(writing on Malaysian blogshops only and not international ones.Well I don’t have a credit card…=D)

I’m surfing the net like usual and blog-hopping on blogspot. Recently, I found this one blog, where there are many blogshops links put up under a category. I’m not a fan of online shopping…Never. Because I think the payment method is risky – To bank in your money into some one else’s bank account. You don’t even know the seller, no direct face-to-face business. You can’t see, touch, and feel the products they sell, most importantly fabrics. With physical touch we can actually tells a lot about the quality. And I’m always a ‘physical buyer’, one who needs to see it to believe it. People say nice things to sell their products. But I’m hard to impress sometimes.

When buying clothes, online shopping is at its weakest. Because although it states the size, we don’t know how actually that piece of clothing will fit our body. We can only estimate through the pictures of a model wearing it. This is not really helping either. Especially if the buyer is not a S size wearer. And through my short blogshopping trip so far, I can say that clothes sold are mostly what you can get a lot at places such as Berjaya Times Square (TS). Though the prices doesn’t differ very much. It’s like an alternative for someone who doesn’t like or doesn’t have the time to go for a real-world shopping.

But now I understand why some people really LOVE blogshops! On the brighter side, we can buy almost anything (very wide variety of stuff people sell right now) at a reasonable price, and gets to browse a universe of choices all with a click! We can do so anytime anywhere. It’s somehow a better shopping experience for some people, minus the annoying salesgirls hahaha.There are some decent blogshops that I did bookmarked them. There are many types of blogshops in the net, which can be narrowed down to 3 types. The whole big portion are those which sells clothing from a supplier. The blog owners doesn’t made and produce them. These are the clothes you can find in TS like I said earlier. I don’t really like them…partly because the products are not one of a kind and largely because I live very near with TS so I’ve more choices that I can browse through whenever I have the free time to do so…=D In most times, I wonder if there are much better choices of the same clothing at shopping malls.

The other type is the complete opposite, where the owner of the blog sells the stuff they made and produce by themselves,or in some cases, by a group of people. Like a small group of friends who like to do creative things and actually sell them. I found this is the most interesting type of all. These people sell handmade stuff. Of course it’s original, delicate, and one of a kind. Buyers can also ask for things custom made for them!

Then comes the ‘cleaning out my closet’ or ‘preloved’ type. =D (It’s too long to name a type LOL) I liked this too. The blog owner is a impulsive, compulsive buyer who have the money to buy every authentic and branded items for their own use, until the time they sells them (the term they usually use is ‘let go’) for a lower price. They would also mentioned if the item was used (for how many times/give ratings to measure it’s condition). As far as I know, online shoppers doesn’t usually look for new and unused items. You can get that at nearby shopping malls maaa..These kind of online sellers are rich and loaded people, with a good heart =P

As of today, I’ve done my weekly dose of blogshopping. I’m not buying anything yet but we’ll see. Many blogshops sell shawls, but unfortunately I’m not that adventurous to wear the current trend -colourful and bright shawls hehe. Some of the blogshops I’m in love with :

‘Cleaning out my closet’ type :

Little Marquise (This girl, Aliaah Abdullah really has great branded items in her stash to sell)

My Reject Shop (Not bad..)

The Wearables (Preloved items inventory-like. Very good site)

BAGS!! : The Bag Galore , Love Bag Love Bag , Boutique Shima , Bag Bagg Baggg

No exact type (haha) : Aan Boutique , Red Ribbon Boutique , Chidor Design

Handmade, original : ISYN , Debutante , Sew Retro Chic

Pre-Order type : Clothes For Chics , All for Sale (inventory)

Perfumes are available too! : The Perfume House , Perfume Berry

While you do your blogshopping, be sure to check out YourShoppingKaki ! She’ll be your blogshopping best friend. =D

Since I’ve been into this blogshops thingy, I often weighing the choices I’ve seen in the blogshops when I’m doing my usual shopping. “What if it’s cheaper? What if there are more choices?”

Blogshop is like one of the most useful ‘inventions’ to us females especially and to the internet savvy. Though I’m still searching if there is a blogshop catering for plus sized customers. In the meantime, spoil us with more choices, dear blogshops!


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