So I’m back to the most addictive game on the planet, World of Warcraft!!! It has been so long (Sept. 2010). I’m currently picking up new things and features of the new patch and extension (Cataclysm) fast as to familiarise myself. Today I played 7-8 hours for starters. It has consumed like half of my day. But when I’ve reached a stagnant point I play for just 3 hours a day.

And on Facebook, my friends started stalking me up as I can’t be contacted by any other way except the internet. The fate of my phone and sim card, well, to be honest I don’t really care. Sometimes I like that I can’t be reached. I realize that some people REALLY do want/need to get to me, but as lazy as I can be, I would just laid the issue to rest by doing nothing. Or doing something really slow. But then again, I get guilt stabs once in a while, and I pity my friends (really close friends) that they have a friend like me. A friend who likes to be on her own rather than with anyone…and I make it obvious.

It’s not simple like that though. I can picture the person that I was back in school, so different. I would go all out just to choose friend over family, friend over self. But now I know that it’s all cows***. I can’t pinpoint why I turn to be this way; neglecting contact with real persons. With friends.

It’s so easy to escape into the world of video games. Having a life in-game. I don’t have to deal with trivial matters in my life. This sounds weird, I know.haha But I can agree to gamers that we do feel when we play. When making decisions, I put my head on it, trying to think of the best way to excel. In a way, gaming has taught me many things, things I can’t explain without sounding like a total weird geek loser.

The way I chose to handle it is, holidays are for family. Back to class/semester, I search ‘em friends up! So…whatever damage I had done to my friendships, I’ll mend it back again no matter what. Those who will stay or stand me, they can accept it. Other than that, I will do nothing…It’s selfish. I can’t seem to commit, especially when I’m not obliged to. However I want to see it, I still suck. =(


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