You just can’t stop but to reflect, and think, when you hear such beautiful music.

This week, after being into mainstream (previous post) I’m going to immerse my mind into Ambient/instrumental music for a while…look out into the morning sky,eat something simple,grab my laptop and write something. See what will come out of this ritual.

Hammock is my new flavour.

In addition to Sigur Ros , Mogwai , When The Clouds and some other minor influences. All with awesome names!!! Feeling a little energized, listen to Saltillo with its freakishly awesome cello + post rock. On a sadder note, Olafur Arnalds will understand…

Music without lyrics, nothing but the music, the only thing that your senses can enjoy. When I don’t want to listen to anyone, I’ll talk and hear myself through ambience. It’s surprisingly an out-of-body experience,sometimes…but now I’m sounding weird.


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