This is the first weekend that I stayed at this place rather than going back, like I did every weekend. Time goes by…as usual I watched some movies in my collection ( I like to download numerous movies at one go and then not watching them ). And as I’ve said in the previous post,I’d write about the tourist. But,I’ve just seen salt yesterday, an explosively good action-packed movie!!! It’s so entertaining it’s a crime.

Both have Angelina Jolie as the lead actress. In the tourist , many reviews said there’s a severe lack of chemistry between her and Johnny Depp. To me, I think they’re just fine. Not bad. The twist is good enough that I only figured it out near the 3rd part of the movie. The weird thing of the movie though, is that sometimes I’m confused about one thing. Is this a movie or a commercial? A ridiculously long commercial then. Angelina looked like she was surrounded by cameras wherever she goes ( yeah she’s in a movie!) but the way she talks,her body language, it’s like anytime soon she would finally look to the camera and promote a product. And the action…not enough. It’s close to none. The motorboat scene is an insult to what Angelina Jolie can actually do in a scene like that. But because of their breathtaking beauties and natural charm in front of the camera, people stay and wait for the twist to come.

It’s a total opposite in salt. Probably one of the best performance of Angelina Jolie. The twist is really hard to fathom though provided with some clues. Acting are solid and consistent. I totally love the movie! Definitely would like to watch it again and again.

I’m currently collecting foreign language (other than English) movies.


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