Sorry for the title, it could be misleading cause I’m not actually summarising or documenting the shawl wearing community in Malaysia but more to just echoing my idea here in the blogosphere…about the infinite possibilities from the eruption of Shawl/Pashmina styles that has proceeded to form a completely new and modern Muslimah look.

The usual combination is :

Shawl + Long sleeve cardigan + cincher/belt + long maxi skirt (or you can wear a long maxi dress that works as the skirt) The trick is to play with types of fabrics and cuttings. It will make you different that the usual style.

as how the Queens of Shawl Culture demonstrated it like a breeze…

Capture Yunalis Zarai (

Capture Hana Tajima (Tumblr)

The Malaysian fashion world are blessed with these two fashionistas who are not afraid to be who they are – a hijab wearing Muslim woman AND highly fashionable. The pairings of the two are already established and together, they are like the new icons that every young woman wants to be.

The shawl culture that they have introduced are so super duper cool as it is associated with Music (Indie) and the fashion industry, together with the complete package…photography (not the usual stuff you see on standard magazines but in mags like GLAM, those high fashion thing), indie production houses, poetry, and the whole ‘artistic’ coolness. Now the Malaysian women who wears hijab has their own scene.

And then I thought to myself the enormous ability of this culture to be shot to wider fashion community. It makes my day when I see artistic projects, the ones which aren’t mainstream. Malaysian women are more open to high fashion and no, no more of those cakey makeups and too much eyeshadows! The way to go now is NUDE and natural. And creative fashion photography…take the notes from renowned world fashion photographers. (This effect has currently just seen in English mags.When will the Malay mags except GLAM improve their photos??)

Oh wow. There’s so many I wanted to talk about. But I have no time. gtg will update later


I should only include this link TudungPeopleKL. My friend introduced me to this page. Totally, this is a FABULOUS idea, I share the thought with a friend of mine (good friend) to do a sort of The Sartorialist thing in our country and focused on women with hijabs. That came after being addicted to and seeing the growing number of Malaysian girls really building this scene! That means there are something to shoot for. But sadly it can’t ever start until one of us get a decent camera………..

Until now, sit back and watch closely. This is a good time for the fashion people to draw their eyes towards these street hijabistas. They’re going to significantly define the newest thing in the fashion world.


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