I’m nearing the end of Phase 1 and about to enter Phase 2 of life. I see my friends are getting scared and nervous preparing for this. My news will arrive probably in early December. I have about 1 month more where I am right now. I don’t know how to face this change but for sure I know I’m very very eager to leave (as I already noted in previous posts). I don’t hate this place but I certainly am crippled by it, by the experiences…it got me somewhere I never before. A good thing but very harsh.

I still haven’t write anything, useful or have continuity values. I seem to stuck at procrastinated jobs and paying my debts for it. I haven’t played my piano, my games; basically stuff that inspires me. I’m devoid of inspiration. It’s milking the life away from me. I’ve been struggling with this, as a person with an explosive other life in mind and having to juggle a profession that needs every focus and passion…it’s hard. Everyone is fighting a different war…

Life (inspiration) and death (routines, jobs). It is a warzone for me. This 1 year is very tough.


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