I’ve been watching a MASSIVE amount of movies these days…through my trusted free movie streaming website – www.letmewatchthis.ch

Some video hosting websites are not available in this country or have limited bandwidth. Usually, I watch from putlocker, sockshare, veehd, novamov. I like to watch random stuff…most of the time it’s surprisingly good! I judge what movies that I will watch by it’s actors and actresses (If I heard about them before) , directors, and by users’ comments. Comments and critics from movie lovers can be trusted, sometimes more than professional movie critics! They have a certain point of view and expectation through their in depth involvement in the entertainment world…but truly, whether a movie is critically acclaimed/hyped/lukewarm responses/gets a low rating, it doesn’t really matter…

What matters is our own take and view about the movie. Or if we’re a fan of some actors in it…to put it simply, just watch anything that interests you in any way. Chances are the professional movie critics doesn’t/never see the movie as how you see it. Other people might not see it as well…it’s hard not to be judgmental, so, try to open your mind and watch it. This is the kind of people you’d want to bring along to a movie night at home.

I made this list of 7 kinds of tricky people you’ll need to handle for a good movie time :

1. Anti Climax – Master critic! Notices every little flaws of a movie. Sometimes they can be funny, though. Funny but annoying.

2. Know-it-all – Figures out every twists and turns in the movie (really clever one this is) but the problem is that they break the secret to us not so clever people.lol

3. Asking too much – Just watch and try to understand it yourself before attacking everyone with questions! Even more annoying when they came up halfway and expecting everyone to summarise…

4. Perfectionist – Nothing ever measure up to their expectations. They should make their own movie I guess.

5. Discuss, discuss – This can be good, for movies like Inception. But some people can’t tolerate these kind of people because they disrupt the focus. We’re listening to them talking than watch the movie for clues.

6. The Pessimist – To them ; no one survives, no hopes to be saved, no story ever ends happily. Sometimes the movie is predictable like that, but it would be better to think that Emile Hirsch (Into The Wild) will be found at the end, right??

7. Killjoys – They don’t like the movie but still tags around…they just want to spend time with the group. But is super annoying when they try to ‘convert’ us like ‘Why are this movie so retarded?’ or ‘Do you actually believe this thing??’ throughout the movie. Ugh I’m not easily swayed by such comments…

My younger brother annoys me the most when watching movies…he likes to be the smartest among us by predicting the ending and talk us through so that we will agree to him. lol!!! I hate it…Anyways, the best way to watch anything experimental/B movies/Indie Movies is ALONE.


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