I’m pretty sure no one would be with me
It’s not usually a sad thought to realize that you gonna be alone for the rest of your life..
I have so many things going on.
but it’s because I realize that, I have to be without you.
For the rest of my life.

It breaks my heart and I stumbled down with tears in my eyes.
No one can break me down until you came into my life..

I escaped into passionless work and meaningless conversations.
I tried to be into everything that I’m doing and everything I need to be.
I get into everyone’s way to keep going forward, to never miss out on anything,anyone
My life is adrenaline, my life is full of challenges and suprises that I seek
But I know it’s just a way to feel alive again..

I can put up with all the shitty things in my life
But I can never grow out of your memories
Of the kind of gleam I’ve had when I’m with you.

Don’t pity me my friend.
Don’t say you pity me.
I don’t pity myself.
I accept that truth and reality are real. And what I don’t have is just that.

You were the sweet weight tugging on my heartstrings,the reason I cried to sleep
The hope I would wait all my life for, The one I can never replace.

Now Playing: Gong Endir (Sigur Ros, Takk 2005)


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