Now that’s a nice combination.

I get self absorbed when talking about November.On the 7th 1989 I was brought into this world,impatiently as my mother always tells me that I was literally sliding out.How sick is that.hahhaha.

So I wished myself birthday before anyone else did.I don’t get too many wishes as I’m lazy to say my wish to others,even family.My laziness exceeding anything else. –_- Me and my family assemble around the dining table and recite prayers and eat Domino’s Pizza (fave Top Secret Classified Chicken) and talking and eating some more and and and..that’s it.Anyone new to my family will thought of us as super boring party crashers.But that’s the way it is in my home and it’s not boring.At least we’re not a pretentious lot who throws birthday bashes at expensive restaurants and eating expensive meals with ‘friends’ whom you never shared any meaningful conversations to begin with except talking about each other’s pride and possessions and get a 160 pictures spread on social networks to show the world.That’s what I’d say boring.

People are what makes or break it.You can’t possibly be happy celebrating when the person that you miss isn’t there with you.Or when you go to a glitzy event…without knowing any guests personally.I hate when I have to converse without any intentions to continue it.

I am 22.I am still clueless about some things…but experience has shed some light into what I hate and love.Main goal right now is TO GTFO FROM UNIVERSITY.Isn’t my life’s sad?But it’s damn difficult. =(

Song of the day:

Effing cool people.Grrrrr.


8 thoughts on “07112011

  1. mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~

    ampunkan daku beribu-ribu ampun!
    tadi dpt emel dr Hi-5 (bukan company roti yer~)
    suruh wish besday..tapi i donno how..
    (ye la, takdop FB kan)
    Alhamdulillah Allah buka jalan
    dengan menggerakkan hati nt pg singgah blog ana..


    ok2, slmat hari tua!

    btw, nice post!
    suka baca..heheh

    i’m almost 22
    but still
    banyak yg clueless jgak

    learning is a life-long process!

    love u girl! 🙂

    p/s:sometimes i also get self-absorbed when it comes about november..haha..but actually kita sama jer..jenis pemalas2 sket 😀 but dun worry, anda tak pnah dilupakan walaupun besday anda dilupakan atau dibuat-buat lupa..hehe (ni pesanan utk all my fren 🙂 )

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