The Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK

Selamat Berpuasa to myself and the blogging world^^ I haven’t yet posted anything this Holy month. Today I finally did, on the 3rd day of unrest in London, UK. It caught my eye (and my mind) when I’ve read newspaper articles from various sources – be it mainstream or independent. So sad that our TV is broke. I don’t watch any TV for a month now. In a way it’s good…but it will cause the breaking of news came late. I have to wait for newspaper uncle to throw one into our gate, or scouring the web for current updates. The internet at our house sucks…all these are inconvenient to get some decent updated news! However, I did found my strength tonight and the first thing I think of is BERSIH 2.0 just about a month ago, that happened in our country.

What a shame that our government has reacted too much (by too much I mean water cannons, arrests, smoke bomb thing and violence) to the Malaysian protesters! Look at how big the rift of differences between the two countries’ rioters. In London, their rioters mostly comprises of young people who are hooded and burn cars and buildings, looting shops and cursing police, hurling stones and stuff! So ****ing different. A man is shot dead and look how rioters responded in furore! Though I doubt it’s a reason for everything else that they did…They are so much more violent, uncontrolled, volatile and dangerous…now all the wise people of Malaysia who are still can’t see the bigger fault was at the government’s side, should think.

Though Londoners say that their police are too weak and should use force…well I would agree! What more can the noble protector of the

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people as the police force to curb these angry youngsters?? They’re not only hurting the police, but the innocent people too. Who’s going to pay for their burnt businesses? It seems a right decision. But what happens during BERSIH 2.0  is UNACCEPTABLE. I hope we will never forget that.

Apparently the young people who riots in London said that the reasons for their discontentment against the government are around these things : poor living, joblessness, until young people with seemingly no place in the community finds life in drugs, robberies, and many socially ill activities. Source This is really sad, for an outsider like me who never even step foot in London. Well, London is all glitz and glamour…among the fashion capitals of Europe and the World…little did I know about this town called Tottenham. Where the riot begins.

I marvel at my lack of travelling experiences (I didnt have a passport yet LOLOLOL) but what I can say now, is hoping that the UK government could find a way to calm the situation…even with some use of force. They deserve it. It’s like a time bomb. Whatever their unhappiness over their lives and then placing faults on the government’s shoulders has gone long unanswered…the timing is right when the man is shot dead by the police. Then it spreads like a virus. And the people who are organizing and committing these violence are already violent. It’s not like they’re from a decent society. They are from a disparate world, another face of the UK.

Now the world sees this ugly face…will this made the rioters satisfied when they know they are heard? I doubted it =(

I wish it will all receding soon. Will continue keeping tabs on the issue.

p/s: I think this comment is insightful :

9th August 2011 – 9:16

this has nothing to do with deprived areas, or race, this is years of successive governments failed multiculturalism experiment, making ghettos,years of gang rule on the streets coming to the fore, money thrown at diverse and outreach projects amounting to billions,feral youths who have found burglary, robbery, and drug dealing to be more profitable than work, going unimpeded about their business



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