to actually follow the inclinations of writing and properly call it a piece of writing, not scribbles, junks I left on paper. I kept it all in a lot of random books and waste paper. The only time another human being ever read what I wrote was by a friend at border school. Damn I’ve never felt as threatened lol. How do people launch themselves into these things? Fear of not being good enough, and the most feared, is being unoriginal. This scared me so much. Added to that my scattered thought process since I started working. Ugh. Tomorrow is weekday!!! The professional life…


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