I’ve read a lot of travel blogs specifically solo/budget travels. It’s clearly in my bucket list. And I think I’ve read too many tips and tricks to kick start the so called ‘Travel life’ which I can’t picture in the near future yet. I don’t even know if I can do it, I have reasons to doubt myself but those are stuff I can improve. Anyway point is Travel life is not starting soon. All I can give is responding to random friends and family’s requests to go somewhere with them. Currently I will be going to Kota Kinabalu this early April =) really looking forward to it.

While that is keeping me sane sailing this work/life ship my mind travels farther than my body will ever permits. I think. Mind and body have different compass altogether. It transcends whatever walls and limits I’ve built around me. I’ve no desire to stop it because I can’t. So because my body is still my own and dormant until I lay out my plans for it, here’s a small list of where I want to be, one fine day.

(In no particular order because I hate having to prioritise)

  1. The Faroe Islands
  2. South Africa – Cape Town
  3. Morocco
  4. Canary Islands
  5. Republic of Armenia

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