In this 6th semester of being a pharmacy student at my university, this is the first time I feel really really close to the working world. To being graduated (kalau graduate!=P). To adult! (So all this time I’m not already an adult???!!) Yeah I mean, really adult. You know, have your own income, taking care of your future. Financial independence. That’s exactly what me and my classmates are doing right now, securing our future…Because during university we’re still in a safe shell. You’ll never going to know what will happen when we broke away from that shell.

So today in class was a BIG blow to my head. We were just get to know which lecturers that we get for our thesis that spans from this semester until the next (end of this year). T_T It’s not a very happy news… But what the hell?

Terima je lah…haha My topic is very interesting, thank goodness. And about Industrial Training thingy…the new rule that all universities will have a 5 month break in the middle of the year (like many overseas unis) is a blessing as it will give more time to do the industrial training and everything else that we were supposed to do like our thesis and short semesters. This industrial training also brings me a headache as we all compete for a place in the industry than in hospitals. My lecturer said that being able to get a LI in industry (factories) will give us new experiences that we’ll most likely never get after we graduate. Well, not so fast as we have to do the 4 year compulsary government service as freshgraduates. But the problem is, factories don’t take as much students. Most of them just take around 1-4 students only. So there we have it, a fierce competition for everyone who wants that new experience!

What can I say…life as a student in this time is being able to propel forward to get the best things. It’s so different when in schools, matriculations etc. It’s good that I’ve heard about secondary schools now are trying to introduce a ‘university preparation’ theme to their syllabus and teaching style. Good. Me as the student from the last year of 80s era…didn’t know that during my time in school. We’re like a bunch of kids who excel in their studies in school/matric and thrown into the fast paced world of university life out of nowhere. Excellent students when they’re younger doesn’t guarantee an excellent life and a place in dean’s list students. I mean, I’ve gotten over this now but it still bugs me sometimes, why why why didn’t I adjust to it earlier.

Welcome 2011, though it’s already the 4th day. I don’t celebrate new year that much. It’s just a night with fireworks!……………

And also other important personal spiritual things. =D

Next time I want to write about ‘The Tourist’ movie that I just saw last Friday.


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