[[ Yellow should be the official colour of Malaysian solidarity ]]


I took so much time to finally start writing this post on Windows Live Writer. It has been so hard to crack up my mind to find suitable words to spell out my feelings and reactions about yesterday’s BERSIH 2.0 rally. There’s just so much that I want to talk about. After severe disappointment (albeit very expected) by the mainstream news bias coverage of the rally, I scour the internet to find and read latest news using my mother’s broadband (no streamyx!!!grrrr).

But the lies, WOW unbelievable.

If they say BERSIH 2.0 has scared off tourists and bring shame to the country, I’d say the government should be the ones ashamed by their unjust treatment and overreactions to the peaceful rally. Before 9th July, people can say stuff about the rally will never be a peaceful one, but look what happened! In the raw videos across YouTube, you can judge for yourself which side is peaceful. Tired to choose sides? Then you don’t have to, just use your innate humanity and compassion we’re all born with. The reality will speaks itself. For once in our lives, toss aside the racism and distrusts we all have within each races. Watch and learn something from 9th July 2011. Stupid racist people can say that only Malays mobilised an all-out participation, but heck, waves of thousands of Chinese rakyat came out from Bukit Bintang (mainly) and other waypoints. All the Malaysian people who believes in electoral reforms gather under BERSIH 2.0 and shouted ‘Bersih!’, ‘Hidup rakyat!’ among chanting ‘NegaraKu’ as opposed to mainstream media that shows ONLY the clip of people shouting ‘Reformasi!’. Though this could be regarded as severe paranoia in the government side, as we all know Anwar Ibrahim led movement back in (1999-2000?) used the word.

Been through all the big fat liars who go on TV for nights to come, my trust and belief that Malaysia can and will change is awoken once more. Some years before, I had the urge but it dissolved, then came PRU 2008. It came back, then clouded by too much rumours and scandals that colours our nation’s politics. I truly felt that I can never ever have, nor dreamed, of how my country should be.

Yesterday has been a punch in my face. A good punch so that I will never lose hope, that the people can really unite under one cause. I’m not an ungrateful Muslim Malaysian (as many close-minded pro gov people liked to accuse), and this is not an act of chaos. You see, the thing about this country is that we are showered with economic transformations, unlimited entertainment from world class entertainers, living in a strategically God given piece of land that is incredibly lucky to be safe from so many natural disasters that often struck our neighbouring countries….and so much wealth from our soils and beautiful natural tropical landscape attracting tourists all over the world…it seems perfect!

Typically, life is about getting comfortable. Unfortunately this way of life has taught us NOTHING but to be COWARDS, who stayed in the comfort zone for too long until we became numb and dumb. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing is unhealthy.

What happens when we started questioning ourselves,

what do we want from our country? What’s your vision of how your country should be?

Suddenly it struck me.

That we can be more than this. We should be more. What’s with those that Almighty God has given us, and the awareness of my capabilities, and most importantly MY RIGHTS that I can demand a better Malaysia, I couldn’t just sit and watch. To not care and to not feel anything is quite impossible. We’re so lucky to be here, yes correct. But is the current situation is enough? To evaluate the current situation, firstly one has to care about national politics. No point in being emotional without knowing the FACTS. And take every news on TV with a grain of salt. Our so called Democracy hasn’t released the mainstream media from the gov grip!

No government is perfect…that’s the whole point of the dissatisfaction. But events such as BERSIH 2.0 rally clearly showed that the rakyat has its powers. So what if it’s really backed by Opposition parties? So what if one day they rule the country and do the same damn thing of the current government? We the rakyat are aware of our rights, and to topple them is no big deal. The only thing we need is the awareness that we can. Once this is instilled, nobody can kill your spirit.

Look at mature countries like the US, to change parties in ruling government is so easy. Change is healthy!! No better example than Egypt. Look what happens to Mubarak regime? He ruled for f***ing 50 years or something. It’s crazy!

The difference between ‘grateful’ and ‘ungrateful’ Malaysian is that the ‘ungrateful’ know their powers and rights. Why can we ask for something we know we can and deserve to have?! How much is too much to ask? Apparently Malaysians (esp. Malays) cannot answer this, as we have grown to ACCEPT BUT NEVER ASK. Without being remorseful, I can say that is very stupid and impractical.

How many of us can say truthfully from our hearts “I love Malaysia”? I know I’m not. Not 100% truthful. And that’s incredibly shameful. Shameful as much as I’m ashamed of not being able to act, like on 9th July. A country and her countrymen, is a relationship of love and hate. As much as I love it, I hated it when it cause dissatisfaction, inequality, and hurt of being lied to. But any logical mind knows that a country does not runs on itself, it is run by our people who serves us rakyat as our government. In a way, we are their masters, because through a CLEAN electoral system they are chosen by us. We can make or break them, there’s no way they can be where they are now without the rakyat who votes them. It’s that simple. Through requests made through BERSIH, we can achieve freedom of press, and other vital features of a healthy election system – and politics.

Though I can totally understand why people object to the idea of a rally itself. I, for one is leaning to atypical way, more challenging and direct. I’m just tired of being a coward all my life…but it’s risky business, and it’s negative effects can be seen clearly. Malaysians are inherently gentle people, it’s hard not to flinch when a rally is proposed. But by knowing the real stories behind all the liars from the media,

what our country has gain on 9th July is far too precious and true to be defeated by the way it is conducted.

The media can throw in embellished accusations and twist the stories, but what really happens has happened. The 1Malaysia thing that the gov ‘chanted’ all the way has shown it’s colours through the rally. Saves the gov trouble to pay and invest millions in making 1Malaysia come true! It had never occurred to me that unconditional love to this country and it’s fellow countrymen no matter what differences that bridges us can be ignited in just one day and one event. Malaysia has got more Malaysians realized or started loving the country like never before. Sometimes we all have to learn in a harsh way…And that lesson would be vital for us to continue raising Malaysia’s standard as a true (bukan berlakon macam dalam iklan tuh) multi-racial gem. Any Malaysians that didn’t see it as priceless as it is, must be racist. I would like to know what else has caused them to reject the idea, however this seems to be the top reason.

I feel that I’m extremely lucky that this legendary day has happened now while I’m young. I have so many chances to ‘clean’ up my country’s government from liars and thieves and other rare species of people that benefits none but himself. There’s still a long way to go, but 9th July shining hope is a kickstart! Stuck in the backseat is no more. From now on, people’s voices will be heard. Every government that will rule the country should be prepared =]

Dear organisers of BERSIH 2.0 and my Malaysian people who act that day, Thank you for making it happen. You have no idea how many Malaysian hearts that you have touched.

“What is love and what is hate?

Why does it matter?

Is to love is just a waste?

How can it matter?”

The Flaming Lips : In The Morning of The Magicians

Don’t let your love to the country goes to waste, declare your love by start to care about national politics and exercise your rights in elections by voting. The way forward is through solidarity, unity, and the most crucial : People’s Power (Kuasa Rakyat) that no other better teacher than this 9th July (709) has taught me.


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