I decided to write about this after being constantly feasting on the topic from everyday news and newspapers…until it’s too much for me to keep quiet. I have to pen it down. I don’t think the issue is going to attract this much attention from literally everyone. When I first read about it, I thought, “Oh rally Bersih” but I can’t remember what year it did happen. During 2006-2008? Oh, that. They’re going to organise another one this 9th July. Oh, OK.

So…..what’s all this mess is about? People burning pictures, people wearing Bersih shirts being cuffed away, and the classic pissing each other off – in the NEWS.

From what I know, Bersih 2.0 aim is to demand a ‘cleaner’ elections and its processes. And from my limited knowledge spanning my young adult life, the action of voicing out and delivering your stand to the people fully responsible for our country (Government, that is) is not wrong.

SUHAKAM said that it is legal. You can’t tell them to stop by cuffing them, telling everyone using the news and official statements to hinder people from joining. We are a country new to such changes. I think it’s such a backwards method to handle it. It’s just a request, an enormous request, for Government and SPR to hear out…People who are against it argue about public safety, gangguan aktiviti harian, traffic woes, as well as millions ringgits estimate of losses. People who go for it have said that they want to continue the rally eventhough after meeting with SPR late last year. Not quite a successful meeting.

Before anyone going to stop Bersih, why doesn’t ANYONE answer WHY the 8 request from Bersih can’t be fulfilled? No wait. Does anyone care about the 8 request?? I mean, the people who are against it, do you even know what Bersih requested? I’m sorry, but I do want the same things.

Why can’t you (this is the most annoying) provide equal news and airing times for BOTH parties to woo the voters? Why can’t you provide a solution about Ghost Voters, etc?

Why can’t you handle the matter right? By using prime time news to tell everyone worthless news on Penang,Perak and Selangor?? And now,every newspapers and medias are provoking us on ‘Hidden agenda’ of communism? Now it’s a media fiasco, with every news pouring in. God knows the truth!

What I hate the most is the way the issue is handled. Please don’t treat us voters as stupid…I don’t want to go on my daily life and enjoy what this beautiful and God-blessed country has given me and just ignore the sheer unequality and immaturity of our politics. Stop the media-wh*ring!!

Give equal space,

that’s all we need right now.

And, do not ever associate Bersih with race. It has nothing to do with race. Though in the media, it is. So now that the fire is ignited, and is spreading fast. What now? Reap the seeds sown, then. Bersih has everything to do with being a voter who wants to vote in a healthy environment. We can have it, like other countries. Contohi pilihan raya Turki.

Now we all wouldn’t know how the rally would turn out to be, with all the threats and negative sentiments going around. Emotions are flaring, which is the biggest concern. And the UMNO led Patriots will also be there. It’s a mess. Thanks to the little ego game they’re playing. So, to everyone who will be out there on 9th July rally, whichever side you’re with, show the country how to do PEACEFUL rally so that it can be like,a guide. How To Rally Peacefully for Dummies.lol

This post is for me to take out what I feel, that I agree with Bersih. But, to be agreeing with Bersih is said to be non-Malay. To be 1Malaysia, well, this is more of a dud to me. 1Malaysia is just a bunch of Malaysians who love the country to bits – as far as the country has given him food and money. They only know of one thing – to enjoy…but not to give. I know I’m not that and I don’t want to be like that.

To read the news now is scary, you wouldn’t know what’s right and wrong. Everyone is provoking your thoughts, which I take it as a maturing process. To be able to INDEPENDENTLY decide on what you believe in, is the proof that the country believes in it’s people. They let you grow.

In My Malaysian dream..

p/s : In the moments that I felt like an idiot from watching the news, I would have thrown away the TV, if only I didn’t need them to play XBox…


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