I really can’t think of a good title – I suck at that. I usually try to think something too much, like too ‘bombastic’…which I myself don’t like…So, I just named it with songs or movies or quotes or anything that I’m currently in.lol

Anyway, this post has long overdue (I kept saying that but I don’t push myself to start writing). I want to write about the music I’m mad about nowadays :

51hZBIvZI8L._SL600_ Albert hammond jr. – yours to keep [2006]

This is the guitarist from The Strokes debut solo album. I don’t really like the songwriting part (coz I like to think veeeeryy much about lyrics) but the album has been a regular on my playlist. I particularly love In transit. I think it brings on the feeling of being reckless and headstrong…The chorus is very memorable, partly because the timing is so right in the ‘In Transit’ video of The Strokes back in 2001 (during Julian is driving away on a motorcycle and it caused me to be a little sad LOL) blue skies has good tunes, and Hard to live (in the city) is another favourite!

yoshimi-battles-the-pink-robots yoshimi battles the pink robots – the flaming lips [2002]

I’ve never really checked out The Flaming Lips other than from soundtracks…but then fight test was really intriguing. It’s new to me. I’ve never heard of such..cosmic thing going around (I can likened it to Muse).haha I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s the feeling of the whole album! It’s GENIUS and MAGICAL, mysterious and eerie too as they always seems to talk about the future,life and death. Things that we can never know. do you realize?? is epic!!! The lyrics are so simple yet so true. It makes you think. I even think of making a post about that song alone. =D TFL’s Wayne Coyne is surely a genius, no doubt. ego tripping at the gates of hell is kind of a playful song though the lyrics are about unrequited love.(???) But my favourite has to be in the morning of the magicians. Wayne’s high voice is a natural…it’s add to the atmosphere of the song. It’s sad and a pessimist song. Beautiful.

Phrazes-for-the-Young-casablancas-cover phrazes for the young – julian casablancas [2009]

THE guy from The Strokes. Apart from his undeniable excess of cuteness (despite his age lol) and highly publicized marriage to their band manager, Julian’s flair for songwriting is a proven fact, he’s way better than any other guys on The Strokes…chords of the apocalypse showcase a clever use of words to explain what’s in the mind of a guy when in a rough patch of a relationship. ‘What’s funny then, isn’t funny anymore..’ is simple but true. The music surrounding the song sometimes in chaos and calm, suggesting the uncertainty of the situation. ‘While we are waiting for this apocalypse..What more is there to do?’ Couples sitting beside each other, not saying anything. With racing thoughts such as these…haha out of the blue is also a gem. What’s he’s saying is honest and direct. I can totally relate to it. And the rest of the album is great! To me, it’s so unlike The Strokes. But of course, it’s a solo album lol. Heavy use of synthesizers and keyboards and guitars and…well that’s pretty much what my inexperienced ears can recognize. In tourist there are use of trumpets or something…I think that’s really interesting.

My favourite song is glass!! A bit disappointed when Julian said the song is about his wife (LOLOLOL get over yourself) Julian invented another word to associate with the word ‘Bullet’, which is very common in lyrics and songs…such as The Smashing Pumpkins’ Bullet With Butterfly Wings or MCR’s Bulletproof Heart. While ‘Glass’ reminds me of Blondie’s Heart of Glass. These words made sense in explaining about a person’s fragile feelings, depicted as ‘Glass’, as in Julian’s ‘Glass’, this fragile heart is bulletproof. It’s strong and invulnerable without denying the fact that it is still fragile, like glass. The song is about him being protective to his wife.

Pretty baby, please just get out of the way – where it’s safe
Eyes will follow you, weapons can’t break through
Tears will swallow you, they all can see right through…
Bulletproof glass

Dominance and loyalty / romance and security
Just stay behind…
Bulletproof glass


the pains of being pure at heart – higher than the stars ep [2009]

higher than the stars is a perfect reminiscent song, about everything young and vulnerable…I don’t know how they did it. Maybe it’s because of the monotonous way of Kip Berman singing together with the crisp sound of guitars and synthesizers. The first thing that struck me when listening to their self-titled album released after this one (I heard that first before their EP) is The Cure. They have some similarities in the sound, but Pains is of course, different. They are all so youthful, so carefree and careless…They bring about the sense of recklessness and being without experience. Their songs usually talks about young love and overall are themed about young people. And they all looks like models lol.

the-pains-at-being-pure-at-heart Their sound easily loved by me because all of the above, and that they are shifting in between shoegaze and indie-pop. Both are ALWAYS good to my ears, so Pains give me both. People said they’re Twee, but I never understand what exactly is a Twee sound? Probably in between the two? Anyways, I’m in progress of getting their 2011 album ‘Belong’.


They are the ones with an album to dig. Other occasional songs in my playlist are ready to start – arcade fire , i want to be buried in your backyard – nightmare of you (loveee this song!!) or House/Trance remixes of fedde le grand along with the usual mainstream artists like taylor swift. ‘Fearless’ album is packed with lovely written songs. I think it’s her best album ever.



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