I actually have traveled, fly over 20 thousand feet above the sky, cruising along the glittering midnight stars
Until I reached the south of Korean peninsular.
Traveling really gives you so much experience, sights you haven’t seen ever in your lifetime
But what’s clear is that it makes me so happy. Content and restless to discover.
To really let away a lot of your conscience in exchange of new foreign things.
Apart from the flaws, I return anew.
Something in me changed, or grown, a little, to accommodate that piece of time I spent somewhere outside of familiarities.
It lifts my feet up. When I walk along the wet Seoul pavements,
it was grey and raining, I really did think I’m flying.
Empty railways winding along lines of yellow and red trees
I turn to inhale every shapes and sounds that reverberates around me
And it’s alive.
The drying squids on the wire railings swaying in the Southern Jeju current
How the green seabed invites me to think of beautiful things rather than jumping off from its majestic cliffs…
Then I think I should write something about these place
I’d say it’s the feisty Siberian Autumn wind that swept me away.

But in all beauty, it has to be the flight on the plane.
It really was what I have been picturing since I was a little kid,
staring up in a car ride along a distant highway
How the clouds dots the sky with each other,
forming something of a tide,
cloudy tide that shades us the land from the universe
We are in an ocean and the Milky Way is the Earth.
That day what I made up in my mind I saw splayed out under me
Needless to say it blows me away
Now I need to think of another thing I haven’t seen
And someday prove it.
Too many. I’m afraid I won’t have the time (and money) to take off in my own voyage.
I pray for it.

Check out my photo tumblr , yesterday’s set of posts from the trip.


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